Wedding session in Iceland - Kerlingarfjoll

Love session on Iceland

This entry has matured in our minds for several months. About Iceland has already been described so much in word and picture that it's easy to be banal, superficial or schematic. And this is a place so unusual, so beautiful in its majesty of nature, that we can talk about Iceland briefly or briefly, we simply can't (yes, it will be a long entry). There are several reasons, but they all converge on one point, which is - sentiment.

It was our first wedding ceremony in Iceland, but not the first one with it. A trip to the land of ice and fire is both our and our pair's sentimental journey. We met and loved the wonderful island almost 5 years ago, we spent 10 days in tents there, in the warmest period of the year, soaking in the enormity of beauty with a beating heart. Iceland was becoming more and more popular, and it didn't take long before the real boom for Icelandic wedding sessions began. Did it surprise us? After what we saw with our own eyes - absolutely not!

At a similar time, for the first time Iceland was seen and loved by Julka and Krzyś. They explored it more accurately, spending a month on the island. And during this trip, they made one of the most important life decisions. It was there that Krzyś proposed to Julia.

So when we talked about where they would like to carry out their wedding session, there were a few ideas. However, with the slogan Iceland - all four of us got warmer at heart.

It was not just one of many trips to a foreign session. It was a real journey straight to the heart of Iceland. Because there was no such Icelandic session;)

Session in highlands of Icealand - Kerlingarfjoll

You probably know dozens of photos from Iceland that are close to each other. And we are not talking about locations here, because this island is not especially big, and the most popular places are so beautiful that everyone wants to keep part of them in the heart and in photographs. We mean the way it is shown, the flood of muted and gloomy, nostalgic and gloomy images. And you know what? We have wondered many times, is this a fashion result? A kind of manner in which Iceland was imprisoned? Or maybe completely different than most we are extremely lucky with the weather?

We remembered her completely differently. With inconceivable intensity, contrast and purity of colors. With unprecedented transparency of the landscape. With lush greenery, even if there were fogs. Filleted areas covered with moss, not yet dry, and then softly collapsing under the pressure of bare feet.

Naturally, Iceland is weather-variable. And we remember all the material that we brought from the first trip, was somewhat an impulse to how we perceive colors and graphic processing of photos today. Intuition told us that too much interference would spoil all this overpowering beauty - the work of nature. Why are we writing about this? Because with us you will not see gray-gray and subdued Iceland. Even in her natural cycle: sun, rain, wind, clouds, sun, wind, fog and in a moment from scratch - we will not deprive her of colors.

This was also the dream of Julia and Krzyś. That this is not another, similar to many sessions in Iceland.

Can you imagine the most spectacular display of painting color variations from straw yellow to rusty almost red orange ?! It's Iceland and more. Her heart is the same - say the locals, Kerlingarfjoll and Landmannalaugar in Interie. These places were our main goal of wedding photos.

Wedding photography Iceland

Journey into the interior, to the heart, takes time. It also requires admission. And proper preparation. We could not have wished for a better pair for this plein air. Julia and Krzys were fantastically prepared, as they spent a month in Iceland, they knew the conditions perfectly. Properly adapted car, warm clothing, good footwear, food supply. The expedition into the depths is no longer passing the "Golden Circle", but a much more logistical undertaking. In addition, or maybe above all, a couple of people who love traveling, so the passion and commitment to this adventure was in them at 200%. Julia is great at photographing, we love the pictures she just brought from Nepal. With people like them on your way, you can fulfill all your photographic ambitions.

Black sand beach vik & Skogafoss session

Iceland's landscapes are overwhelmingly beautiful and monumental, man here gives way to nature. Glaciers, waterfalls, volcanic beaches, geysers - all this intertwines and impresses, making it possible to shoot endlessly. We divided the wedding session into two days of shooting. Our goal was Kerlingarfjoll and Landmannalaugar in the interior, and to get there you need at least 8 hours of driving inland of the island.

However, we could not miss the introduction, which was the more accessible region of Iceland. The first stop was one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island - the famous Skogafoss. In light rain we also walked to the viewpoint with the flowing down Solheimajokull glacier. It's probably the most easily accessible tongue of the glacier in Iceland. Just slightly off the road to stand face to face with the head of the glacier after a few minutes. It was the only capricious weather moment during the session.

We like to stop spontaneously while photographing, let the impulse decide the direction of the session. Sticking to a rigid plan has never matched the style of our work.

Another longer stop was the scenery of rocks and volcanic sand or Reynishverfi - the black beach in Vik. Perhaps the most impressive there is the basalt cliff stretching at its northern end. Gardar or rock wall resembles huge, natural organs. These powerful columns are very crowded with tourists. However, as it happens in most places - the young couple has priority. Being on the black beach you cannot miss the small basalt cave with a beautiful ceiling. This is another fairy-tale ingredient that adds charm to Reynisfjarze. Drone shots also helped us to show the amazing atmosphere of the black beach. During this session we started it definitely the most often.

Wedding session Kerlingarfjoll i Landmannalaugar - colors of Iceland

What Iceland has the most beautiful to show starts where the asphalt ends and the road number gets the letter "F" as "fabulous". The landscape was lunar in many places along the way. Gravel-sand surface, places brownish reddish as on Mars, dust rising with every gust of wind and an endless horizon. After many hours of road, a fairly monotonous stone desert, an unimaginable reward awaits.

Kerlingarfjoll - sounds like a spell, it is a beautiful mountain range. It is an explosion of colors and structures, unreal even in the bright sun. From among the picturesque peaks, water vapor escaped from the inside of the earth. It is smoking fumarole and sulfatars that make this landscape, apart from the breathtaking colors, dramatic and mysterious. The culmination is huge snow hats cuddled to the colorful mountains. This is definitely a place that will be seen with you forever.

However, don't be fooled by this fairy-tale color feria. Interior is known for difficult conditions, such as very strong winds. As a result, the perceived temperature is much lower. Already after we go down the stairs, straight to the main geothermal area, lying just between the colorful mountains of the massif - the wind calms down a bit.

The second wonderful place is the more famous Landmannalaugar - called the rainbow mountains. It consists of a rhyolite - a rock that creates a full spectrum of dazzling color on the mountainside. Shades of red, green, golden yellow and even pink change their tone as if imitating the movement of the sun's rays. It's hard to describe in words.

Interior is the experience of a huge space. It is a landscape so colorfully saturated and diverse, which does not resemble any place on earth. It is hard to imagine that mother nature can create something so absolutely beautiful and perfect.

Iceland adventure

What else can impress? It is worth mentioning even Hnasapollur - a volcanic lake that we will meet on the way to Landmannalaugar, or the Laki craters - Lakagigar. Travel to these and many other places will not be so monotonous if you have to overcome the untamed river Kossa, where there are no bridges;) Hey adventure!

It is understandable, therefore, that if someone dreams of a wedding session in Interie, an off-road car is the basis. Be sure, however, that such a journey is worth every photo!

We realize that perhaps only persistent have reached the end of this description. If so, a reward awaits you now! We are not sure if anyone else has reached Iceland into the wedding session. We are happy to show you Julka and Krzysia, love in the heart of Iceland. Here she is!

Jeśli dotrwaliście od końca i wciąż Wam mało pięknych widoków, to zerknijcie koniecznie co tworzy Julia po drugiej stronie aparatu:

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Oczyszczalnia Miejsce - Slow Wedding in the Barn

Slow Wedding -  most beautiful ceremony

And if you would like to live your wedding day in total ease, without the imposed frames, scenarios, in an unhurried pace, in an atmosphere of joy? Joys out of love! This is the idea of "slow wedding" - definitely yours, far from tradition, with non-standard ideas, with joy and freedom.

Words ! The wedding is not to please everyone around you. Because there is not one vision that is able to reconcile your, often very alternative and modern solutions, with the traditional expectations of even aunts from far away sides. Often after such struggles, the only thing you remember from this day is stress.

The wedding day is a feast of your love for which you have waited so long. It's worth taking care to collect photos of smiles and authentic moments on the pages of the album to make it look as you dreamed.

Slow Wedding Photographer

A wedding vision in the spirit of Slow Wedding would not be consistent without a proper place. In addition, a wedding outdoors in the idea of slow fits perfectly. A complete event, where everything takes place in one place, from the preparation of the bride and groom, through the ceremony in the open air, to the wedding reception is a hit.

Purification Site (until recently called Stodola of All Saints) is an ideal place for this type of event. This is one of the few complexes in Poland, where a unique atmosphere of idyllicness and nature can be felt in every corner of the vast area. In addition, the unique main architecture of the building makes an amazing impression. Everything here is perfectly integrated into nature, both inside the main hall and the greenhouse. So if you dream about a party in a space that perfectly fits into a rustic wedding, boho or more alternative, modern outdoor weddings in a barn, then the Purification Plant is a perfect choice.

Oczyszczalnia Miejsce - rusty style polish wedding

From the very first moments of the reportage, Monika and Rafał's preparations were characterized by ease and freedom, without a rigid schedule and "cufflinks". You will not find here moments of running in stress or arranged scenes from wedding preparations. Someone unhurriedly decorated the place of the ceremony, someone else's room and the kids were chasing around the grounds in a carefree play.

You will not find typical frames, where the bride gives herself to the hairdresser and make-up artist, and the bridesmaid helps her in putting on her wedding dress. No no! SLOW;) But you can do it differently.

Monia and Rafał had two groomsmen. And instead of preparing for makeup or dressing, they preferred a few free portraits against the background of a wooden barn. It's hard not to pay attention to how fantastic they presented themselves. Monika looked phenomenal! Both her pale-pink dress and a huge bouquet with colorful ribbons made a good impression. The groom chose a suit in grays and a contrasting tie and buttonhole. And one of the best men's powdery-pink suit. How many colors enjoyed the eye of the day!

The outdoor wedding ceremony was arranged on a wooden pier, on the water, with decorations in a minimalist version. It was the surroundings of nature and the closest ones gathered that were the best setting for Monika and Rafał's marriages. One of the few, if not the only, traditional element was the moment when Dad led Monika to the wedding. It was moving, magical and very slow.

Reception venue - Oczyszczalnia Miejsce

The climate that prevails in the Purification Plant allows for the implementation of the idea of ​​slow wedding. The wedding in this place can take the form of fun in many aspects. Will it be a conversation with a glass of wine in a pleasant environment of nature, or dance and madness on the dance floor. On the large green area, guests can relax on the numerous deck chairs and chillout areas. Outdoor games and games, or swinging on swings will make the time not only for the youngest.

We would not be ourselves if we did not use the barn's beautiful surroundings for a short outdoor session on the day of the wedding. This is the best opportunity for a few intimate shots during the reportage.

And when the night fell, the party started full. The parquet is burning, and whoever wanted to catch his breath could regenerate the forces at the grill in the grove located at the back of the building.

It was a bomb of positive energy, this day, this place, and maybe above all - these people. Because it was SLOW - bomb slow! It's great to be part of such events <3

We hope that watching you smile more than once and inspire you!

Beautiful wedding in Cicha 23

Cicha 23 - a place for beautiful wedding photos

Beautiful wedding photos are no longer a dream today, they are the real expectations of young couples. We want a fairy tale. Nothing wrong with that, it is the only day where we want to feel special and spend it special. Is there a recipe for the perfect wedding and reception? Yes! Do everything your way.

But remember a few tips. Take your loved ones! For those who will play with you until you run out of breath, provide a dance floor, as well as a quiet space, accompanied by crickets and the noise of trees. Decorate all of this with a smile and loose - it's your day! Take care of delicious food and chilled drinks for refreshment. Leave the rest of the decorations to specialists or nature ?

It sounds trivial, and sometimes there is a long way to such a fairy tale. It is important to find yourself at the end of this road in a place that will provide you with ... a fairy tale.

Cicha 23 Place for outdoor wedding

Cicha 23 in Marki - it is a wedding venue and a place for a wedding that enchants from the very first moments. Surrounded by forest, away from the city noise and at the same time only 20 minutes from the very center of Warsaw.

Cicha 23 - is a guarantee of beautiful wedding photos. It is a perfect space for modern outdoor weddings (civil or humanistic and symbolic wedding ceremonies), the most fashionable wedding receptions in the barn or original photo sessions and wedding landscapes. It is located exactly in Marki, on the outskirts of the capital. There used to be a brickyard here, today, surrounded by nature, two stables overgrown with wild wine have been restored. The complex includes a vast green space, gardens, extraordinary Kimura Glamping tents and terraces. This area is very popular, the space is extremely photogenic, and most importantly, it is constantly beautified.

Cicha has an unusual, intimate atmosphere, the stables are originally arranged, lush vegetation is the basis of the interior design of the whole Cicha. The combination of greenery breaking into the stable (indeed! Trees grow straight from the floor here), raw brick and wood is impressive. In addition, the boho-style tents bring to mind the tropical climate of Bali. We have already had the opportunity to photograph the engagement session in Kimura Glamping tents. This is a place to celebrate love!

What else does Cicha offer? Wooden houses perfect for wedding preparations. Initially, there was only a house next to a large stable. And recently there is another one. Kasia's preparations took place in a wooden house next to a small stable. If you dream of celebrating the day of wedding preparations in peace, close to nature, in the spirit of words, and to have a photogenic space for beautiful wedding photos - this place is made for it. Surrounded by greenery, blissful silence, and this natural aesthetics inside! In such surroundings, the bride's makeup and hairstyle is a time to relax. Completely in opposition to the often-encountered pre-wedding hustle and bustle under stress. Kasia was getting ready at the house with her seven-month-old daughter, their moments of closeness are a strong point of the reportage. And these extras! Two wedding dresses, wonderful details and jewelry, wedding rings, flowers, decorations at the ceremony site and on the tables - everything fits perfectly into the space of Cicha.

Little Stable Cicha 23 - wedding reception in a barn

The wedding and wedding of Kasia and Damian was one of the most beautiful we photographed last season. The unusual corners of Cicha inspire to create original frames, regardless of the weather or the season of the year. However, the weather was good for us. This is important, especially for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Outdoor weddings have this unusual, romantic aura.

But there would be no magic and so many beautiful wedding photos without them. In love and happy. This day was an extraordinary experience for them, but also for us.

We obligatorily made a short session outdoors, and after returning to the room, hot meals were provided by Catering Kręgliccy. With their first dance in the open air, the newlyweds officially started the dance celebration. It was a wedding in a beautiful style. Young people and guests did not hide their joy. The dance floor was ablaze with hot rhythms. Here and there there was a buzz of conversation and loud laughter during the toasts. And in the open air, wedding guests could taste the delicious burgers from "Bydło i Powidło".

The night mini wedding session allowed for a moment to escape from the wedding fun to cuddle up to each other and look at each other in the eyes. Here we also used the night lighting of Cicha and a house next to a small stable. Romantic, in a slightly nostalgic atmosphere, a perfect space for photos with magic lights. We love this atmosphere and the possibility of experimenting with light. You often thank us for these short kidnappings at weddings. You can watch these fleeting moments of affection later in your wedding album. We feel great joy that we could look at them from behind the camera. Beautiful wedding photos are more than a report or a reportage showing the course of events. These are all the tender moments. Over time, they will become the most valuable of all wedding souvenirs.

A beautiful place for a wedding near Warsaw – Cicha 23 Marki

The present times have deprived us of boisterous weddings and pompous parties. For how long? Nobody knows for sure. We trust that the next season will be more gracious for our couples, that everything will slowly start to return to its former tracks. Restrictions related to the number of guests probably most often forced couples to change their wedding plans, postpone the wedding date, change the place of the event, or even completely abandon the wedding to wait for more favorable times. Weddings and receptions were more intimate, sometimes with a number of compromises.

Does this highly realistic sugar-free introduction mean that it was a worse season since we were photographing weddings? And here we will surprise you!

He was the best! Absolutely! It's hard for us to fully understand it, but this year's weddings were the most beautiful we had the pleasure to photograph so far. We worked in beautiful, fashionable venues for a wedding and a wedding reception. A Cicha 23 Event Place is undoubtedly one of the leading places in the immediate vicinity of Warsaw.

In addition to fairy-tale locations, we met fantastic people. We have established new relationships. Finally - we had the most diverse season in terms of reporting - from micro ceremonies, to maybe not fancy weddings for 200 people, but energetic, intimate parties. We are happy to remember the romantic humanist wedding in Stara Kruszarnia - many couples can dream of such a beautiful ceremony and an atmospheric party. And beautiful wedding photos are the most valuable that will remain next to your memories.

Undoubtedly, such projects give us energy, strength, motivation and make us want to give even more. Paradoxically, maybe all these limitations made weddings and weddings, although intimate, even more authentic, unique, organized with heart, commitment and even more beautifully framed? We have witnessed just such.

Venue: Cicha 23

Decor: Dekorujemy

Polish-Norwegian DIY wedding in a Scandinavian style

A DIY wedding near the Oslo

When we think about what a perfect wedding day should look like, we usually have a nice place in our heads, good weather and a bunch of loved ones who celebrate their love. We really want it to be as beautiful as possible, because wedding is that special event in the life of every couple!

And our dream wedding? What do we as photographers have on mind when imagining the perfect wedding? The answer to this question came with the message from Estera. She is Polish, he is Norwegian. Another mixed couple, we were lucky to come across. Love and art in the background, as one of them has an artistic soul.

Slow wedding in Norway

Estera told us that, together with Kristoffer, they are planning a wedding ceremony and a garden reception party at the waterfront, on premises of a rented villa that is not a typical "wedding location", yet they want to break the schemes by organizing a DIY wedding, doing everything themselves from scratch. And that they want to show what strength creativity has and that you can do it! by preparing a magical wedding for little money. And if you add that the bride is also a professional photographer, and the whole organization was taken care of 3 months ahead of schedule (and not by necessity or lack of time), we knew then that something amazing awaits us. Our intuition was right, and the reality exceeded our wildest expectations.

If you ask if it is really possible to get married where everyone, not only the young couple, just enjoys the day in a relaxed atmosphere... without unnecessary stress, stiff schedule, no artificial moments: "because you have to", "because they say so" "because that's tradition" - this wedding shows that you truly can! And although from the aesthetic side it was beautiful, consistent and everything was pleasant to the eye and... frame, yet the atmosphere and people where the most enchanting without which nothing would be achieved.

Oslo Wedding Photographer

The very beginning of this day was special (carefree?). A rented, typical Scandinavian villa, with a beautiful garden on the shores of the Oslo bay in. A bunch of closest friends and a large family. Putting up tents, decorations, lighting, ceremony setting, everything done together in the company of running kids, play and coolness. Kristoffer's preparation were at home, with a truly royal breakfast 🙂 Estera, on the other hand, with her bridesmaids at the Villa. Another guests arrive on the spot. Finally, just before the ceremony, the time for a unique, intimate moment in which he and she see each other all dressed up for the first time. Emotions. Then there were even more. The chosen location of Estera on her "first look" was perfect - rocky fjord coast near the wedding venue. A great moment worth planning during your wedding day.

The ceremony and reception were already a whole collection of emotions. There were so many of them that it's hard to list everything here. Numerous speeches and toasts (no alcohol!), Surprises prepared for the couple, the first dance under the open sky, celebration!

If we were to sum up this wedding briefly, it would be a combination of Polish hospitality with the Scandinavian aesthetics of minimalism, surrounded by beautiful nature. But this is not enough, because you can't lock the atmosphere within a single word that great people created all the time 🙂

And probably we won't find the right words to describe how this wedding is simply unique and close to our hearts. It was a special day during which we felt joy and fulfillment - the work of dreams, and the first wedding report from which we were leaving as last! Thanks to it, we can tell you this story from the beginning to the end. And we spent many hours choosing the right photos, this essence, which will perfectly reflect all the magic and beauty of those moments.