Are you planning an outdoor wedding and dreaming about an unusual arrangement that will remain for a long time in your memories and, above all, on beautiful photographs? If you are looking for inspiration as far away from official interiors, celebrate special moments in the midst of nature in a fairy-tale atmosphere, we have something for you!

We will show you how Justyna and Sebastian organized their wedding outdoor in a boho atmosphere with a lace motif.

Wedding lace – outdoor ceremony

Outdoor weddings have recently become very popular, which makes us extremely happy. This solution creates unlimited opportunities to organize a beautiful ceremony exactly as you want and where you want. We all know that official rooms are not a very beautiful place to photograph. Going to the open air will emphasize the uniqueness of this short and important ceremony. It is worth to run the imagination and take care that these several minutes would be a wonderful event. An example and inspiration can be an unusual outdoor wedding, in the spirit of DIY and in accordance with the idea of ​​slow wedding, which we photographed in Oslo.

Meanwhile, returning to the laces :) Justyna and Sebastian chose Atelia for her wedding place with her new part – the Orangery room. The garden part of Atelia was a perfect background for organizing a wedding outdoors, with a forest in the background.

Of course, there is always a risk that the weather will not add up. We do not have much influence on this and keep our fingers crossed and not worry too much if a few drops fall from the sky. The weather was good for us on that day, and a gentle rain appeared only at the very end of the ceremony and did not manage to cool the emotions :)

Wedding decorations in the style of boho

The place of the wedding just looked fabulous! Green and lace dominated. Hanging lace dream catchers, garlands hanging above their heads, fluttering lace ribbons and ribbons, lace cushions and tablecloths appeared. Everything was very consistent and constantly enjoyed ok. For this beautiful live flowers and lots of green twigs. At this point, we can not fail to mention the decorators and florists who have prepared it all. Passja Flora has done a medal to create this fabulous atmosphere in the garden.

If you’re a boho and hippie fan, be sure to consider the lace accents! It’s the perfect backdrop for weddings, whether rustic or just in boho style. This decoration is the number one for all brides who want to choose the lace for the theme of the wedding.

Also in the Orangery room there were green details, or the recently fashionable love sign.

Justyna with bridesmaids looked beautiful! The bride had a light and airy short dress. The complement was the headband and shoes shimmering in the hair. Each of the brides had a dress and flower accents in powdered pink. Gentlemen have chosen irreplaceable classic elegance.

After the ceremony, we could not use the great place for a short outdoor session and several memorable shots with our loved ones.

The party combined elements of tradition and slack. There were dances, crazy fun, humor, and ordinary conversations at the table. We do not prolong longer to leave some impressions for the eyes :)

We cordially invite you to watch.