Usmiechnieta para mloda

Wedding session on the Madeira Island

Unforgettable wedding sessions


I do not think anyone will be surprised how much we like to photograph wedding abroad. We already have several dozen of them. Among other things, Paris, or Italian pearls such as Venice, Tuscany, Matera. The whole undertaking which is, foreign session, travel itself, often completely new places, unique light, different culture, other accompanying emotions, is always a guarantee that the level of our creativity reaches the indicator of red light ;) Our heads are filled with one thought to make as much as possible photograph and not let go of the slightest opportunity for a unique photo. Of course, this is associated with considerable effort and commitment, both the photographer and the bride and groom, often after a long hours of sessions, we all lose strength. But the result is always one - the foreign session is a pure profit for our pair, which can count on a very diverse, refined and extensive material.

And for beautiful pictures and unforgettable moments it is worth even at the end of the world! Or to Madeira :)

Romantic session in Madeira

When we managed to organize, very spontaneously anyway, a trip with Kinga and Mateusz to the Portuguese Madeira, to realize their wedding session, we enjoyed ourselves like little children. It was one of our photographic dreams. In addition, it was the beginning of December, so we felt that the injection of warm sun in other geographical latitudes would effectively stimulate and revive our creativity ;)

Madeira is undoubtedly a unique place on the world map. She charmed us from the first moments. Her magical landscapes have something that makes it impossible to take your eyes off them. On the one hand, they are breathtaking, and on the other hand there is some peace and magic in them. And this diversity! In one place we have endless water, mountains and paradise forests. An island of eternal spring and amazing landscapes.

Love and paradise island

The first day we spent on sightseeing and research, spending time together with a couple favors building a relaxed atmosphere during the session. Kinga and Mateusz are wonderful people, from whom energy, passion and love are even beaten. Kinga is passionate about photography and Mateusz creates beautiful objects from wood, we felt under the skin that our acquaintance will not end soon after the session ;) We visited together Funchal and the day before the session we went to the flower market, because the original bouquet of Kinga is also ours, or more precisely Iwona's work, as well as makeup and hair of the bride would make her feel as beautiful on the day of the wedding. It's a huge advantage that we have a make-up & hair artist on our team;)

We decided to start the pictures at dawn, when it is still empty, and the sun emerging from behind the horizon creates an amazing spectacle and background for photos. By the way, the sunrises in the winter are at nice times :) Next, as usually happens with us, without special direction of the stage, spontaneous and intuitive looking for frames, with sensitivity to gestures and emotions of the couple. We also wanted to show the island as we saw it, not to dampen its juicy and picturesque aura. A lot of us helped Leica Q, which we took specially test for this trip. The image of this small and handy camera impresses with its color and microcontrast.

We are happy to present the effects of this unique session. We managed to fulfill another photographic dream. We hope that the photos will inspire you to reach for more, and to pursue your dreams!


Pan Młody i Drużbowie

Weddng full of glamour, elegance & classic style - Dwor Afrodyta


Every time we choose to photograph a wedding, we wonder if something will happen that will completely surprise us. After all, each wedding is based on certain, specific frames, but the styles or fashions that "dress" the event change. We have a young couple, we have an oath and finally a celebration.

And although we've probably seen dozens of church ceremonies, This was a real firecracker! Up to now, it has not crossed our minds that such a joy full of unblemished laughter from the diaphragm, on the lips of all gathered, can so clearly dominate during masses.

Yes Yes! It was the most beautiful church wedding we had the pleasure to photograph so far! But let's start from the beginning.




The great Oni - Ola and Przemek, chose the elegant Dworek Aphrodyta in Radziejowice as their wedding reception venue. The classic, bright interiors were perfect for achieving the full glamor of the glamor climate, but without unnecessary glamor. Pastel powder shades of pink, beige and peach dominated. Flowers from Sunflower, beautifully decorated dress from Viola Piekut, delicate jewelry - everything went perfectly together and the style suited the interior. There, preparations for the wedding took place in quite a large group. Ola and Przemek were accompanied by friends, four bridesmaids and four groomsmen - we felt that it would be fun. Preparations themselves exceeded our expectations. The young took care of every detail not only of interior decoration. Druhenki had the same dresses and even dressing gowns, and the gentlemen chose the same ties.

There is another element of the arrangement, which we are extremely proud of :) Photos from the wonderful session of fiancee Ola and Przemek, which we made in Paris in spring, enjoyed the eye woven in taste in the decorations on the tables, and a large picture exposed in the lobby welcomed guests. We are very happy when you so beautifully use the effects of our wedding sessions at your wedding.

If you like first look, this one will surprise you. Do you know more than one scene, where he is waiting in a secluded place with his eyes closed, and she walks quietly to his back? At Ola and Przemek, it was a pump and fun! Przemek did not wait for Ola. Together with groomsmen, holding balloons in their hands, they went to get their beautiful girls. It is worth noting that they did not use the help of a wedding planner or wedding consultant, watching over the events. Fantastic atmosphere, sincere joy built the course of events. And that's what it's all about!

We expected that during the wedding ceremony, energy and fanfare would give way to seriousness and reverie. Nothing more wrong! And all thanks to no one else and the priest who gave the wedding to Ola and Przemek. It turned out that he was exceptionally on that day. And he was a priest who, we can confidently say, kidnapped the whole church. He led the ceremony with energy, commitment, joy, did not spare jokes and even sang a young song. Almost all smile did not go from the face. It is an extraordinary feeling to realize how happy they will be to see themselves in pictures and to remember Ola and Przemek in a dozen or so dozens of years!

And also how much depends on the person conducting the ceremony. Not only church, but also civil or outdoor. We have witnessed many times when an official refusing only a wedding rule, he has refused more than one ceremony of emotion and magic. Remember that you can also influence who will marry you.

Ola and Przemek showed us how a beautiful and joyous event can be a traditional church wedding, when the most beautiful decoration is true emotions.

A wedding party was a crazy party and an even bigger dose of smiles. None of the guests hid emotions in front of the camera. It pleases us every time. Because when He sings for Her (such a surprise), everyone squeezes his throat. We did not miss the opportunity to perform a commemorative mini session with groomsmen and bridesmaids. A short session on the wedding day is our permanent point. There was fun, madness and power. And cold fires turned out to be a beautiful buckle that bridged the wedding and the wedding that young people dreamed of.


Para mloda w autobusie

Slow Wedding in the heart of Warsaw - Ujazdowski Castle

Wedding at Instalacje Art Bistro - Alternative slow wedding

As we like climate places for your wedding or wedding. Especially those unusual, even "illegitimate" would like to say. They create an amazing atmosphere and create a unique background for this important event. Custom weddings, alternative weddings are always an opportunity for us to be more creative. We do not have to stick to the well-worn scheme, our attention may go towards seemingly less important topics. We have the impression that in such realizations there are more actions, unexpected "happening", photographic tidbits.

The spirit of slow wedding

It was one of the more unusual weddings we've photographed so far. It was already a wedding in the Masurian forest, wedding in on the fjord in Oslo, or a wedding by the pool. And it may seem that this relationship will start quite classically. But the farther into the forest ... whoever knows this saying can expect many surprises.

In addition to the ceremony at the office, everything here was unusual. Marta and Marek organized their wedding the way they wanted. This is the key to live this day in the spirit of "slow". Celebrate unhurriedly, enjoy, enjoy every moment spent with loved ones. No pressure, according to what's close to us.

Bride different than white? Why not! Marta looked an average in a blue, asymmetrical dress. In addition, the top of the dress decorated with colorful flowers evoked the atmosphere of the garden party and caught the eye.

Or maybe instead of a wedding limo, old antique public transport buses? After all, crossing with guests through Warsaw with such transport can be great fun. A beginning for even better fun.

 Ujazdowski Castle - place for an unusual wedding

We started the reportage in the Old Town near the Wedding Palace. Lack of preparation does not always mean that the material will be less diversified, that there will be no introduction to the story. After a brief and moving civil marriage ceremony and greetings, the young and the guests walked through the Old Town to the old buses mentioned. The place where the wedding was organized is the art Bistro restaurant at the Ujazdowski Castle. The interior is very atmospheric, bright, with cool details. Delicate flower arrangements on the tables. Snacks and sweets served on fired newspapers and parchments. We must mention that the cheesecake is poetry;) Very intimate and cozy.

And the dance floor? Exactly. The lack of parquet in the interiors does not mean that there is no place for crazy fun. Parquet arranged on the landing at the restaurant. A chillout zone across the street. A few tables, hammocks, chairs, each one as if collected from various restaurants. Artistic disorder. Total freedom, where everyone could find a place for themselves. Someone was sipping a drink, someone else was resting on a deck chair, children were rocking on hammocks, and others were standing and talking at the "bar". Total non-binding clearance!

We could also not use the favorable light for a short outdoor session. Stop these few intimate moments and emotions freshly. 15 minutes, he and she for a moment alone, and a souvenir for years. We have noticed that for many of you this form of the wedding session is enough. Here, just a spontaneous, short wedding session fit perfectly with the idea of ​​"slow".

Wedding party in the rain

There was another very spontaneous factor that made this wedding truly special. How many times have we heard: "oh, if only the weather would be good ..." And we will say: How good, that it was raining !!! Thank you for this rain. Bah! Breaking the clouds;) What happened on the dance floor was indescribable. The reactions of children (and some adults) to dense streams of rain, a feria of colors playing on a wet stone street, a dream mine of frames.

Fantastic energy fun, great music thanks to Dj Ogniomistrz, play and euphoria of all gathered around the bride and groom. The parquet was on fire, although streams of water were pouring from the tent's roof and illuminated colored puddles formed a spectacle. And only from time to time a tourist flashed past this scene, bent under an umbrella or in a coat.

It was a turbo party and turbo people. Marta, Marek - thank you!

Wedding by the pool in Mietowe Wzgorza

We are fascinated by weddings. The energy and emotions that this great day causes are on the weight of each frame. Often, these people are caught in the fever of events, and sometimes we just wait, with concentration and with an open mind. But there is also one very important factor, without which we could not capture many exceptional photographs. It's trust. With the majority of couples we manage to work out already at the stage of the wedding meeting, when we can talk live, get to know your expectations and ideas, and you can get to know us better. It allows you to break the ice so that you can feel more comfortable during the reportage. A fiancée session is also a great method not only to familiarize yourself with the camera that follows you, but also the time when you can see how we work and what we are. We are talking about it because we are convinced that trust is the door to exceptional photos, really great shots that will build an original story, without being a collection of random photographs from the basic wedding moments. And about such a true story, without a schedule, a strictly drawn list, about the spontaneity that wove this story, will be today.


Marta i Karol - both smiling and clearly excited. After all, a wedding at the pool is not a common ceremony. Preparations in Miętowe Wzgórza have lasted since morning. We were charmed by this place, the eclectic decor and the very location of the residence. Definitely one of the most beautiful places for a wedding and wedding reception in the open air for Warsaw, and not only, parish It was wonderful to watch all the preparations of Marta and Karol that they gave us free hand and freedom in documenting events. We could look at them the way we like the most - multi-level. Focus on details, but also look more broadly. There will be beautiful items in this material, the aura of the place, tattoos that enjoyed the eye that day. There will also be multi-shots, the power of emotions, from emotions to craze on the dance floor.


We learned about the ceremony being on the pool itself. It was a bomb surprise. Unconventional and climatic. We are happy that you are increasingly putting on creative ideas, what's playing in your soul, in a word - personalizing your event. And during this wedding, it was beautiful not only for the eye, because when the loudspeakers sounded "One heart ...", every now and then someone reached for a handkerchief. It was beautiful, lofty, solemnly. And yet, by the pool! And probably the photos will confirm that it is worth making an effort to move your wedding from the raw interior of the wedding room wherever you like. Today we have the right and the opportunity to invite an official to a chosen place. The light was good for us, it was clear that day, the sharp rays were getting into the tent and magically lighting the room. The team also took care of the lighting of the parquet. And more importantly, he kidnapped people to dance. It was one of those weddings where the dance floor was on fire. And the openness of people has allowed us to document lively fun. At night, the pool was not left alone. When one of us was photographing dancing and having fun, the other one could see how the rest of the guests relaxed under the black sky. This is the undoubted advantage of photographic duets, when we have the opportunity to see more at one time. Finally, as a brace clasping the whole - they are fantastic. They looked crazy. The bride in the original lace dress from Justyna Kodym, and the groom in a classic suit, broken with rock accessories with a skull motif. It was, without a doubt, their day, from beginning to end. Love rules! And that's the story.

Rodzice z dziecmi, sesja

Photos from Baptism Warsaw

A wedding and a wedding is undoubtedly one of the more lofty and important moments to perpetuate. The value of the souvenir which is the reportage from that day, whether the session is probably invaluable. We want to remember and remember important, special events in our lives. And photography not only helps us, but also emphasizes this uniqueness. It stops the moment and brings out its beauty. Especially today, when the development of technology has made us do hundreds of pictures a day, the aesthetics and consistency of history that we present take on special significance.

Family photography, child baptism

One of such moments, which, in our opinion, should be shown more carefully and more carefully can be baptism. Probably some of you did not expect such an entry here. Marriage, earlier engagement session, then outdoor - everything revolves around a couple! But when a child appears in your life, it takes over the leading and the most important position. Those of you who have become parents will certainly come here with us;)

It is not surprising, therefore, that many couples have joined us this season to photograph the next stage in their lives. There were, therefore, pregnancy, family sessions or just baptismal ceremonies.

A report in which the child plays a major role is one of the most difficult challenges. A child is an element, it is an eternally charged battery, it's a whole palette of emotions. We must gain their confidence to let us into their world. It is worth trying, because it is a world full of truth, authenticity and naturalness, where the honesty of children give us in the palm of your hand. Beautiful world.

Holy Baptism in Saska Kepa

Today we will show you a short history of baptism and a homely family party. Do not just set your mind on a sleeping baby in a boot. This sweet girl is already running and exploring the world. The reportage is usually started by the mass in the church, the passage ritual - the moment of pouring water - is the one awaited by the parents. A moment that is definitely worth immortalizing. And after a more schematic, orderly and official part, it's nice to indulge in a loose observation of the family and invited guests at the party. We like the fact that you are organizing them more and more often in very nice and interesting places. Beautiful Saska Kępa, "At the Chefs", the fullness of summer, joy, family, children's carefree fun, all this contributed to a beautiful, loving family portrait. And in the heart of this story a little creature - Julia.

Classic, beautiful and timeless - unique place for wedding - Weranda Home

A unique place for a wedding in Poland. Weranda Home

Do you like fairy-tale locations for a wedding surrounded by nature? Or maybe modern design? Or maybe a little tradition? If so, we have a unique implementation for you. The wedding and reception of Julia and Krzysztof in a place that not only combines all this, it offers much more. We are convinced that it is difficult for a second such place in Poland!

Weranda Home - is a beautiful, renovated residence near Poznan, situated in a vast green area, with a large garden from which we have a direct descent to the lakes. It's a dream look for the first look, as you'll see when watching the material. Let me tell you a few more sentences because the aura that accompanies this place is truly magical. Julia and Krzysztof gave up this magic, who decided to organize their wedding here. The idea of ​​slow wedding will become very popular with Weranda. Watching how the young couple prepared for the wedding, it felt like time stood still, and the pre-wedding stress did not reach this address.

We as wedding photographers were charmed and hypnotized by the estate from the first second. It is there intimate, so "Scandinavian" cozy and beautifully bright! The style of Weranda itself is quite difficult to clearly determine. The classic interior design combines and harmonizes with modern design. And there are beautiful additions there, which in the case of full reportage add character and diversify the story. In addition, this place is definitely unique, delicious cuisine.

Wedding reportage - Your story, your day

We love such eclecticism and fresh, innovative approach to weddings. There will be a place here and outdoor weddings in the style of boho, or classic weddings and intimate wedding parties.

A beautiful place is not enough to create a unique story. People, their love, all gestures and fleeting moments of interaction are indispensable. We can not, therefore, not mention them - Julia and Krzyś. Fantastic energy, joy and ease from the very preparations. This specific aura, which appeared, is undoubtedly also due to the people who accompanied Julia and Krzys. The joy of the loved ones is given directly to the bride and groom. It shows in the pictures, it's nice to watch years later. We are very lucky not only to have beautiful, but also beautiful, stories of history that we could keep in Kashubia or Oslo. A lot of inspiration awaits there.

Wedding and reception in a classic style

Certainly the whole frame was guided by the classic style, but there were also green motifs, both in the decoration of the room and tables, as well as in the wedding bouquet or in the church. Super natural make-up and Julia's romantic hairstyle was completed by a beautiful dress with a deep, decorated neckline from Viola Piekut. Krzysztof put on a timeless classic with a silk fly. They both looked crazy!

That day there was emotion, there was joy (sometimes to tears). It was also warm - this is interpersonal especially because the weather has sunk us (in a light rain you can also do a nice outdoor session). There was power and fireworks, not just on the dance floor. Finally, it was delicious for the palate and tasty for the eye.

Saturated with memories, with great pleasure we leave here a trace and a part of this event! Julia and Krzyś - thank you for inviting us to your story.


Para Mloda w dniu slubu

Wierzbowe Ranczo - rustic wedding and wedding in the barn

Ślub plenerowy i wesele w stylu rustykalnym

Summer favors the organization of outdoor weddings and weddings in a rustic or boho style. Because nature is of key elements to make the rustic atmosphere genuinely exist. Of course, the weather is very important here, but even the rain does not have to wash away your dreams of a wonderful wedding. It is important that this day is what you want.

Rustic, folk or boho style and the perfect place for a wedding in the barn

If you have dreamed of a truly rustic atmosphere of your celebration, we have a unique realization realized for you in a fantastic place. Wierzbowe Ranczo, because I will talk about it, is located in Michalow Budy, where they decided to organize their wedding Karina and Tomek. This picturesque estate is located in the heart of Poland, not far from Warsaw. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by animals and beautiful landscapes of the Bolimów Landscape Park, it impresses with the soothing atmosphere and the closeness of nature.

In our opinion, this is a perfect location for Warsaw young couples who are looking for something special in an idyllic atmosphere and are also planning an outdoor wedding.

The whole object is maintained in a rustic style, an old barn with exposed beautiful beams under the ceiling. Additionally, especially for outdoor weddings, a living willow gazebo is available, under which the unique one resounds: YES. The rural character of the place, rustic architecture and free space make you feel like after a journey in time.

We wanted to keep this atmosphere by photographing space and beautiful details. It is also an ideal introduction to the preparations, which were guided by joy and a peculiar idyllic aura.

Talking about the rustic style, and what is more important, about its consequences, one can not miss such an important element as a wedding dress. Karina chose phenomenal focus on the design of Karolina Twardowska. A beautiful set of skirt with a blouse that exposed the back. The whole airy, light and very subtlely decorated with lace elements, is a very original but at the same time an ideal model for an extraordinary bride. Karina looked phenomenal, and her smile only confirmed that she felt so.

Not wanting to write off too much about every detail of the preparations, we will only say that everything was truly coherent. Starting from the place the young have chosen, through what they looked like, to the selection of all wedding elements such as flowers, table and hall decorations, and even the smallest decorative details, the whole has merged into one distinct style. We were extremely impressed by the consequences and, above all, as in the final it all together beautifully played.

Wedding reportage full of emotions and energy

There was looseness, joy, love and warmth! And when the surroundings of the willow gazebo began to fill up with guests, smiling They appeared to make their promises and exchange wedding rings. Applause is also a clerk who unloaded the atmosphere with jokes and led the ceremony in a very warm way.

We were able to capture a lot of joy during this whole day. Spontaneous fun during the wedding, dancing on the dance floor and embrace. Everything here was in abundance. And despite the fact that during the day we did a short wedding session with Karina and Tomek, we could not refuse a second mini session when the night was wrapped in a romantic atmosphere.

When we are in such a place and with such people, it is difficult to say enough. That day we had quite a lot of joy - shooting love! Do you remember our implementation in Kashubia? It is the unique atmosphere and people invariably create our stories.



para mloda na pomoscie o zachodzie slonca

A picturesque outdoor wedding in Kaszuby Poland

Beautiful outdoor wedding in Kashubia, a family atmosphere and idyllic atmosphere

If we were to show you pictures why we decided to photograph weddings, it is for such realizations that I! There are days to come back with a great fondness, there are people who we think about warmly. Because the joy that they have just entrusted us with creating a story of their wedding day is unspeakable.

Real emotions and the magic of light

Hot June. Our first wedding trip in the Kashubian region. We were waiting for this wedding, because we knew that our young couple - Marcelina and Grześ, invented their big day and organized it according to what they had in their hearts.

We often emphasize this, also at pre-wedding meetings, how important it is that your wedding vision is simply the fulfillment of your expectations and perhaps your dreams. Without pressure, trying to please everyone around you or blindly following the prevailing fashion. Instead of carefully observing the day, the wonderful emotions and tears of happiness, in excessive stress, we can treat ourselves to a handful of unnecessary frustration. Because something can always go wrong, you must have this awareness. Either the weather suddenly thwarts our plans, one of the guests is late, or the intricately made haircut will fall apart on the first dance. Remember, you decide how your wedding will look;)

Or maybe, like Marcelina and Grzegorz, will you try to smuggle your own interpretation of traditional and seemingly permanent wedding moments? Because why only dad should lead to the wedding, if you dreamed that they would be both parents. And if the traditional first dance, then maybe the dance of the bride and dad will continue? And after a while with my mother?

We have never had the pleasure of looking at how strong a bond and how beautiful relations with family and loved ones have had. It was a touching sight. But about the adoption in a moment.

We started the reportage, of course, from the preparations. Everything in a relaxed, warm atmosphere. No unnecessary stress and bustle. We could even look forward to the moments, which is extremely valuable in building an interesting story. There were beautiful wedding details. In Marcelina's bouquet, her favorite thistles appeared, and we were amazed by the modern yet light form of the wedding dress from Agata Wojtkiewicz.

Grzegorz prepared himself in the manor, also in the company of the closest family. The whole complex of Dworek on Błota is a fantastic place for an outdoor wedding and wedding reception in any style, not only boho or rustic. Dworek has a large green area with houses, a pond where you can go on a boat (as you will see when looking at photos), as well as a spa area. The silence and beauty of the surrounding nature is the perfect backdrop to cherish, romantically celebrate such an important event. If you would like to look at a similar wedding in the spirit of slow wedding and DIY, then our reportage, which we realized in Oslo, may inspire you.

The very moment of the wedding was very moving, because in addition to the formula repeated in the presence of an official, the young also swore their oaths, flowing straight from the heart. As you can see, it is possible that even the official character and short time of the civil wedding ceremony can be personalized to your own needs. After a beautiful ceremony, everyone went to the courtyard of the manor house. There, the young people accepted their wishes from the guests, and after the first toast, the traditional Polonaise under the sky was danced together. And then the time came to play, feast, talk, in a word, joy and celebration!

And when the sun flooded us with warm rays just before sunset, it was the perfect moment for a short wedding session. Especially if we had a small greenhouse at the manor's disposal. It was not as spectacular as the one in which we've done more than one session, but the light created a truly magical atmosphere. We never had a session on the day of the wedding where the young couple swims on the pond. It sounds a little crazy, but we did not have to persuade Marcelina and Grzesia for a boat idea for too long. In this beautiful scenery, they had a few moments only for themselves, and we have a unique opportunity for exceptional shots.

We could write about this wedding for a long time. About the unusual, cordial atmosphere, about people who created this unique aura. Until the last minute spent with them, we were extremely impressed by how wonderfully you can experience the joy of beautiful moments, support and rejoice. We present you the story and people who will stay in our hearts for a long time.

Sesja Pary Młodej z lampkami

Polish Outdoor Wedding rock & roll style Zlotopolska Dolina

A outdoor civil wedding  in the Zlotopolska  Dolina

Zlotopolska Dolina, picturesquely, off the beaten track, surrounded by fields and trees. And although we have been there many times, we always come back with certainty that a unique atmosphere awaits us.

We love wedding sessions and reportages, which, thanks to not only the place but above all, allow people to capture the unusual aura, thanks to which the photos are original and unique. I think each of us met more than once with the statement that unique photographs are those that have a "soul". And neither the most expensive wedding dress, the most popular barn or the most beautiful weather will guarantee it! It's people, gestures, cordiality and closeness that give a certain magic that you will see in your wedding pictures years later.

Monika and Krzysztof have convinced us from the very morning that it will be a special day and a unique performance. Without a rigid schedule, nervous planning and bustle, but surrounded by relatives and friends, they celebrated the day unhurriedly. We are immediately reminded of the beautiful slow wedding we photographed in Oslo. Similar energy and great atmosphere of the place. There was time for family breakfast, for conversation, for smiles. Are not the most beautiful faces mentioned after years?

Rock'n'Roll Wedding

Love and Rock & Roll! This is how you can describe this day, this couple and the people who accompany them. Rock details dominated and scrolled almost at every step. Each table is a different rock legend. Decorations from vinyl plates looked very stylish. For this a well-composed welcome plate. Guitars, adapters, beautiful greeting cards like works of art. The artistic atmosphere hovered in the air.

The civil wedding took place outdoors at the back of the hotel, in a beautiful gazebo adapted for wedding ceremonies. We were charmed by gathered guests. artistically, colorfully - this is how we remember this picture. A short but moving ceremony, then wishes, lots of emotions, joy and hugs. And although there were constant traditional moments like greeting with bread and salt, we did not have to stick to the usual schemes. the atmosphere itself ran the course of events. It was wonderful to watch how everyone gathered on this special day for Monika and Krzyś just enjoyed the meeting. They were with each other, they talked, they were unhurriedly celebrating.

It was also possible to make some intimate shots just before the sun went out and real smoke started on the dance floor! Because, since the rock wedding, it could not miss a specific blow. A surprise for the guests was a concert by Rock'n'roll band Big Bit. The response of guests on the dance floor exceeded our expectations. The parquet was burning in Beatels' rhythms and the Polish classic of the big beat. He also burned a cake. which the bride and groom cut up under the open sky.

It is fantastic to be able to come back to this day and share it with you. What else did we remember? Golden advice for a successful relationship from the bride and groom's parents who asked us for several posed pictures during the wedding. It's a rarity, it's a beautiful thing. Holding hands, like teenagers, they celebrated the love of their children.

It is these people and such realizations that when we are all over our faces, thank you that we have a dream job!




czarna sciana

Industrial style engagement session in Warsaw

An urban engagement session in an industrial style

Engagement sessions are an increasingly popular form of photographing people in love. We now have a flood of instagram photographs that depict carefree shots of couples in beautiful places or moments of proposal. This trend is already so common that more and more young couples are more likely to choose fiancée instead of wedding. It is not surprising if the conditions are favorable on the day of the wedding and we have the opportunity to make a beautiful mini wedding plein-air.

Of course, the session on the wedding day can not be equal to a full wedding session done on a different day, somewhere in a beautiful picturesque corner, or even in your familiar, beloved place. As usual, we devote much more time to an outdoor session on a different day, and thus it is much more diverse.

Of course, as always, the choice is yours.

Sometimes it happens that we do a wedding session ... after the wedding;) Monika and Krzyś chose this form. When all the emotions were gone, we could meet them for a photographic walk.

New industrial on post-industrial Prague Soho

As a session venue, we chose "Soho" in the Warsaw prague. This scenery perfectly suited the style and temperament of our couple. If you have not yet had the opportunity to see their wedding in a rock atmosphere, be sure to take a look - the wedding party was a real rock firecracker!

Returning to the place of the session, industrial style is certainly a breath of freshness among the ubiquitous fashion for boho sessions in nature. The walls, brick, slightly harsh climate can create a very interesting atmosphere.

Abandoned places not only have a curious aura in themselves, they are a kind of contrast to the emotions that are after all between the photographed couple. We have the impression that the more severe, "ugly" background, the more visible in the pictures are emotions, warmth and gestures. This contrast always inspires us and stimulates us to act.

It was not difficult to show these emotions with Monica and Krzyś. Smiling and focused on each other, they provided us with a large dose of warm shots every now and then. We also wanted this session not to be artificially "put up". Instead, we and our couple depended on spontaneity, naturalness, and fleeting moments.

They looked very coherent. We must mark it. Black - characteristic, determined, but also neutral, dominated in their attire. A great complement was the grunge checked shirt of Monica. They fit in perfectly with Prague walls and old advertising banners.

An urban wedding session can be dynamic and interesting not only in the center of a busy street. If you're looking for a bit of intimacy and melancholy in the heart of the city, old post-industrial districts will be the perfect place for you!


Civil marriage and romantic session in Paris

Megan i Lancelot. An Intimate wedding in Paris

It's beautiful when we can photograph wedding reports that are so diverse. Once a pompous, large wedding with traditions, once an outdoor ceremony in a charming, atmospheric place, or a completely intimate wedding ceremony in a group of only a few or a dozen of the nearest people. You decide how you want to experience this special moment - your wedding. The closer to the heart of the solution you can put into practice, the more smile and joy you will then see in the pictures.

We would like to tell you about a very intimate and unusual and international wedding. She was American, he Frenchman decided to get married in Paris. Megan and Lancelot decided on a very modest, intimate ceremony at the wedding palace. They did not have a loud wedding, in principle they did not have it;) And during the wedding there was not even the moment of exchanging wedding rings, because as it turned out, they did not have time to buy them just before. And no one was particularly worried about this fact, and for those few minutes in the office, the joy shone on their faces! They celebrated their love very spontaneously and authentically, without all the mass of details, trifles and stressful preparations.

Why do we mention this? Because sometimes the whole pre-wedding fever of preparation for the big day generates a lot of stress and only makes the young couple remember the beautiful day after all.

A short wedding outdoor. Green Paris

But let's come back for a moment to the story of Megan and Lancelot. It started with a short photo session in a nearby park. The weather was capricious, and the cloudy sky spared no rain. Megan effectively brightened the scenery with a smile. There is no typical urban Paris in this session as during the sessions of Ola and Przemek. There was no Eiffel tower, and there would not even be time to reach it, because we had an intended session less than an hour. This park could happen anywhere. We focused only on our pair. Beautiful, authentic, with a great sense of humor and a huge distance to yourself (as you will see when you last till the end of the entry).

We must also mention the insanely beautiful Megan dress. Her ragged edges and the texture of the silk-covered silk attracted more than one pair of eyes! And for this, original, for a wedding, patchy gray. He as a typical French put on nonchalant classics.

Immediately after the session, slightly wet, we went to the wedding palace, where the same beautiful smile on their faces greeted the waiting guests. And finally, the most important minute when they took oaths and marriages.

One would like to say: it's so short and how thorough. One of our shortest weddings, and it arouses so warm feelings in us that we could not show you this realization!


Engagement session - Love in Paris

Walk around Paris. In one sentence, you can describe the story that we want to show you today. Fiancée sessions, because we will talk about them, are experiencing a kind of "boom" in our opinion. It is not just the wedding sessions that are carefully planned and arouse excitement, and the prenuptial sessions and even the moments of proposal are often made more and more popular. They have now become a very fashionable and desirable element of wedding stories. This is not only an interesting introduction to your wedding. First of all, they create an opportunity for you to get to know photographers better. This is a guarantee of good cooperation on the wedding day. And the most important thing - this is the only opportunity for a beautiful story of your love before the Great Day. More relaxed, without official moments, in your style and only about you.

Stylish love sessions

We do not need to mention that fiancée sessions are also a good idea to use the photos of the session in an interesting way on the day of your wedding, even as an element of decoration, gifts for loved ones, and many other solutions.

Each fianc engagement can have its own unique character. It all depends on what style you prefer, in which scenery you feel at ease. Is a more intimate atmosphere in the comfort of the hotel room, or a definitely crazy and dynamic session in the rhythm of the city? Or maybe you choose places that are the trace of the special moments of your love: the first date or the first kiss? Or maybe the motive of the session will be your mutual interests. It's all up to you. Remember that choosing a place that is special for you will evoke emotions that accompanied important moments. Let's stop them in the photos!

City of Love

Paris has long been a symbol of lovers, both in art and literature, often called the "city of love". Romantic atmosphere, lively street, artistic atmosphere, give you inexhaustible possibilities to discover exceptional frames. It is also a symbol of good taste, class and style. Ola and Przemek looked wonderful in both the first freer urban style and in a more elegant edition. But the clothing was not the most important. There was lightness, joy and authenticity in them. What we like to photograph the most. We are happy that we could spend time with them and watch their happiness. Paris is the perfect city for love stories. Who ever dreamed of kissing against the Eiffel Tower? Sounds plain, yet. Romantic walk through the streets of Paris, common coffee in the artistic district of Montmartre, evening rain and wet street lights at the Moulin Rouge. And they will embrace them in each of these places. Love. Magic.

And what is your dream place for the session?