Soho Factory - Engagement session in Warsaw

Session in Warsaw - Soho Factory

Is it worth to bet on the industrial climate by opting for a engagement session? And why look for abandoned places for photo sessions? For all of you who love urban style, walls, concrete, rust, interesting texture, old buildings in a word - industrial, but at the same time want to escape from the urban jungle and the center.

In addition, old, abandoned places in a big city are the perfect location for a session, if one of you is more shy, and the crowd of pedestrians on a noisy street, or the hustle and bustle in the old town definitely reduces comfort and freedom of posing. Let's choose places tailored to your needs!

Engagement session in Warsaw's Praga - industrial style

Warszawskie Soho Factory is a post-industrial area, which is located on the right bank of the Vistula at ul. Minsk. Today, there is a creative and cultural center here, an extremely inspiring place where a lot is happening. New mixed with old, brick and dilapidated walls form the background for glazed office buildings, or vice versa.

Being in such a place you can be sure that your session will not be boring.

Photo in Warsaw - love session in Soho Factory

Mirek and Olivia liked the idea for a session in an industrial atmosphere. Like us, they like abandoned scenery, just like us - Mirek is a photographer, we knew that during the photos there would be plenty of topics for conversation;) And probably more than even places, we are inspired by such creative people. It is a great joy to meet people with such energy!

We set the bar high - we wanted this session to be a pleasant surprise for them, as well as a nice adventure. Greetings from this place Olivia, which despite the stress fell phenomenal! The smile and positive energy of this couple will stay with us for a long time;)

Abandoned places for sessions - Distillery and Soho Factory

The choice of location for a session in an industrial atmosphere was not immediately obvious. In principle, we decided together on the day of the session. At the beginning of the session we went to the abandoned, former Distillery, which, unfortunately, is not generally available for creative exploration of space;) We were able to stay inside only for 20 minutes. This is definitely not enough if you want to perform a coherent and interesting session. A big plus is the fact that this location was a perfect introduction and - the light was so favorable to us! Warm, sharp rays emphasized the raw, abandoned interior and thus created an amazing atmosphere.

After leaving the Distillery building, we had to decide: we continue the session in the greenery or do we follow the blow and go to a similar place? The thought blossomed almost immediately - if industrial in the city - it was Soho Factory. We were only worried that time would shrink significantly before we get there and the light would cleverly hide.

We were lucky ! The light was with us until the very end. The colors also played beautifully. Oliwia's juicy yellow, airy dress was a constant, strong point in the frame. There was no shortage of opportunities for staff, not only because of the place. This couple is a real energy bomb, fantastic and smiling people with whom not only photos but spending time is a real pleasure.

Can you create a engagement session in a big city in an original atmosphere? In an urban, industrial style but away from the center and crowds? Of course you can! Warsaw is such a diverse city, hiding many amazing nooks. Maybe together we will discover another?