Kosciol Sluzew Ceremonia

Polish-Egyptian wedding in Warsaw

 Epic light in the church in Warsaw, International wedding

Weddings and international or even multi-religious weddings are always exceptional celebrations, because they combine different traditions and customs. Two nationalities, two languages, two cultures, and sometimes a different approach to wedding celebration. It always creates a very interesting mix and definitely a lot of opportunities for beautiful and original wedding photos. I do not think we need to say how much intercultural celebrations we enjoy. We can not only photograph interesting moments, but also learn a lot of new habits. Today we will show you a Polish wedding with an Egyptian.

Polish -Egyptian wedding in the Dominican church in Sluzew

Aneta and Reda dreamed of getting married, which will be a combination of two traditions, Polish and Egyptian. Interlacing Egyptian elements into a Polish wedding was visible from the wedding preparations themselves. So from the beginning! The extraordinary idea of ​​the bride was to embroider Egyptian colors or decorations into a wedding classic. The wedding dress from Viola Piekut with an elegant and simple line was complemented by a large amount of gold jewelry. The wedding hairstyle surprised us. Golden ribbons densely wrapped in a smooth, long ponytail. Also, the makeup was inspired by the Egyptian style. Golden particles glittered on the eyelids, and the eye shaped a distinct line. The make-up and hairstyle of the bride were to be a surprise for the groom. That's why the preparations took place separately. Aneta in the living room, and Redy in the hotel room. Such a solution really intensifies the feeling of waiting. Young people can not wait for themselves anymore. And when the moment comes to see just before, or during the ceremony, when Dad leads to the altar, he is certainly one of the most beautiful. Similar heartbeat is caused by an unusually arranged "first look". Such reactions are not forgotten. It's worth making sure that they also appear in your wedding album.

The wedding ceremony took place in one of the most beautiful churches in Warsaw. In the Dominican monastery (because it should be so clearly defined) in Służew. The unique atmosphere of this church is due to the combination of architecture and light. Whoever was in this temple knows perfectly well that the light inside is magical. For this lack of all the decorations, a bit austere interior and a high rib-like vault, they look upwards. No wonder that here, in Służew, many couples want to join the marriage. The wedding ceremony was very romantic. The atmosphere of the temple surely contributed to this, and in the eyes of the newlyweds and guests, one could see a genuine emotion.

Reception in Cuda Wianki Wilanow

After such a beautiful wedding, finally came the time for celebration. The young people chose the wedding restaurant Cuda Wianki at Wilanow, which is an ideal venue for intimate weddings. The interior of the restaurant is kept in a folk style. Pillows with red cocks, wooden benches and chairs with carved hunting motifs, wreaths and paper decorations hanging in the windows and at the ceiling, and lots of warm colors. All this makes the place very cozy and carries the atmosphere of celebration, fun and feasts. And so it was. The wedding party surprised us very positively. Wedding guests densely filled the parquet. Especially when one of the attractions was a show of traditional belly dancing. It was spectacular, there was power and the dance hall was not emptying, and we could shoot some really expressive frames. We hope that you will also stop from time to time for a longer time watching this wedding report!


Piękny ślub i wesele w Cicha 23

Beautiful wedding and wedding reception - Cicha 23

Cicha 23 - Beautiful place in Warsaw

Beautiful wedding photos are no longer a dream today, they are standard. We want a fairy tale. Nothing wrong with that, it's the only day where we want to feel special and spend it special. Is there a recipe for the perfect wedding and reception? Yes! Do it your way. Take your loved ones, those who will play with you breathlessly, provide space for revelations on the dance floor, as well as the quiet one, accompanied by crickets and the noise of trees, decorate all with sincere smiles, take care of delicious food and chilled drinks for refreshment. Leave the rest of the decorations to specialists or nature :) Sounds trivial, and sometimes there is a long way to such a fairy tale. It is important at the end of this road to find yourself in a place that will provide you with a fairy tale.

Rustic wedding - Marki Cicha 23

The present times have deprived us of pompous weddings and parties with pomp. For how long? Nobody or almost nobody knows for sure. We trust that the next season will be more gracious for our couples, without prohibitions and restrictions. As you know, this year's wedding season put obstacles on the feet of the entire wedding industry, especially couples who were planning their big day. Restrictions related to the number of guests probably most often forced couples to change their wedding plans, postpone the wedding date, change the venue, or give up the wedding completely to wait for more favorable times. We even had a couple who postponed the date twice and finally canceled the wedding.

The wedding season was filled with uncertainty. Weddings and receptions had to be intimate, with a number of compromises. And they might not have happened at all.

Does this highly realistic sugar-free introduction mean that it was the worst season since we photograph weddings? And here we will surprise you! He was the best! Absolutely! It is hard for us to fully understand it, but indeed, this year's weddings were the most beautiful we had the pleasure to photograph so far. We worked in beautiful, fashionable venues for a wedding and a wedding reception. A Cicha 23 is undoubtedly one of the leading such places in the immediate vicinity of Warsaw. In addition to fairy-tale locations, we also met fantastic people. Finally - we had the most diverse season in terms of reporting - from micro ceremonies, to maybe not grand for 200 people, but energetic, intimate parties.

We are happy to recall the romantic humanist wedding in Stara Kruszarnia - many couples can dream of such a beautiful ceremony and an atmospheric party. And beautiful wedding photos are the most valuable carrier of these memories.

Undoubtedly, such projects give us energy, strength, motivation and make us want to give even more.

Paradoxically, perhaps all these limitations have made weddings and weddings, although intimate, even more authentic, unique, organized with heart, commitment and even more beautifully framed?

We have witnessed just such.

Lovely place for wedding - Cicha 23

The fact of the uncertainty accompanying the entire period of wedding preparations, the suddenly changing restrictions, etc. was associated primarily with constant stress. It was not easy for young couples - it must be emphasized. And we are not surprised that many couples preferred to postpone the event to a better time than to organize it in such difficult conditions.

Fortunately, some of them stayed with their decisions and, regardless of the difficulties, they survived until the end. Like Agatka and Marcin.

Probably only They know how many obstacles they had to overcome to finally stand face to face and swear love to each other. They changed the date. They also changed the wedding venue and party - three times! And when red zone restrictions were introduced in the fall, they changed both the premises and the church a week before the ceremony.

Probably many would doubt. But in this case, the saying "up to three times a piece" fit perfectly! Not only that, it couldn't have ended better!

Cicha 23 - here the final of Agatka and Marcin's wedding preparations took place.

Cicha 23 - is a place that delights from the very first moments. Surrounded by forest, away from the city noise and at the same time only 20 minutes from the very center of Warsaw.

Cicha 23 - is a guarantee of beautiful wedding photos. It is a perfect space for modern outdoor weddings, the most fashionable wedding receptions or original photo sessions.

It is located in Marki near Warsaw. There used to be a brickyard here, today, surrounded by nature, two stables overgrown with wild wine have been restored. The complex includes extensive wilderness, gardens, extraordinary Kimura Glamping tents and terraces.

This area is very popular, the space is extremely photogenic and, most importantly, constantly beautified. Cicha has a unique, intimate atmosphere, the stables are originally arranged, lush vegetation is the basis of the interior design of the whole Cicha. The combination of greenery (indeed! Trees grow straight from the floor here), raw brick and wood is impressive. In addition, boho-style tents bring to mind the tropical climate of Bali.

We already had the opportunity to photograph the engagement session in Kimura Glamping tents. This is a place made to celebrate love!


Agatka's preparations took place in a wooden house next to a large stable. If you dream of celebrating the day of wedding preparations from the morning, close to nature, in the spirit of words, and to have a photogenic space for beautiful wedding photos - this place is made for it.

And it was wrapped in the autumn aura, blissful silence, and these colors! In such surroundings, the bride's makeup and hairstyle is a time to relax. Completely in opposition to the often-seen pre-wedding hustle and bustle under stress.

And those wedding accessories! Lovely details and jewelry, wedding rings, flowers, decorations - everything fits perfectly into the space of Cicha 23.

Large stable Cicha 23 - wedding day

Agatka and Marcin's wedding was one of the last we photographed this year. Probably everyone would like this end of the season. Autumn weddings have this extraordinary, romantic aura. Devoid of harsh light, in a slightly nostalgic atmosphere, with an overwhelming number of night photos illuminated with magic lights. We love this atmosphere and the opportunity to experiment with light.

We like autumn variety. During the day, light and multi-colored leaves of trees, and at night, the magic of lights, rain and the glow of wet wood. The unusual corners of Cicha inspire to create original frames, regardless of the weather or the season. But there would be no magic and so many beautiful wedding photos without them. In love and happy. This day was undoubtedly a reward for them for a number of pre-wedding challenges. They did not hide their joy. The dance floor was ablaze with hot boogie beats. Here and there there was a buzz of conversation and loud laughter during the toasts.

The night mini-session allowed me to escape for a moment from the wedding fun to cuddle up to each other and look at each other's eyes. You often thank us for these short kidnappings at weddings. You can see these fleeting moments of tender closeness later in the wedding album.

We feel great joy that we could look at them from behind the camera. Beautiful wedding photos are more than a report or a reportage showing the course of events. These are all the tender moments. Over time, they will become more valuable of all wedding souvenirs.

Music: Boogie Band

Flowers: Hibiskus

Decor: Cicha 23

Cake: Mega torty Ewa Byliniak

Wedding dress: salon Mariella

make-up & hair artist: Iwona Sirow



Oczyszczalnia Miejsce - Slow Wedding. Ślub plenerowy i wesele w stodole

Slow Wedding -  most beautiful ceremony

And if you would like to live your wedding day in total ease, without the imposed frames, scenarios, in an unhurried pace, in an atmosphere of joy? Joys out of love! This is the idea of "slow wedding" - definitely yours, far from tradition, with non-standard ideas, with joy and freedom.

Words ! The wedding is not to please everyone around you. Because there is not one vision that is able to reconcile your, often very alternative and modern solutions, with the traditional expectations of even aunts from far away sides. Often after such struggles, the only thing you remember from this day is stress.

The wedding day is a feast of your love for which you have waited so long. It's worth taking care to collect photos of smiles and authentic moments on the pages of the album to make it look as you dreamed.

Slow Wedding Photographer

A wedding vision in the spirit of Slow Wedding would not be consistent without a proper place. In addition, a wedding outdoors in the idea of slow fits perfectly. A complete event, where everything takes place in one place, from the preparation of the bride and groom, through the ceremony in the open air, to the wedding reception is a hit.

Purification Site (until recently called Stodola of All Saints) is an ideal place for this type of event. This is one of the few complexes in Poland, where a unique atmosphere of idyllicness and nature can be felt in every corner of the vast area. In addition, the unique main architecture of the building makes an amazing impression. Everything here is perfectly integrated into nature, both inside the main hall and the greenhouse. So if you dream about a party in a space that perfectly fits into a rustic wedding, boho or more alternative, modern outdoor weddings in a barn, then the Purification Plant is a perfect choice.

Oczyszczalnia Miejsce - rusty style polish wedding

From the very first moments of the reportage, Monika and Rafał's preparations were characterized by ease and freedom, without a rigid schedule and "cufflinks". You will not find here moments of running in stress or arranged scenes from wedding preparations. Someone unhurriedly decorated the place of the ceremony, someone else's room and the kids were chasing around the grounds in a carefree play.

You will not find typical frames, where the bride gives herself to the hairdresser and make-up artist, and the bridesmaid helps her in putting on her wedding dress. No no! SLOW;) But you can do it differently.

Monia and Rafał had two groomsmen. And instead of preparing for makeup or dressing, they preferred a few free portraits against the background of a wooden barn. It's hard not to pay attention to how fantastic they presented themselves. Monika looked phenomenal! Both her pale-pink dress and a huge bouquet with colorful ribbons made a good impression. The groom chose a suit in grays and a contrasting tie and buttonhole. And one of the best men's powdery-pink suit. How many colors enjoyed the eye of the day!

The outdoor wedding ceremony was arranged on a wooden pier, on the water, with decorations in a minimalist version. It was the surroundings of nature and the closest ones gathered that were the best setting for Monika and Rafał's marriages. One of the few, if not the only, traditional element was the moment when Dad led Monika to the wedding. It was moving, magical and very slow.

Reception venue - Oczyszczalnia Miejsce

The climate that prevails in the Purification Plant allows for the implementation of the idea of ​​slow wedding. The wedding in this place can take the form of fun in many aspects. Will it be a conversation with a glass of wine in a pleasant environment of nature, or dance and madness on the dance floor. On the large green area, guests can relax on the numerous deck chairs and chillout areas. Outdoor games and games, or swinging on swings will make the time not only for the youngest.

We would not be ourselves if we did not use the barn's beautiful surroundings for a short outdoor session on the day of the wedding. This is the best opportunity for a few intimate shots during the reportage.

And when the night fell, the party started full. The parquet is burning, and whoever wanted to catch his breath could regenerate the forces at the grill in the grove located at the back of the building.

It was a bomb of positive energy, this day, this place, and maybe above all - these people. Because it was SLOW - bomb slow! It's great to be part of such events <3

We hope that watching you smile more than once and inspire you!




Romantic wedding in Garden of Villa Foksal

Outdoor wedding - boho and modern minimalism

Weddings, which cannot be defined in one style or character, are very interesting. Weddings that don't blindly chase fashion, but reflect you and your style, bring a whole lot of sincere moments and opportunities to capture.

This was the case with Kasia and Kuba at Villa Foksal. On the one hand, an open-air ceremony, beautiful floral decorations, part of a garden party, where guests could talk to each other, enjoying themselves and celebrating the love of the newlyweds with drinks. Totally in the atmosphere of slow wedding, where the mood was additionally emphasized by light decorations around the garden. Probably everyone immediately brings to mind the natural, light and green boho style. On the other hand, there were also traditional reportage elements, starting with the preparations of the groom and the bride, i.e. dressing by witnesses, waiting at home (Kasia and Kuba's cats were especially marked here;), finally the ceremony, wishes, toasts, first dance, cake, fun and attractions, and so on until the end. The beauty and tradition of Polish weddings, served and dressed in a very tasty form. Everything so pleasing to the eye, forms and colors matched us very nicely that day.

They were extremely beautiful! Kasia in the Le Blanc by Asia Kubiak dress looked phenomenal. Modern minimalism, which we believe will be a hot trend. Kuba also looked fantastic in a modernized version of a classic suit with a vest of a different color.

A wedding in the center of Warsaw - Villa Foksal

Both the ceremony and the reception took place at Villa Foksal in the very heart of Warsaw. A fabulously arranged garden with lots of flower decorations, lanterns and lights that warmed the garden at dusk. We couldn't help but use this space for a short mini session. The first one was fresh after the wedding ceremony, and the next time it was completely dark. It is worth organizing a quick session on the wedding day. The effects can delight you, and you only need to leave the guests or the dance floor for a moment.

And since we are at the dance floor, we must mention one more unique decoration! Do you remember Kasia and Kuba's engagement session in an urban, holiday style? If not, check it out!

A romantic wedding in the garden of Villa Foksal

We were totally surprised when the photos from this session, throughout the party, enlivened Willa's dance floor in the form of a show that was displayed on the screen. You could say that Kasia and Kuba did not leave the dance floor;) It's a great idea to transfer photos from your engagement sessions in an interesting way to your wedding. Not only as gifts for parents, but maybe as Kasia and Kuba did.

And finally, briefly about one more very important element, without which this material would not have this energy and unusual aura. They are people. It is you who build the shot after the shot, creating a beautiful story that you will remember with your loved ones after many years. People, their energy, joy, love and emotion are always and invariably the most important and most inspiring "decoration" of each event. And this is the story of Kasia and Kuba - welcome!

Ślub we Francji i wesele rustykalne

A rustic wedding in France

Polish-French wedding near Paris

International weddings. A wedding in France

International weddings can be very unusual and surprising. Due to the combination of not only different traditions and cultures, but also by the fact that during the wedding report something always surprising can happen to us (photographers) and new.

Starting from the place - because when each of the brides is of a different nationality, then the first thing on the organization's wedding list is to determine the place of marriage and wedding. Will the wedding and event take place in Poland or abroad? How to organize a party? Do you try to combine two traditions or choose one to dominate the wedding? These and many other questions probably appear in the head of many international couples in love.

It doesn't matter where in the world or Europe you are connected by love. Wedding in France, Italy, Spain? We will photograph your wedding wherever you decide to organize it. The most important thing is that all your decisions are in line with your desires. With as few wedding compromises as possible.

Rustic wedding preparations in the French province

Usually when we think about international weddings, in the imagination we have richly decorated Glamor style parties in a classic palace or manor house. As many say, "the classic will always defend itself". We agree that a classic palace style with a hint of glamor is often a safe choice. Something that is timeless.

What if the young couple don't feel glamorous style? If they don't want to celebrate their wedding in palaces? Do they also need a sea of ​​flowers, crystal chandeliers, retro wedding cars and a princess dress?

Then they organize the wedding and the wedding in the spirit of what is most dear and authentic to them. Regardless of the prevailing wedding fashion.

It is amazing how many couples for whom we have the pleasure to work at weddings, do not blindly follow trends and fashion. They organize the wedding very intuitively, and then it turns out that everything came out even more original and "stylish", despite the lack of imitative imitation of wedding trends. And most importantly - there were real authentic reporter moments there!

Such an amazing and unique story was created thanks to Kamil and Laurence, thanks to their love, as well as thanks to loved ones who accompanied them on this special day.

He is Polish, she is French - what unites them apart from love? Undoubtedly, love for animals. It is enough to mention that they came to the engagement session with their favorites - a beloved dog and horse. Laurence has been riding a horse since childhood, she grew up in a French province surrounded by nature and animals.

It was there, in a family farm, closest to the heart of the environment, natural space, they decided to plan all wedding preparations. We guessed that it promises to be a very idyllic, rustic wedding atmosphere. However, what we saw on the spot exceeded our wildest expectations.

International wedding in France

Of course, we arrived at the wedding preparations the day before to get to know the place and the household. When we arrived in the province late in the evening, we were the first to be welcomed by a herd of cats :) The farm was quite extensive and it seemed to us that cats were everywhere. And although we were supposed to take photos the next day, we couldn't miss the introductory shots.

We have no words to describe how fantastic, warm and authentic atmosphere prevailed during the preparations. Because when two or three tables join together for breakfast, there is enough space for everyone to be together without haste - it is an expression that it is no frills, the whole family and the future family, to enjoy the upcoming event. And the breakfast was delicious, by the way;)

One of the coolest things from the photographer's perspective when preparing for the wedding day is the moment when we realize that nobody pays attention to us. Everyone behaved completely naturally, never once a phrase was said: "oh just don't take pictures here, because it was not cleaned" - sounds familiar? :) Or older family members fleeing from the lens, no classic. But let's put it aside.

We are very happy because Laurence and Kamil were perfect. Some were involved in the preparations. The younger generation decorated the church for the ceremony (cut roses straight from the backyard shrub fit into the rough walls of a nearby church). Older household members and guests rested and enjoyed the idyllic atmosphere. It was loose and total freedom. Nobody rushed, stressed or ran out of wedding fever.

There was enough time to manage everything. Wedding make-up, dress and suit dress took place in an unfettered atmosphere. There was time for a first look and for a short session in a rustic atmosphere.

Wedding near Paris. Ceremony in  church

The wedding in France took place in two stages. First, the young and relatives went to the office for a very short state wedding ceremony. Then they went to the beautiful church on the other side of the street for the ceremony of the solemn church wedding.

The interior of the church was really impressive. It was very atmospheric because of the economical form of decorations and rough walls with visible signs of passing time. The atmosphere in the temple strongly influenced the atmosphere during the wedding ceremony. Dim light increased concentration.

Interestingly, the groom led her mother to the altar, and the bride her father. On the benches there were specially prepared songbooks for guests, and the moment of the marriage vow was full of emotions and was classically sealed by the first marriage kiss.

Polish-French rustic wedding

After the wedding ceremony, guests went on foot to the wedding party, which was organized in a building reminiscent of our forgotten firehouse. Economical decorations, folk rustic bouquets in bottles, colorful flowers under the ceiling, what more could you want?

The children were playing carelessly in the yard, the older generation was sitting outside under the wall of the building, facing the sun. The younger ones briskly besieged the dance floor. Everyone had fun in their own way. And we had a lot of situations to catch wonderful reporter moments.

The whole day from beginning to end was full of amazing snapshots of moments. In authentic portraits of family members. Spontaneous situations. Shots full of emotions, and soon with a humorous note.

We do not lie, admitting that in this respect it is one of our favorite reports of last season.

Traditional wedding games were combined with spontaneous moments during the whole party. There were both Polish and French accents. Everything softly penetrated and was a great frame for this story. The French wedding of Laurence and Kamil can be an example that everything can go well without a rigid schedule, a wedding consultant, decorator and all the facilities of wedding experts. On one condition - if, like our couple, we have the support and help of family and friends.

We feel great joy that we could participate and photographically create the story of this beautiful day, the story of this wedding.

Regardless of whether it is more alternative, in the spirit of slow, rustic or just the opposite - in the style of glamor, each time it is a great honor to be able to create the most beautiful memories for you!





Engagement Session in Zakopanem

Engagement session in mountains

It is often the case that choosing a place for an outdoor photo shoot depends on what is more difficult to reach. If someone lives by the sea, they dream of mountains, and vice versa. This was also the case this time. Klaudia and Staś dreamed of their engagement session in a mountain climate, while they themselves are from Pomerania. So it was an opportunity to combine the engagement session with a nice, short vacation in Zakopane.

Love in a highlander's cottage

Reflecting on the direction of the session, we considered an outdoor photo shoot in the mountains, typically somewhere on the trail with the Tatra peaks in the background, or more intimately, in an atmospheric highlander's cottage. Our couple decided on a second idea, which we liked very much. An outdoor space would be much more uniform, and by renting a photo house we could focus not only on the surroundings, but also on closer frames that show the relationship and emotions of our couple. In addition, we already have a wedding session at Kasprowy Wierch in our portfolio, so we gladly reach for new things!

Session in heart of Polish

Klaudia and Staś trusted us completely as to the direction and atmosphere of the session. They fully accepted our ideas and suggestions. Thanks to trust we were able to fully implement this session, give in to intuition and impulse - that is, as we usually work. Lack of plan during the session can and is risky, especially if you want to implement a high-level session. However, this solution works on our minds most efficiently. In addition, our spontaneity affects our couples very positively, because during the session there is no rigid atmosphere and the couple feels very at ease. There is a lot of laughter, a lot of conversation and a positive creative aura. Speaking of creativity, Klaudia is styled like a fashion session! This is definitely one of the photo sessions in which our couple changed the most times! We were reminded of the days when we photographed fashion with youthful passion :)

So we had one highlander's house and several views of our couple. Thanks to this, the session was not monotonous, but even gained dynamics. We also used the nearby scenery with mountains in the background, with an aura of warm autumn. Because a session in the mountains does not have to be just an open air trail, difficult weather conditions and effort. It may well be hugging and cuddling up in a blanket and in yourself on a highlander's terrace with a beautiful view, the smell of wood in the fireplace, nice time spent together, by the way beautifully captured in the pictures. There are so many views and possibilities!

It is difficult to say in which version we like Klaudia and Staś the most. Maybe you will say





Para młoda na tle żółtej ściany w dzielnicy Alfama w Lizbonie

Lisbon wedding session

Portugal wedding Session

Lisbon - one of the most artistic cities in Europe, small and has so much to offer. It is diversity and a specific street style that makes wedding photos in Lisbon can be original and unique.

Ewa and Michał were just perfect for a foreign wedding outdoor, in this case a wedding outdoor in Portugal. They are both lovers of traveling, they are not afraid of kilometers traveled on foot in the mazes of streets, in search of perfect frames. But in addition to being brave and engaged during the wedding session, it is above all a couple of fantastic people with whom we spent this time. And we can't wait when the opportunity appears on the horizon, for another joint journey, not necessarily a photo one;)

But let's leave the sphere of plans for a moment and go back to what happened. Wedding open-air in Portugal - it was a theme that had been in our minds for several seasons. We probably had a lot of luck, because this summer we managed to realize not only the wedding session in Lisbon, but also a beautiful destination wedding in a picturesque villa near Porto. Who else has not seen let him catch up quickly.

Wedding session in Lisbon. Pictures in the Alfama district

In a city like Lisbon, you can actually do several photo sessions at the same time and each will be different! It is enough to mention, briefly, that it is situated on 7 hills, wrapped in an ocean, enchanting with a multitude of colors, especially due to yellow trams, and it also smells of the famous Pasteis de Belem! (We checked the last one many times;))

But Lisbon did not get to know enough who identifies it only with yellow trams or artistic graffiti. By the way, do you know how difficult it is to find a yellow tram not covered with advertisements? Or an alley or an interesting wall that is not smudged? What struck us a bit is the level of vandalism and destruction of what attracts so many tourists to Lisbon. Who remembers the movie Imagine will probably associate what we are talking about.

After all, Lisbon is still impressive. And it's definitely worth delving into this city. We probably captivated us the most with its energy, the explosion of colors, the labyrinth of narrow streets, where the laundry is carelessly dried and the sight is lost in the multitude of azulejos tiles composed together - the Alfama district. This is by far the most colorful, artistic district of the city. Yellow is intensely marked here, not only due to the characteristic tram 28 - one of the symbols of Lisbon.

In the Alfama district we spent the most time, colors and structures inspired us and we were happy to get lost among the streets.

After all, we started quite calmly and nostalgically. We spontaneously came to the conclusion that the key, some kind of framework for this session in such a diverse city as Lisbon, will be space and water. Taking advantage of the early morning hours, where the city of tourists was not flooded yet and the heat from the sky was unbearable, the pictures that started the session were taken at the central point of Lisbon, at Praca do Comercio.

The extensive view of the ocean and pastel colors gave a romantic atmosphere and slowly led the narrative into the city.

Wedding photography on Lisbon

In spite of everything, it's easy to get lost in the diversity of the city. We stuck firmly so that during our photographic "tramp" recesses of Lisbon do not fall into the total misha you have. Lisbon offers a lot, there are many viewpoints here, the already mentioned Alfama district with artistic graffiti, the Baixa district and the scenery of yellow trams, Lx - Factory totally crazy and artistic, beaches and even a botanical garden. A lot of it right?

We focused on typical urban street scenery, searching for characteristic "flavors" of interesting locations and alleys. Fado, a mechanical bee, or a pink street - these are just some of the points to explore Lisbon.

Lisbon love session

As always, balance during each photo session is important for us, be it an outdoor wedding or engagement session. Regardless of the place where we take pictures, the most important thing is to keep the balance between showing the location, its climate and everything it impresses with, and showing the relationship and the couple.

Ewa and Michał radiated incredible energy from the first meeting with them! We knew that they would give us energy during the session. But that's not all, when we finally put down the cameras, we still explored this wonderful city. There were dances and fun;) It is difficult to end the session more successfully - Ewa, Michał, we hug you for that!

And quickly we go back to the very beginning ... to the first photo!

Watch fall in love with Lisbon!


Wedding in Porto - Destination Wedding Portugal

Wedding in Portugal

Weddings abroad are becoming more and more popular every year. Especially in these warmer corners of the world. There are many couples who decide to take a handful of loved ones to take their marriage vows in a picturesque place in their presence. In the mountains, a small church hidden somewhere far away from civilization, or on a paradise beach - the choice is yours.

Such an idea for a wedding makes this day even more special, and memories take on a different color. Destination wedding is the perfect solution for all couples who are not attached to tradition, instead of a grand wedding with lots of guests, they dream of an intimate celebration in a fairytale scenery. Wedding abroad can also be an idea for your moment of sealing love. Today we will tell you about one unique wedding that happened in Portugal.

Destination Wedding - Porto

Luke i Rebecca - a couple of Americans with Korean roots decided to organize their wedding in a picturesque villa with a swimming pool on the outskirts of Porto. From the United States they came to Portugal (interestingly, it was their first trip to Portugal) just to get married. A photographer from Poland was supposed to capture this event in the lens. This work will probably never cease to surprise us! We felt a great distinction that it was us who chose us to be the only ones (though if you carefully follow the material, you will see that we had strong competition :)) create the memory of this special day through the prism of our sensitivity and look.

We feel great responsibility when photographing weddings. Each time we not only carefully observe everything that is happening around us, but we experience this day with you.

 Slow Wedding in Duoro Valley

First time we met Luke and Rebecca at the wedding venue, in the fabulously situated Villa Quinta do Gato. The scenery evoked a Tuscan, picturesque estate, hidden between vast fields and orchards of olive trees. In a word - hidden away from people. The holiday villa turned out to be an ideal place to organize such an intimate event as a wedding.

From the very morning the closest family and a handful of friends prepared the area of ​​the villa for this special holiday of lovers. Such unhurried preparations in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere are always an opportunity for unique, authentic shots. The idea of ​​slow weeding, which accompanies the wedding preparations since the beginning, means that we do not have to stick to rigidly marked program points. Instead, we focus on authentic emotions to show the multithreading of the day. It is important for us to always look for frames and tell stories from dozens of small but important moments. In our opinion, this is the key to an interesting, valuable wedding reportage.

Preparing the garden for the wedding ceremony, work with flowers and decorations, decorating the table for a gala dinner, while preparing the participants themselves in the villa. Girls doing makeup or combing each other, conversations and leisurely bustle of loved ones. Like preparation but without the hustle and bustle, but in such a light, wonderful atmosphere waiting for the culmination of the ceremony.

We were impressed and wanted the wedding preparations to have a strong position in this report.

And details. So many beautiful details, a bit traditional like Korean, festive kimonos of both mothers or jewelry, combined with modern accessories and wedding details.

Destination Wedding Photographer

When the preparations were over and the time came for the most important moment of the day, everyone took their seats to welcome the bride and groom. The heat was pouring down from the sky, and tears were flowing from the eyes. It was a very emotional ceremony and marriage vow. The young read their own vows, and the loved ones did not hide their tears of emotion. We were impressed by how carefully they experienced not only the moment of marriage, but the whole event all gathered around Luke and Rebbeca. Bond and attachment were clearly visible. And just after the oath, the newlyweds gave their traditional thanks to their parents.

We had to remain vigilant all the time, weddings without a wedding planner are quite spontaneous, and many elements were new to us, and we didn't want anything to escape our eyes. And I think it worked;)

Session near Porto

When the ceremony and wishes came to an end, the celebration finally began! Everyone gathered at one long table, and at the time several musicians were playing in the garden. In the case of wedding photography, there could also be commemorative, family group photos.

We were able to kidnap nourished and relaxed newlyweds for a short session outdoors. The golden light of the setting sun painted the grain and made the scenery even more beautiful. They looked insane! The bride in a minimalistic, simple dress made of shiny silk. For this modest makeup and naturally strands of facial hair. Beauty and simplicity of effortless elegance. Luke also chose the classic of a perfectly tailored suit, and as an addition he chose an elegant fly. Sometimes too rich and rich details are too much.

During this short session on our wedding day, we couldn't have wished for better light and steam! We used this time to the last ray.

There was no end to joy. And it may surprise some that without dances or weddings guests can have such a great time. It was a very intimate, warm welcome. Focused on the bride and groom. Everyone gathered here for them. We liked the idea and we felt joy that we could participate in it.

The highlight was a champagne toast and cake. It was also the right moment to gradually and almost imperceptibly retreat with the camera.

This is also a good time to change words into pictures and leave you with this beautiful story!

Porto! Them! Love!







Panna Mloda i Pan Mlody w Mlynie z lampeczkami

Wedding Session in the Old Mill

Polish old mill session near Warsaw

A wedding session in an original place is one of the most important points on the list of wedding dreams. Some couples decide to have a wedding session abroad. It is often a way to still seal a new, common path in wedding emotions, but simply to combine a session with a short vacation. We love such solutions! And this year's season spoiled us with numerous wedding sessions abroad. But we also had the opportunity to photograph young couples in beautiful, original locations in our home yard. Today we want to show you the wedding session of Magda and Michał in the Old Water Mill.

Wedding session BOHO style

Jeśli lubicie i nadal nie nudzi Was stylistyka boho i rustic w modzie ślubnej, to stary, drewniany młyn będzie idealnym miejscem na Wasz plener ślubny.

Magda i Michał wybrali stary Młyn Wodny, który mieści się w małej wsi Chojnata, w woj. łódzkim. Młyn zrobił na nas pozytywne wrażenie. To dwupiętrowy budynek, w całości wykonany z drewna. Wnętrze jest dość ciemne, ale zachowało swoją autentyczność. Mnóstwo tam starych "młyńskich" urządzeń, które podkreślają klimat miejsca. A jeśli dodamy do tego blask tysiąca malutkich lampek, to śmiało można powiedzieć, że robi się wtedy magicznie. Światło lampek nadaje romantyczny nastrój, ociepla miejsce, podkreśla fakturę drewna i pozwala uzyskać spektakularne efekty na zdjęciach.

Takie zdjęcia ślubne robią niesamowite wrażenie, ale jednocześnie sama sesja w takim klimacie to tez bardzo miłe przeżycie.

Wedding photos in the old mill near

If you like and are still not bored with boho style and rustic climates in wedding fashion, then the old wooden mill will be the perfect place for your outdoor wedding.

Magda and Michał chose the old Water Mill, which is located in the small village of Chojnata, in the province of Lodz. The mill made a positive impression on us. It is a two-story building, entirely made of wood. The interior is quite dark, but has retained its authenticity. There are a lot of old "mill" devices that emphasize the atmosphere of the place. And if we add the glow of a thousand tiny lights to it, it can be safely said that it gets magical then. The light of the lamps gives a romantic mood, warms the place, emphasizes the texture of the wood and allows you to get spectacular effects in the pictures.

Such wedding photos make an amazing impression, but at the same time the session in such an atmosphere is also a very nice experience.

Old mill - perfect place for session in poland

When we receive messages full of delight and joy from the effects of the photo session, we know that it will not only be a nice wedding souvenir. We are convinced that in addition to photos, our couple had a great time and will remember their session as a fun adventure and experience. Especially since posing in front of the lens is not, as it might seem, such a completely simple matter;) The atmosphere during the photos is a key issue right after the location.

We hope that our session will inspire many a few, and also for you old, abandoned buildings will be more than a ruin. They will become a creative place, full of creative possibilities.

Or maybe for you Stary Młyn will be the perfect place for photos? Let's find out! We invite you to watch this beautiful session :)

BOHO outdoor wedding - Ziubiakowa Karczma

BOHO wedding

It is difficult to put names in a specific style, to put in a wedding two people who, with their energy and way of being, make you feel just like Iza and Paweł. And this is a completely authentic impression, despite the fact that there are plenty of elements characteristic for the boho style, it will not be a wedding with fashionable details. It will be about people, about the joy of experiencing special moments.

Of course, Iza and Paweł went a step further and in addition to themselves added many elements and took care of such a beautiful setting on this special day that in fact their outdoor wedding took on a typical boho atmosphere.

It would not be possible without fantastic ideas for arranging the place, about which we will tell you more in a moment.

In a word of introduction, we would like to emphasize that no matter what style of your wedding you decide, whether it will be boho like Iza or Paweł's, or glamor, or a classic, traditional wedding, or maybe even a completely alternative slow wedding, or a typical rustic wedding in the barn, the most important thing is not to lose yourself in following fashion, keep and smuggle as many of you as possible into your wedding visions. Then the dream wedding is not a myth, it's a real story - your story.

Wedding preparations in the spirit of slow wedding

How can real lovers and fans of music, concerts, festivals, good cinema prepare for their wedding ...? For example, in your cozy apartment. In a place they arranged as they love.

It's your day, you don't have to organize yourself in hotels, in new and strange places for you to be fashionable and consistent with the concept of the wedding.

The preparations have revealed some of what they love in life. They showed a man, moments and gestures, and only later the decoration and all the wedding aesthetics. One room where Iza had wedding makeup, where she was wearing a wedding dress and a suit, where she just had a pizza just before leaving! No stress :) There were no worries about stains on the dress or smudged lipstick, and instead cool frames, slack and joy (by the way - it's better to experience special moments with a full belly;)).

Polish Wedding Inn

Iza and Paweł chose Ziubiakowa Karczma as the wedding venue. This is a relatively new place, a folk cottage with quite a lot of green area to adapt, with a hearth, a place for a chillout zone. A large amount of wood, folk that can connect with boho elements so naturally, where lace, dream catchers, feathers and ribbons, and a lot of green elements gain an authentic background.

For all the beautiful arrangement of this place, wonderful decorations, especially the place of the ceremony and the chillout zone in boho, gypsy climates (and there were even Persian rugs and skins, old TV, skulls, and even ethno climates if you look carefully), is responsible Ziubiakowa. We recommend with all my heart, because they put their whole heart into their work, and at the same time they are very friendly! They created a space for us - a wall for photos and we did not have to persuade guests to take joint group shots. And how did Iza and Paweł look at the background of this arrangement?

Iza's Justin Alexander dress, with distinct lace, fitted close to the body, with the backs originally marked, has already delighted us during the preparations. Here it has gained expression. For this huge green boho bouquet, gold brocade sandals and delicate jewelry with floral motifs.

The groom has put modern accents on boho. Instead of a traditional fly - one with a feather. Instead of a jacket, a vest and rolled-up sleeves of the shirt, and as a tasty detail - the accent on socks.

They both looked stylish, modern and above all felt fantastic.

Boho wedding near Warsaw

The wedding ceremony was very casual, in a warm atmosphere, without rush and gloomy faces like in many a church. Wedding is joy, joy of love - we want to capture it in the pictures. And if the tears are just happiness!

The atmosphere of the wedding, so important that the entire history of this event was truly a unique story, is not only in the hands of the bride and groom, and above all the wedding guests. That's why we like to be literally everywhere to catch all the moments in between, not just those on the dance floor and close to the bride and groom.

Sometimes unique stories happen right next door. When, after all the official moments, guests can indulge in free celebration, conversations, toasts, sit comfortably on the carpets under the open sky, or if you prefer on sunbeds, just loose, or maybe like grandmothers, aunts and uncles squat on the bench and watch the fun . Everyone is a hero here and creates history.

Can't do whitout You...

And finally, something else that you will certainly not see in the pictures, but you can only take our word for it;) Music that Iza and Paweł love so much was also stressed at their wedding, creating an important element. It was original, danceable and the way they like it. And when during the entrance to the ceremony "Can't do without you" sounded, we didn't know whether to stamp our feet or take pictures;)

Iza, Paweł - we will always associate this song with you!

Let the lyrics be a motto and ending - it's over! Time for photos!


Usmiechnieta para mloda

Wedding session on the Madeira Island

Unforgettable wedding sessions


I do not think anyone will be surprised how much we like to photograph wedding abroad. We already have several dozen of them. Among other things, Paris, or Italian pearls such as Venice, Tuscany, Matera. The whole undertaking which is, foreign session, travel itself, often completely new places, unique light, different culture, other accompanying emotions, is always a guarantee that the level of our creativity reaches the indicator of red light ;) Our heads are filled with one thought to make as much as possible photograph and not let go of the slightest opportunity for a unique photo. Of course, this is associated with considerable effort and commitment, both the photographer and the bride and groom, often after a long hours of sessions, we all lose strength. But the result is always one - the foreign session is a pure profit for our pair, which can count on a very diverse, refined and extensive material.

And for beautiful pictures and unforgettable moments it is worth even at the end of the world! Or to Madeira :)

Romantic session in Madeira

When we managed to organize, very spontaneously anyway, a trip with Kinga and Mateusz to the Portuguese Madeira, to realize their wedding session, we enjoyed ourselves like little children. It was one of our photographic dreams. In addition, it was the beginning of December, so we felt that the injection of warm sun in other geographical latitudes would effectively stimulate and revive our creativity ;)

Madeira is undoubtedly a unique place on the world map. She charmed us from the first moments. Her magical landscapes have something that makes it impossible to take your eyes off them. On the one hand, they are breathtaking, and on the other hand there is some peace and magic in them. And this diversity! In one place we have endless water, mountains and paradise forests. An island of eternal spring and amazing landscapes.

Love and paradise island

The first day we spent on sightseeing and research, spending time together with a couple favors building a relaxed atmosphere during the session. Kinga and Mateusz are wonderful people, from whom energy, passion and love are even beaten. Kinga is passionate about photography and Mateusz creates beautiful objects from wood, we felt under the skin that our acquaintance will not end soon after the session ;) We visited together Funchal and the day before the session we went to the flower market, because the original bouquet of Kinga is also ours, or more precisely Iwona's work, as well as makeup and hair of the bride would make her feel as beautiful on the day of the wedding. It's a huge advantage that we have a make-up & hair artist on our team;)

We decided to start the pictures at dawn, when it is still empty, and the sun emerging from behind the horizon creates an amazing spectacle and background for photos. By the way, the sunrises in the winter are at nice times :) Next, as usually happens with us, without special direction of the stage, spontaneous and intuitive looking for frames, with sensitivity to gestures and emotions of the couple. We also wanted to show the island as we saw it, not to dampen its juicy and picturesque aura. A lot of us helped Leica Q, which we took specially test for this trip. The image of this small and handy camera impresses with its color and microcontrast.

We are happy to present the effects of this unique session. We managed to fulfill another photographic dream. We hope that the photos will inspire you to reach for more, and to pursue your dreams!


Weddng full of glamour, elegance & classic style - Dwor Afrodyta


Every time we choose to photograph a wedding, we wonder if something will happen that will completely surprise us. After all, each wedding is based on certain, specific frames, but the styles or fashions that "dress" the event change. We have a young couple, we have an oath and finally a celebration.

And although we've probably seen dozens of church ceremonies, This was a real firecracker! Up to now, it has not crossed our minds that such a joy full of unblemished laughter from the diaphragm, on the lips of all gathered, can so clearly dominate during masses.

Yes Yes! It was the most beautiful church wedding we had the pleasure to photograph so far! But let's start from the beginning.




The great Oni - Ola and Przemek, chose the elegant Dworek Aphrodyta in Radziejowice as their wedding reception venue. The classic, bright interiors were perfect for achieving the full glamor of the glamor climate, but without unnecessary glamor. Pastel powder shades of pink, beige and peach dominated. Flowers from Sunflower, beautifully decorated dress from Viola Piekut, delicate jewelry - everything went perfectly together and the style suited the interior. There, preparations for the wedding took place in quite a large group. Ola and Przemek were accompanied by friends, four bridesmaids and four groomsmen - we felt that it would be fun. Preparations themselves exceeded our expectations. The young took care of every detail not only of interior decoration. Druhenki had the same dresses and even dressing gowns, and the gentlemen chose the same ties.

There is another element of the arrangement, which we are extremely proud of :) Photos from the wonderful session of fiancee Ola and Przemek, which we made in Paris in spring, enjoyed the eye woven in taste in the decorations on the tables, and a large picture exposed in the lobby welcomed guests. We are very happy when you so beautifully use the effects of our wedding sessions at your wedding.

If you like first look, this one will surprise you. Do you know more than one scene, where he is waiting in a secluded place with his eyes closed, and she walks quietly to his back? At Ola and Przemek, it was a pump and fun! Przemek did not wait for Ola. Together with groomsmen, holding balloons in their hands, they went to get their beautiful girls. It is worth noting that they did not use the help of a wedding planner or wedding consultant, watching over the events. Fantastic atmosphere, sincere joy built the course of events. And that's what it's all about!

We expected that during the wedding ceremony, energy and fanfare would give way to seriousness and reverie. Nothing more wrong! And all thanks to no one else and the priest who gave the wedding to Ola and Przemek. It turned out that he was exceptionally on that day. And he was a priest who, we can confidently say, kidnapped the whole church. He led the ceremony with energy, commitment, joy, did not spare jokes and even sang a young song. Almost all smile did not go from the face. It is an extraordinary feeling to realize how happy they will be to see themselves in pictures and to remember Ola and Przemek in a dozen or so dozens of years!

And also how much depends on the person conducting the ceremony. Not only church, but also civil or outdoor. We have witnessed many times when an official refusing only a wedding rule, he has refused more than one ceremony of emotion and magic. Remember that you can also influence who will marry you.

Ola and Przemek showed us how a beautiful and joyous event can be a traditional church wedding, when the most beautiful decoration is true emotions.

A wedding party was a crazy party and an even bigger dose of smiles. None of the guests hid emotions in front of the camera. It pleases us every time. Because when He sings for Her (such a surprise), everyone squeezes his throat. We did not miss the opportunity to perform a commemorative mini session with groomsmen and bridesmaids. A short session on the wedding day is our permanent point. There was fun, madness and power. And cold fires turned out to be a beautiful buckle that bridged the wedding and the wedding that young people dreamed of.