Polish-French wedding near Paris

International weddings. A wedding in France

International weddings can be very unusual and surprising. Due to the combination of not only different traditions and cultures, but also by the fact that during the wedding report something always surprising can happen to us (photographers) and new.

Starting from the place – because when each of the brides is of a different nationality, then the first thing on the organization’s wedding list is to determine the place of marriage and wedding. Will the wedding and event take place in Poland or abroad? How to organize a party? Do you try to combine two traditions or choose one to dominate the wedding? These and many other questions probably appear in the head of many international couples in love.

It doesn’t matter where in the world or Europe you are connected by love. Wedding in France, Italy, Spain? We will photograph your wedding wherever you decide to organize it. The most important thing is that all your decisions are in line with your desires. With as few wedding compromises as possible.

Rustic wedding preparations in the French province

Usually when we think about international weddings, in the imagination we have richly decorated Glamor style parties in a classic palace or manor house. As many say, “the classic will always defend itself”. We agree that a classic palace style with a hint of glamor is often a safe choice. Something that is timeless.

What if the young couple don’t feel glamorous style? If they don’t want to celebrate their wedding in palaces? Do they also need a sea of ​​flowers, crystal chandeliers, retro wedding cars and a princess dress?

Then they organize the wedding and the wedding in the spirit of what is most dear and authentic to them. Regardless of the prevailing wedding fashion.

It is amazing how many couples for whom we have the pleasure to work at weddings, do not blindly follow trends and fashion. They organize the wedding very intuitively, and then it turns out that everything came out even more original and “stylish”, despite the lack of imitative imitation of wedding trends. And most importantly – there were real authentic reporter moments there!

Such an amazing and unique story was created thanks to Kamil and Laurence, thanks to their love, as well as thanks to loved ones who accompanied them on this special day.

He is Polish, she is French – what unites them apart from love? Undoubtedly, love for animals. It is enough to mention that they came to the engagement session with their favorites – a beloved dog and horse. Laurence has been riding a horse since childhood, she grew up in a French province surrounded by nature and animals.

It was there, in a family farm, closest to the heart of the environment, natural space, they decided to plan all wedding preparations. We guessed that it promises to be a very idyllic, rustic wedding atmosphere. However, what we saw on the spot exceeded our wildest expectations.

International wedding in France

Of course, we arrived at the wedding preparations the day before to get to know the place and the household. When we arrived in the province late in the evening, we were the first to be welcomed by a herd of cats :) The farm was quite extensive and it seemed to us that cats were everywhere. And although we were supposed to take photos the next day, we couldn’t miss the introductory shots.

We have no words to describe how fantastic, warm and authentic atmosphere prevailed during the preparations. Because when two or three tables join together for breakfast, there is enough space for everyone to be together without haste – it is an expression that it is no frills, the whole family and the future family, to enjoy the upcoming event. And the breakfast was delicious, by the way;)

One of the coolest things from the photographer’s perspective when preparing for the wedding day is the moment when we realize that nobody pays attention to us. Everyone behaved completely naturally, never once a phrase was said: “oh just don’t take pictures here, because it was not cleaned” – sounds familiar? :) Or older family members fleeing from the lens, no classic. But let’s put it aside.

We are very happy because Laurence and Kamil were perfect. Some were involved in the preparations. The younger generation decorated the church for the ceremony (cut roses straight from the backyard shrub fit into the rough walls of a nearby church). Older household members and guests rested and enjoyed the idyllic atmosphere. It was loose and total freedom. Nobody rushed, stressed or ran out of wedding fever.

There was enough time to manage everything. Wedding make-up, dress and suit dress took place in an unfettered atmosphere. There was time for a first look and for a short session in a rustic atmosphere.

Wedding near Paris. Ceremony in  church

The wedding in France took place in two stages. First, the young and relatives went to the office for a very short state wedding ceremony. Then they went to the beautiful church on the other side of the street for the ceremony of the solemn church wedding.

The interior of the church was really impressive. It was very atmospheric because of the economical form of decorations and rough walls with visible signs of passing time. The atmosphere in the temple strongly influenced the atmosphere during the wedding ceremony. Dim light increased concentration.

Interestingly, the groom led her mother to the altar, and the bride her father. On the benches there were specially prepared songbooks for guests, and the moment of the marriage vow was full of emotions and was classically sealed by the first marriage kiss.

Polish-French rustic wedding

After the wedding ceremony, guests went on foot to the wedding party, which was organized in a building reminiscent of our forgotten firehouse. Economical decorations, folk rustic bouquets in bottles, colorful flowers under the ceiling, what more could you want?

The children were playing carelessly in the yard, the older generation was sitting outside under the wall of the building, facing the sun. The younger ones briskly besieged the dance floor. Everyone had fun in their own way. And we had a lot of situations to catch wonderful reporter moments.

The whole day from beginning to end was full of amazing snapshots of moments. In authentic portraits of family members. Spontaneous situations. Shots full of emotions, and soon with a humorous note.

We do not lie, admitting that in this respect it is one of our favorite reports of last season.

Traditional wedding games were combined with spontaneous moments during the whole party. There were both Polish and French accents. Everything softly penetrated and was a great frame for this story. The French wedding of Laurence and Kamil can be an example that everything can go well without a rigid schedule, a wedding consultant, decorator and all the facilities of wedding experts. On one condition – if, like our couple, we have the support and help of family and friends.

We feel great joy that we could participate and photographically create the story of this beautiful day, the story of this wedding.

Regardless of whether it is more alternative, in the spirit of slow, rustic or just the opposite – in the style of glamor, each time it is a great honor to be able to create the most beautiful memories for you!