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If you are looking for a Baptism photographer, it means that photos are a very important element for you to keep your memories. Choosing the right photographer for your baptism is certainly not easy. In this article you will find out that choosing a professional photographer is the best investment in a beautiful souvenir. We will also suggest what to look for and what to follow when browsing the offers of the photo service for Baptism.

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Having extensive experience in photographing weddings, weddings and other special events, we are able to create an original report, a story tailored from beginning to end in such a way that it is a unique story about you. We already have a surfeit of schematic and artificially positioned photos, the same frames, boring details and repetition. You deserve to have an individual reporter's story - authentic and full of tenderness.

In our work as a photographer, we pay a lot of attention to details, ordinary interactions, spontaneous moments that, when captured in an appropriate way, acquire magic. Playing with siblings, cuddling with grandma, feeding or dressing a child. These seemingly ordinary activities take on meaning, placed in the right context, will make the material from which the entire report is made unique. And all this so that the photos you choose for your baptism album delight the eye and touch you every time you look at it.

We like to take part in important events and capture them in photos. Baptisms and family celebrations are undoubtedly exceptional, you can also have photos of baptism unique - on this day we are only for you. We observe the course of events with full commitment and professionalism, so that you can then enjoy the most beautiful photos from baptism.

Many of our young couples came back to us during not only baptisms but also other family celebrations. A permanent relationship with our clients and their recommendations is of great value to us. When choosing a good photographer for Baptism, be guided not only by his portfolio, experience or style of the reporter. The photographer's appearance and communication skills are also important. Well-being and freedom in front of the lens translates into the quality of photos - it's so obvious!

If you are looking for a photographer for Baptism in Warsaw, you've come to the right place. See our baptism photos and full realizations. If the style of our photos and the stories we present is "something" you are looking for - we look forward to hearing from you! We are happy to introduce you to our photo offer,


Undoubtedly. the appearance of a little man in your life is quite an event. It is a matter of course today to stop the most important moments of family life in time. And while you can document everyday moments yourself, it is worth entrusting these important and unique events to a professional photographer, such as the Baptism of your son or daughter, to a professional photographer. A good photographer for Baptism in Warsaw is a guarantee of professional photos from this ceremony. Your child's baptism is an event that only happens once, it cannot be repeated.

But there is often a dilemma as to whether it pays off or is it worth hiring a professional if you can ask for a few photos of someone from your family?

Everyone in the family has phones and takes pictures (we know it perfectly from wedding reports). However, later it may turn out that your uncle, or someone you asked for a favor, did not manage to take a photo at the most important moment. Or the photos are too dark, shaky, and most of the shots show all participants with their backs. Famous stories right?

A professional photographer at Baptism has, above all, extensive experience. This is the fundamental difference that should guide you if you ever think whether a photographer is needed for a baptism. Experience goes hand in hand with sophistication. A good photographer, who has dozens of wedding reports and other events behind him, knows perfectly well how to behave and move during the ceremony in the church. He is discreet and at the same time reliably follows the course of the ceremony and reacts quickly.

Probably everyone who thinks about the sacrament of baptism sees the moment of pouring water over the child's head. It is good for your baptism album to include a beautiful and aesthetic photo of this moment.

When ordering a photographer's service for Baptism, you focus on experiencing the ceremony, on the child, experience everything fully, do not stress if someone from your family will come over to take a photo.

A photographer for Baptism in Warsaw (or in any other city) is a guarantee of capturing all important moments, as well as the emotions and gestures of your child, your relatives from the family who have come from afar for this ceremony.

As you can see, the difference is huge! The number of important moments, the ability to keep them, the journalistic eye, spontaneity and artistic sense of your photographer at the Baptism will make you remember these moments many times with so many beautiful photos in the album.


For many parents, the baptism ceremony and reception is a small wedding event. Let us not forget that baptism is not only a ceremony and "pouring water on a child" is also an opportunity to meet the family, often with those we do not see often. And this is the perfect opportunity for a good photographer to take natural, unforced family photos with their loved ones. It is worth treating this event as a whole, reporting. So, through the prism of photography, focus on relationships and emotions, on closeness, spontaneous gestures, magical moments of joy and love. From the youngest to the oldest family members - this will create a multi-generational family portrait. Such an authentic family session is an investment in the most beautiful souvenir for many years.

Important moments and family celebrations must be experienced and enjoyed here and now. Do not count on the fact that someone from your family will bring a camera or "snap" some photos with your phone. We ensure - photos without context, rhythm and, more importantly, without emotions, will not move you like a full and multi-threaded story from preparations, through the ceremony and family session, to the party. The day of baptism is a day full of impressions and many unique moments. It is definitely worth to capture it in its entirety and keep it for longer.


Prices for basic baptism photos during a ceremony in a church start from several hundred zlotys. The needs of the most demanding clients will be satisfied with a full service in the form of a report from the Baptism made by an experienced photographer, usually a wedding one. Such a photographer will be with you from the preparation and dressing of the child to the most important ceremony and cake party. He will also not forget about the session with the closest family and parents. The final result should be a beautiful photo book that you can view in one breath. The prices of such a full service may cost between PLN 1,500-2,000. It all depends on the experience and level of work of a given photographer and the form in which you will receive the photos. Here, the album generates the greatest cost (its size and number of pages).

You already know what is included in the Baptism photography service. We are happy to prepare a photo quote for the Baptism especially for you. Check the availability of the date and ask us for a detailed offer! We are looking forward to meeting you :)


Baptism photos need a professional setting. When ordering our service, you will receive not only beautiful photos. Our baptism photo offer includes a full service, enriched with a beautifully framed photo album. The printed photos have more value. A professional baptism album should be in the form of a photo book, which is not only a collection of random photos, but an aesthetically told story. The Baptism album will be at your fingertips whenever you want to recall the joyful moments.

See our baptism reports


Perhaps you are just looking for your photographer for Holy Baptism. If you want to remember this day as special, we are waiting for you. We are ready to create a report for you from the very preparations for the gala party or family dinner.

As you have already seen, an experienced photographer for Baptism is not an expense but an investment in the best memories of that day in the form of baptism photos. but not just any photos of Baptism. Original, diverse, at a high artistic and aesthetic level.

It is also peace and stress-free focus on the course of the ceremony, conscious participation in it and the joy of meeting loved ones.

When ordering a baptism photo service from us, you can be sure that you will receive a coherent, multi-level story not only covering the baptism ceremony or further events, but most of all a story about family, love and closeness, about fleeting moments captured in the frame. We are with you, taking photos from the preparations at home or from the ceremony of receiving the sacrament in the church. It depends on you when we start taking your baptism photos.

Preparing at home is not only about dressing the baby and standard details of the baptism clothing. It gives us the opportunity to capture the atmosphere in your family home and relationships with loved ones. Everything that day focuses on the baby and we too are watching your baby with tenderness. But there is also a lot going on. Games of siblings, arrival of invited guests, joint talks and preparations for the ceremony.

Baptism photos are photos of the whole family. All invited guests, godparents, grandparents and all relatives and friends of the family are important to us. A family photo does not have to be a stiff, arranged group in a church or in front of it. You can arrange a family group photo in many interesting ways.

The baptism session is your shots with the baby, more intimate. But also with other family members. The baptism session can be original and unique. For this purpose, we are happy to use the gardens or other advantages of restaurants and places where you will organize a party.

The reportage from Baptism is a memento of a joyful family reunion. We like to watch and capture the carefree games of children or other family scenes. Not only the cake is a sweet element of any party. Sweet are carefree moments. We will keep them for you. Pokadrowani is a brand you can trust.


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