Autumn Wedding session in Abandoned Greenhouse


Wedding session in a old Abandoned Glasshouse

Many couples look for inspiration and ideas to find a remarkable place for wedding session. It has also become fashionable to personalize your wedding through not only the character or style of the ceremony. The smallest details, such as flowers, decorations, decorations and other seemingly minor additions are of importance. And while the fashion for style changes, there is one thing – couples want to stand out, create something individual and unique, and then these unique moments to watch in the pictures. Choosing a location for a wedding session is not easy, of course you can go shortcuts and choose a nearby park or forest at sunrise or sunset. However, to create an unusual, unique but interesting atmosphere, something more is needed.

Since we have been professionally involved in photography, we have probably recoded all possible variants of wedding and engagement sessions. We photographed at any time of the year, we transformed mountains, forests, the sea, there were also lakes and swamps. Urban and industrial sessions, palaces – both beautiful and their ruins. Foreign sessions in historic towns, but also tourist pearls and classic places of love, such as Venice. We could exchange for a moment. We like this diversity and try not to photograph several times in the same place, to constantly stimulate creativity and continue to develop.

The romantic atmosphere of an abandoned greenery

However, there are places where we return with a beating heart. Speech of a famous, abandoned greenhouse 😉 This is a magical place with great potential. We realized how much you are interested in such remarkable spaces, when after the publication of our first “greenhouse session” there is no week for someone not to write to us asking us to reveal its location;)

Old, forgotten, overgrown with nature by greenhouses is an example of an amazing background for wedding sessions. Because they have a real fairy-tale atmosphere, regardless of the season, they are still interesting. The rusted construction of the greenhouse contrasts with pieces of glass overgrown with greenery and moss. The play of lights on the broken glass creates a kind of magic. And in the interior of the spreading tree, which has long since broken through the roof, has settled in for good. It was a little pity to see how damaged this greenhouse is today. Everyone who dreams of a similar session should remember that the seemingly abandoned area may formally belong to someone. Let us try not to leave traces of our presence and respect such places that they will last as long as possible.

We carried out the wedding session of Paulina and Bartosz in autumn. We wanted to capture the less obvious atmosphere of autumn. That day we worked in a very harsh light, which despite the fact that it was not easy, it really fueled the nature of the frames and gave them a bit of a claw. Our couple looked stylish and perfectly suited the place. Paulina had a light, ethereal and airy dress in a boho style from Justyna Kodym. Delicate lace combined with airy materials of white and powder pink beautifully combined with the autumn bouquet of heather. And the green wreath completed the stylization. Bartek’s suit is a nod to the timeless, elegant classics. The place provided intimacy, it allowed the couple to feel really at ease, and it can be seen in the pictures. There were also a few shots with smoke, one of them was very popular on industry portals 😉 Smoke flares added romantic, unusual light. Just at the end of the session!

And how the whole story from the deserted greenhouse presented itself, see below. We hope that after seeing You, you will also feel the magic of the place. Or maybe this realization will become an inspiration to look for similar and unusual ones?



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