Wedding after-party - picnic in Warsaw

After-party - to organize or not? This is a topic that still raises many doubts. Because what do we associate wedding ceremonies with? We admit that so far we were of the opinion that this is an unnecessary event, organized a bit by force. Because when the wedding emotions subside, and the persistent buzz of the previous night remains in the minds, the prospect of another party may seem overwhelming for many.

But it doesn't have to.

And that's what this post will be about! You will see for yourself how much you can disenchant the myth of correction!

So far, we have reacted (privately and as photographers) about the aftermaths with undisguised reluctance. What's more, we didn't see any point in taking pictures of the correction! Until we saw with our own eyes how Marta and Arthur organized their wedding aftermath.

We guarantee, after watching this material, you will want to organize such an event for yourself!

What are after-parties and is it worth organizing?

Many couples who organize their wedding ask themselves the question: to organize a wedding or not? To do a wedding without correction or a two-day wedding? Worth paying for a double party? If so, how to organize a party?

Aftermaths are associated with a long tradition, which refers to the times when the wedding party lasted several days. It was supposed to testify to the hospitality and wealth of parents and young people. Sometimes they were organized according to the principle "get it and put it up!". They were another day where you ate, drank and danced to the pain. Fortunately, such a scenario is now rare.

Currently, after-parties are celebrated less lavishly and take a modern form. They usually start the day after the wedding, at lunchtime, and last until the evening.

There is no unambiguous and objective answer to the question of whether it is necessary and whether it is worth organizing correctional sessions. It all depends on your attitude and your idea of how you want to celebrate.

Many couples feel a little unsatisfied after an exciting wedding day - time flies so quickly! And one short night is not enough to enjoy the presence of loved ones who often come to us from afar.

Another huge plus for making corrections is that they are less official. There is no wedding schedule then, we also feel more at ease because of less formal attire. The dress may be less elegant, the suit is replaced with jeans, and instead of high heels, we put on sports shoes. In a word - who likes what and who is comfortable with what!

And the young? Husband and wife have less "responsibilities" and can finally talk to all guests and feel completely at ease. After all, the greatest emotions have already subsided and you can recall the past day together, exchange impressions.

s you can see the advantages are many, and what are the disadvantages? You have to reckon with an additional cost. If you decide to organize a party in the same venue as the wedding reception - the costs will be the highest.

It will be cheaper and, above all, more pleasant to move the party to the fresh air. After-parties in the garden, party barbecue or a picnic in the bosom of nature, total chill are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Modern, alternative, without regard to tradition, in the spirit of words - for us these are the perfect correction.

Modern wedding after-party - a picnic in the city

Garden party style after-ups are not only the cheapest solution, but in our opinion, they are the best idea for original and modern weddings.

Some will say: what about the weather? What if it falls apart?

We'll answer: Nothing!

The weather is a topic that keeps on appearing and keeps you awake at night when organizing weddings and outdoor weddings.

We have photographed many weddings also weddings in the rain, each time the atmosphere was better and people had a better time than at many weddings in the palace. Remember, it is you and your people who create the party. The color of the sky is of secondary importance. Your emotions, gestures and interactions paint your photos with a whole range of colors!

Of course, for all those who are afraid that they are made of sugar, a party tent can help, but nothing can replace the charm and atmosphere of an outdoor party. A picnic in a tent does not sound and does not look good;)

So how do you organize a picnic for after-parties?

Choose your favorite tree, order catering, painted tableware, field flowers in vases, soft cushions, blankets, place sunbeds among flowers and grass, and soft music oozing from the speakers, but not too loud, there are so many beautiful sounds around.

It sounds fabulous and looks fabulous!

An original idea for a party in Warsaw

Does your event have to fit into any framework and rules? Absolutely not, except for one - regardless of whether you are organizing a wedding, wedding reception or after-party - do it in harmony with yourself! Exactly how you want and how you dream.

Only then will you experience the most beautiful moments and remember them fondly.

Only then will the wedding reportage and photos from this event be authentic, beautiful and unique.

This is exactly how Marta and Arthur approached the subject of the wedding. Their wedding and reception was intimate, there was a great atmosphere of joy and love, it was intimate, very spontaneous and in the spirit of words. Instead of a boisterous wedding, they had a short party. They knew that they wanted to organize additional re-meetings, but they would not be in the traditional form. Nor will they be the day after the wedding.

Nn picnic in Pola Mokotowskie, with Warsaw in the background. In a summer, idyllic boho atmosphere, where everyone looked and felt at ease. The only thing that mattered was the presence of relatives and friends, including the four-legged ones. There was champagne, wine, delicious snacks, salads and desserts.

There was also a storm. And what it is!

And guess what? It was the best ending to this reportage. We couldn't have dreamed of better!

Mokoto Events - unusual place for a wedding in Warsaw

Is it possible to organize a wedding and a wedding reception in a beautiful place with a soul, with modern wedding receptions in mind, intimate and at the same time still urban, because almost in the center of Warsaw?

Yes, definitely YES!

If you think that the most beautiful wedding halls and wedding venues are either outside Warsaw, or somewhere in the middle of the forest, hidden away from the bustle of the city, then you must know that there is one such thing on the map of Warsaw a unique place that you can successfully rent for your dream wedding and reception.

Mokoto Events a place for a wedding and a wedding

Mokoto Events is a place for rent, located on Racławicka 99, in Fort Mokotów, near the road to the center of Warsaw. It is a fantastic space that combines greenery and a loft atmosphere. Industrial elements, pre-war brick, glazed roof and vivid greenery blend in perfectly with each other. Mokoto is not only the walls of the fort, 350 m 2 including a garden, two rooms and an orangery are for rent. Perfect for intimate wedding receptions and those with a modern twist. Almost any wedding style will be perfect here. Whether boho, rustic, vintage or a wedding in the style of a garden party.

This unusual place definitely differs from palace, hotel or traditional wedding halls. In Mokoto Events you will organize a beautiful symbolic wedding ceremony, humanistic wedding or just a civil marriage with an official. The place will emphasize the unique nature and atmosphere of the event.

However, Asia and Grześ's reportage did not start with the wedding ceremony. They started the day with intimate preparations, full of peace, without a stressful race, in rented hotel interiors

Romantic outdoor wedding and wedding reception in Mokotów

Romantic, intimate, intimate and soulful. This is how Asia and Grześ wanted to celebrate their day. They chose for this event perfect place . The green and charming oasis of peace in Fort Mokotów provides a unique atmosphere.

We were delighted with the place of the ceremony! The insane flowers and decorations are the merit of the girls from Wedding Bells. This confirmed our belief that not only in the open air, you can have a beautifully framed wedding ceremony. You can also do it indoors! Especially when there are brick (whitewashed) walls covered with ivy, a glass ceiling with greenery and many stylish elements of interior decoration.

Interestingly, the wedding ceremony was originally supposed to take place in Mokoto's garden. But torrential rain forced a change of plans at the last minute. Is there anything to regret? In our opinion, absolutely not!

Wedding session at Mokoto Events

In Fort Mokotów, you can easily organize a short wedding session. Both by sneaking out for a few moments during the wedding party, and for night shots full of atmosphere.

This is a must for us during the reportage. Regardless of the time, we always try to kidnap our couples even for a few minutes. These few shots are not only an opportunity for the young couple to be alone for a moment and to break away from the madness on the dance floor. Above all, it is a perfect addition to a wedding reportage.

Wedding in Warsaw - Mokoto Events - Forty Mokotów

We are glad that places like this are being created on the city map of wedding venues. Mokoto is undoubtedly an event space with a CLIMATE. And the atmosphere of the place builds the atmosphere.

The atmosphere of the place also creates photos - it is so obvious. And you want your wedding memories to be framed so badly in the most beautiful wedding frames .

Beautiful atmosphere, apart from the decoration of the AURA place, which people spread. It is energy, spontaneous joy, and a relaxed atmosphere that guests bring to a given place.

Nothing was missing that day. It was raining hard, but it didn't matter! Because the magic was created by THEY - these people and this place!

Wedding decoration and organization: Wedding Bells

Place: Mokoto Events

Vintage Wedding in Palace

Vintage style wedding – Palace Malina

Vintage - it's an atmosphere reminiscent of bygone eras. These are inspirations drawn from old family photos, the smell of books, interiors full of old furniture and decorations. And if we combine all this with an event such as a wedding, we have a guarantee of a unique atmosphere. Regardless of the current fashion!

Malina Palace - a place for a wedding that inspires

Sometimes it happens that when you are not chasing a specific style when organizing your own wedding and reception, this style is found and defined by yourself. This or that climate appears unforced, naturally dressed by the place and the aura. Coming back to the day and the reportage from Kamil and Agnieszka's wedding, it was the vintage atmosphere that accompanied us all the time of shooting, at every stage of the report, in every place.

Malina Palace - because we want to tell you about this place today, it has been restored relatively recently, and it only looks like when the flood of vintage weddings begins. This facility is ideally suited for planning outdoor celebrations. The interiors of the palace and the entire area are kept in a nostalgic, retro atmosphere. While staying in the palace, you can feel completely hidden, away from the rushing world, surrounded by a quiet, somewhat wild nature.

The interiors of the palace and all rooms are not so much stylized to previous eras, but authentic furniture and objects that make this place so real. Restored with taste, because there is also a hint of modernity, but in the spirit of the past.

And coming back to the wedding theme, the best part is that when organizing a wedding here, you don't need a lot of decorations. This place is so unusual that any wedding styling seems unnecessary. But Agnieszka and Kamil achieved a perfect balance. Small rustic elements, only on the tables, or the arrangement of the ceremony venue at the back of the palace, harmonized well with the retro atmosphere of the mansion.

Outdoor wedding at the Malina Palace - Kutno

Preparations took place in one of the palace rooms. The interior was very atmospheric, kept in warm and powdery tones. Old furniture or original wallpapers created a beautiful background for wedding details. In addition, old, already tarnished mirrors, stylish lampshades, lamps - were a source of inspiration and differentiation of frames.

The bride and groom prepared together. No witnesses. No guests standing at the wall. Self-centered, self-centered, waiting for the festive moment. It made the atmosphere very intimate and romantic. Remember, it is up to you how you organize your wedding preparations. If you are stressed by the hustle and bustle of the household, you do not have to participate in it. It's your day - make sure that it evokes only the nicest emotions.

Wedding session in the old library

A session on a wedding day is usually associated with taking a short break just before sunset, somewhere in a nearby, green area. Often this solution also appears in our country. But when there is a beautiful library in the palace, preserved in an authentic atmosphere, with large windows and side light, it is impossible to give it up to run to the garden.

Lush green walls, hundreds of books stacked up to the ceiling, wooden bookshelves, desks and secretaries. The entire interior of the library is decorated with great attention to the smallest detail and the tiniest trinkets.

The library is a perfect idea for a mini session on the wedding day! This interior is undoubtedly an additional advantage of the entire facility. It's worth using it. It is also an idea to spend a few extra moments alone, in silence and cuddles during the time when the guests gather for the ceremony.

An outdoor wedding in the palace, among loved ones, surrounded by the greenery of a wild park, is a truly romantic but intimate setting. The perfect place and aura to swear to yourself.

Among other things, it was because of the aura - this report was extraordinary. There was no rush, no sudden events, no hustle and bustle under stress. Instead, the whole event was filled with an aura of peace, joyful melancholy, everything proceeded smoothly and slowly. We could wait for the moments, look for perfect frames. A portrait of my grandfather, sitting among the empty chairs, sipping champagne quietly in anticipation of his turn to make wishes - was awarded at one of the wedding competitions. But that's not the only reason why this photo is extraordinary. Such a portrait of a grandfather or another loved one at a wedding is a souvenir that will move sensitive strings for many years and generations.

The essence of wedding reportage is not only the center of the event and the two most important people of the day, i.e. the bride and groom. It is also a lot of seemingly side scenes that, when put together, create a generational story.

A rainy wedding in a vintage atmosphere

Beautiful weather on a wedding day is often one of the leading items on a wedding wish list. Rain doesn't have to be terrible! A wedding in pouring rain has already appeared on our blog, it is one of the most alternative and stylish weddings we have had the opportunity to photograph. It's time to disenchant this stereotype. Rain can be an ally, it can build an amazing atmosphere, especially in a place with such an atmosphere as the Malina Palace!

The nostalgic weather not only did not spoil the ceremony or wedding, but added a romantic, film atmosphere. We can't understand why so many people can't turn rainy weather into an asset. It's raining? That's great ! Let's take an umbrella and go to the pictures! 🙂 After all, this is what reportage is about to catch and retain everything that this special day dresses into a story. All planned and spontaneous moments.

The most important thing is to enjoy every minute, this day passes so quickly!

Photos become a switch to memories. They recall specific moments, people and gestures in our memory. We feel joy that we can create them for you. Here is another true story.

Vintage love - Kamil and Agnieszka

Beautiful humanistic wedding - Stara Kruszarnia

Humanistic wedding in the forest - Stara Kruszarnia

This year's "strange" wedding season definitely rewards us with unique and beautiful realizations. Our wonderful couples who follow their hearts and their wedding dreams are behind them. They live this most important day according to what they feel. They organize beautiful, intimate ceremonies and original parties with a unique atmosphere.

Even in times like this, in a pandemic setting of do's and don'ts, you don't have to compromise. You can experience your special day in your own way. Don't give up on your dreams of a beautiful wedding! Because everything can go well, and with the right people around, it will be even more beautiful than you think.

As with Asia and Paweł. It is the story of this couple in love that we want to show you today. And this is a unique report, in the spirit of words, in a breathtaking place. You won't see a classic wedding scenario here. The scenario of this event was written by dreams, not by tradition.

An ideal place for an outdoor wedding

Stara Kruszarnia is an extraordinary place. With a soul, with a climate, located on a mountain slope in a fairy-tale forest scenery. It is here - to Złoty Stok in Lower Silesia that Asia and Paweł decided to come with family and friends to experience their Great Day. The place has a large accommodation base (it can accommodate up to 100 people), so you can take your families here without fear, if you are not from Lower Silesia.

The building of Stara Kruszarnia itself is a post-industrial facility. Formerly there was a so-called The Ore Breaker, belonging to the Gold Mine complex in Złoty Stok. Gold bearing rocks were crushed here. The building is fabulously situated, surrounded by wild nature, open-air weddings are held in the grove, the forest zone is lit with garlands of lights, there are also hammocks, swings, deckchairs and a fireplace.

Half of Poland is worth traveling to such a place. It is not surprising that Asia and Paweł chose Kruszarnia as the venue for their beautiful wedding and reception.

The magic is created by the place, its atmosphere and the surrounding climate. Therefore, the choice of location is crucial. This is where it all begins - the place puts you in the mood, makes this day a bit unreal, gives the event a dream-like atmosphere. A dream wedding in an amazing place? It sounds divine, and what's more, it is possible.

Beautiful slow wedding in Stara Kruszarnia

If you would like to organize your wedding in the "slow" spirit, this place is perfect. The atmosphere of the entire complex is enchanting, but the magic is not only the space of the place, it is primarily the people who fill this place.

Asia, Paweł and all the guests completed the atmosphere with an aura of warmth and peace. No stress, unnecessary hustle and bustle. Thanks to the excellent coordination of Wedding with Fantasy, we had time to photograph all the nooks and crannies of the place, amazing decorations, and most importantly, to be closest to the wedding moments full of joy and emotions. Emotions filled the space not only during the intimate humanistic wedding ceremony in a forest grove. They accompanied the event until the very end.

Stara Kruszarnia is a place created to celebrate joy and love. A humanistic wedding fits perfectly in such places. The forest chill zone definitely favors this. So if someone is looking for an industrial interior in the middle of a forest to celebrate in the spirit of slow wedding - he could not have found a better place.

Humanistic wedding in a forest scenery

A humanistic wedding is a symbolic, informal and, above all, personalized, personal form of a marriage vow. For whom? For people who want to swear love straight from the heart, and not repeat an oath. For people who want to experience the ceremony in a unique and absolutely personal way. Because in humanistic ceremonies, legal or religious issues are not important, but instead the dreams and feelings of the bride and groom. The individual nature of the wedding ceremony makes each ceremony completely unconventional and extremely touching, both for the couple and all guests.

Asia and Paweł wanted such a wedding. This solemn moment was beautifully led by the master of ceremonies, Joanna Humerczyk. The lovers made beautiful oaths written by themselves, confessing themselves and confirming their love. During the ceremony, the mother of the bride read an excerpt from the story.

Of course, these emotions took place in the grove, next to a wedding pergola prepared in this place. raw in form, school chairs added character, and the decorations both inside and outside the building were simply phenomenal. The place of the ceremony turned into a chillout zone under the cover of the night, where guests roasted sausages or danced under the starry sky.

But before nightfall, much more was happening. There was not enough time for a short mini session of the bride and groom, of course we used the place of the ceremony for the shots. By the way, it also looked beautiful from above. In such scenes, photos from the drone show a different perspective and complete the entire report.

A forest wedding in a post-industrial Kruszarnia - Złoty Stok

It was undoubtedly a beautiful wedding, if not one of the most beautiful we have had the opportunity to photograph. The wedding in the old Kruszarnia will be remembered for a long time. The room has a decidedly industrial character but still a rustic soul. Asia dreamed it would be green. The decorators took care of it to perfection. The arrangement of the room was fabulous. The tables were covered with green motifs, garlands of green also hung from the pillars. Flowers in tiny glass bottles and bottles covered almost the entire table of the bride and groom. Even the drinks were served in glass carafes and bottles. The flames of countless candles emphasized the texture of the glass accessories and the depth of the colors. A big round of applause for the girls who have achieved this effect.

The reliable Loud DJ made sure that the hall was not only beautiful but also lively in the dance and madness on the boards. The dance floor fading and the joy of celebrating continued uninterrupted. Unless someone preferred to lie on a hammock and sip drinks among the rustle of trees. Undoubtedly, everyone has found something for themselves. And we are also glad that we were there - in this place and among wonderful people. Thanks to this, we can show you this beautiful humanistic wedding and celebration of Asia and Paweł's love as they dreamed it.

Let the punch line and ending be a short excerpt from what they wrote to us after receiving the photos:

“The photos are great, we love it! They turned out beautifully! We are really happy that you were doing them - thank you so much!

We are really impressed, because they are wonderful, but they also reflect our feelings from that day and the atmosphere of the guests. Well, just WOW! "

We have no words to describe the gratitude, fulfillment, and joy of creating such stories!

Mansior House Mietowe Wzgorza - French-Polish Wedding

Mietowe Wzgorza – international wedding

Every time we have the opportunity to photograph international weddings, we are sure that the report from that day will be an amazing story with surprising moments. So it was this time. Magda and Glidas are a wonderful, smiling Polish-French couple full of energy. They celebrated their love authentically and at ease, and the result is this wedding reportage. It was one of the craziest weddings. And everything took place in the unique Miętowe Wzgórza residence.

Mansior House Mietowe Wzgorza – pool wedding

If you are an equally positive couple like Magda and Glidas, who do not chase the patterns and willingly follow the less well-worn wedding route, then you probably dream of a wedding in a place where this day will be truly special. Choosing the perfect wedding venue is not easy. But it's worth taking the time to choose exactly the place that will perfectly match the nature of your wedding and reception.

Magda and Glidas, although they do not live in Poland on a daily basis, decided to get married here. We can only imagine how difficult it must have been to organize an international wedding in times of a pandemic and constant wedding restrictions. Huge applause that they managed to organize it with great success. And even a pump (as you will see by following this post to the end).

The choice of the place where they celebrated their love fell on the Miętowe Wzgórza Residence in Zakroczym near Warsaw.

Mietowe Wzgorza Zakroczym – nice venue for wedding

A wedding ceremony and reception in Miętowe Wzgórza is the best proposition for all those who wish to make their wedding day special and unforgettable. An elegant residence in a slightly eclectic style is a combination of tasteful design and luxury. The biggest advantage of this place is the beautiful garden with an outdoor swimming pool, next to which open-air wedding ceremonies take place. Turquoise water, a sun-drenched villa and the atmosphere of the surrounding nature give this place a unique atmosphere. It is in vain to look for another such place in Warsaw. In addition, the fresh scent of mint, which grows in the nearby gardens in summer, makes this place a real refreshment on the wedding venues map for a wedding in Warsaw and its vicinity . The surrounding of nearby fields and forests, as well as garden gazebos, give you a break and make it peaceful and idyllic.

This truly soothing atmosphere favors young couples who often experience pre-wedding stress. No wonder that many couples choose Mint Hills to take their marriage vows by the pool and invite guests to their wedding here.

A wedding in Miętowe Wzgórzach is an interesting alternative for those who would like to transfer the style glamor or elegance from elegant palaces to places close to nature. The residence has an accommodation base and is located only 30 km from the center of the capital - it is definitely a good solution for couples from Warsaw, or in this case - for couples and guests from abroad.

Pool and crazy wedding party

Preparations of Magda and Glidas took place in the beautiful apartments of the residence. Meanwhile, magic was created in the wedding hall thanks to the extremely talented girls from Agu-Art. They made the wedding hall transform into a pastel pink, flowery garden. In addition, golden accessories and a large amount of artificial lights added warmth and romantic atmosphere. The decorators also took care of the external space, i.e. decorating the wedding place - the gazebo with the area by the pool.

The civil wedding by the swimming pool was extremely touching. Tears of joy ran down many cheeks and mingled with undisguised joy. It should be added here that despite many obstacles, the French part of the guests came in large numbers to the wedding ceremony. It additionally caused a smile - to be close, to be together in such difficult times is the best we can give. And the presence of loved ones on such an important day certainly made the young couple happy.

After emotions, wishes and all hugs, it's time for a wedding, toasts and fun.

And then it started!

Polish - French wedding - Mietowych Wzgorzach

Along with the first bars of the music, right after the spectacular first dance of the young couple, a real dance floor madness began. We haven't had so much energy, happiness and spontaneity for a long time.

Maybe it was the cultural mix, or maybe the uninhibited joy of celebrating the wedding of these two freed the dance floor, which for a moment did not remain empty. Well, unless there was a break for toasts or wedding speeches full of feelings. We must emphasize at this point how much we like all the emotional and tender moments that you share during the wedding and reception. These are the moments that are so precious and absolutely the most beautiful in a wedding album.

The joy and fun lasted for hours. We couldn't miss the opportunity to kidnap Magda and Glidas for a few one-on-one shots in the beautiful surroundings of the Mints. We know how much you like short plein-airs on your wedding day and you react positively to our ideas.

They also tasted sweet cake by the pool. It was delicious and spectacular. The greatest spectacle, however, was waiting for the end of this true festival of joy and love. Nobody expected it, and nobody planned it.

When we were at the end of our photographic work time - the swimming pool was filled with spontaneous jumps into the water of the wedding guests and the groom! Have we managed to reach for cameras again and capture those crazy and spontaneous moments?

Venue: Mansior House Mietowe Wzgorza

Decoration & florist:  Agu-Art

Przepitki i przekaski

A modern barn for a wedding and a wedding reception - Przepitki i Przekaski

Wedding trends for a wedding and a barn wedding are not weakening in strength. More and more young couples dream of having their wedding and reception in an idyllic, rustic or boho style. Away from the palace atmosphere and manor houses, close to nature, with a focus on freedom and crazy fun - these young couples attract the most. Therefore, the "slow" atmosphere perfectly illustrates a wedding in the countryside in a barn. A wedding barn offers the possibility of organizing a wedding in a barn house, rustic, boho, greenery, folk style, as well as more traditional or completely modern. A wedding and a wedding in a barn have countless advantages. And most importantly, you can organize your own dream wedding.

Cookies and Snacks is a modern barn for a wedding and a wedding reception. It will undoubtedly delight all fans of barn weddings. It is also an ideal place for an outdoor wedding. It is not without reason that the wedding hall Przepitki i Przekąski was on our subjective list of the best venues for a wedding and reception in and around Warsaw.

Przepitki i Przekąski recommended place for an outdoor wedding and a wedding in a barn

Przepitki i Przekąski is a charming place located in the middle of the forest (as the name suggests) in the village of Przepitki, near Warsaw. The location of the barn guarantees an intimate atmosphere and privacy. The place is situated in the forest itself, outside the residential area. An additional advantage is the large agritourism infrastructure of the village of Przepitki, created for large weddings. You can easily accommodate all invited guests here and provide them with unforgettable fun. This place was created for everyone who wants a comprehensive organization of a wedding ceremony and reception. In beautiful natural circumstances, you will organize an outdoor wedding ceremony here and organize a grand wedding in a modern barn. The wedding hall is amazing! Its interior is characterized by a predominance of natural wood and brick, white walls, glazing, and a large amount of natural accents. The space arrangement is kept in an atmospheric, forest style. It is a beautiful and modern barn. Garlands of lights hang from a wooden vault and add warmth.

If you are looking for a barn in the vicinity of Warsaw for your wedding, then Przepitki & Przekaski will be a great choice. We recommend this place with a clear conscience!

It is worth mentioning that the place has its own kitchen, which is undoubtedly a big advantage, because many similar places require external catering.

Wedding in the Barn - Przepitki i Przekąski

A barn for a wedding and a wedding, such as Passes and Snacks, is the perfect choice to celebrate and experience such a beautiful event as a wedding ceremony and wedding fun. The beautiful location of the place, and thus the possibility of relaxation, communing with nature, facilitates the free celebration of this day in the style of a garden party or slow wedding. The atmosphere of the place means that you can celebrate this day as soon as you dream, right from the wedding preparations themselves. A wedding and a wedding in a barn tailored to your dreams!

Arina and Przemek were getting ready on the spot in Przepitkach. Unforced, relaxed atmosphere accompanied all participants from the moment they arrived. Intimate weddings and weddings have this extraordinary, light aura that makes the wedding reportage full of authentic, tender and joyful moments.

Nobody was in a hurry or stressed. Time was running out. The young people could take part in the preparation of the interior of the room itself, they supervised the creation of a place for the planned outdoor wedding ceremony. They welcomed the next arriving guests.

The awaited moment of dressing the bride and groom has finally arrived. We dreamed for a long time to hit a wedding where bridesmaids would not wear pastels as usual, but in black dresses. And here they are! All bridesmaids in stylish black. Arina's dress was decorated with leafy embroidery, the whole with a huge wedding bouquet was quite impressive. And Przemek chose plaid and stylish accessories for the wedding.

The whole day was shrouded in an almost intimate atmosphere. The intimate nature of the event certainly contributed to this. Due to pandemic restrictions, the number of guests was small, and this only increased the intimate character and romantic atmosphere of the wedding.

A cat strolled slowly around the barn. The guests clearly enjoyed the opportunity to meet. Time wandered lazily between conversations, toasts and loud laughter. There was a lot of hugs and happy gestures.

And Arina's mother led her to the wedding! Yes, the ceremony was extremely touching, sincere, genuine and tender. Even the sky especially for them paused during the outdoor ceremony to pour rain only after the ceremony and the marriage vow. It is the perfect space for an outdoor wedding. A clearing, the smell of the surrounding forest, wooden benches and a place beautifully decorated with flowers where they directly promised each other love. It was hard not to be moved.

Wesele w stylu garden party, czy ślub i wesele w stylu slow pozwala stworzyć bardzo autentyczna i wielowymiarową historię z dnia ślubu. Jeśli spodobał Wam się nasz styl opowiadania i nasze zdjęcia, napiszcie do nas! Może już niedługo zatrzymamy w kadrze Wasz wymarzony ślub i wesele 🙂 Do zobaczenia !

Oczyszczalnia Miejsce - Slow Wedding in the Barn

Slow Wedding -  most beautiful ceremony

And if you would like to live your wedding day in total ease, without the imposed frames, scenarios, in an unhurried pace, in an atmosphere of joy? Joys out of love! This is the idea of "slow wedding" - definitely yours, far from tradition, with non-standard ideas, with joy and freedom.

Words ! The wedding is not to please everyone around you. Because there is not one vision that is able to reconcile your, often very alternative and modern solutions, with the traditional expectations of even aunts from far away sides. Often after such struggles, the only thing you remember from this day is stress.

The wedding day is a feast of your love for which you have waited so long. It's worth taking care to collect photos of smiles and authentic moments on the pages of the album to make it look as you dreamed.

Slow Wedding Photographer

A wedding vision in the spirit of Slow Wedding would not be consistent without a proper place. In addition, a wedding outdoors in the idea of slow fits perfectly. A complete event, where everything takes place in one place, from the preparation of the bride and groom, through the ceremony in the open air, to the wedding reception is a hit.

Purification Site (until recently called Stodola of All Saints) is an ideal place for this type of event. This is one of the few complexes in Poland, where a unique atmosphere of idyllicness and nature can be felt in every corner of the vast area. In addition, the unique main architecture of the building makes an amazing impression. Everything here is perfectly integrated into nature, both inside the main hall and the greenhouse. So if you dream about a party in a space that perfectly fits into a rustic wedding, boho or more alternative, modern outdoor weddings in a barn, then the Purification Plant is a perfect choice.

Oczyszczalnia Miejsce - rusty style polish wedding

From the very first moments of the reportage, Monika and Rafał's preparations were characterized by ease and freedom, without a rigid schedule and "cufflinks". You will not find here moments of running in stress or arranged scenes from wedding preparations. Someone unhurriedly decorated the place of the ceremony, someone else's room and the kids were chasing around the grounds in a carefree play.

You will not find typical frames, where the bride gives herself to the hairdresser and make-up artist, and the bridesmaid helps her in putting on her wedding dress. No no! SLOW;) But you can do it differently.

Monia and Rafał had two groomsmen. And instead of preparing for makeup or dressing, they preferred a few free portraits against the background of a wooden barn. It's hard not to pay attention to how fantastic they presented themselves. Monika looked phenomenal! Both her pale-pink dress and a huge bouquet with colorful ribbons made a good impression. The groom chose a suit in grays and a contrasting tie and buttonhole. And one of the best men's powdery-pink suit. How many colors enjoyed the eye of the day!

The outdoor wedding ceremony was arranged on a wooden pier, on the water, with decorations in a minimalist version. It was the surroundings of nature and the closest ones gathered that were the best setting for Monika and Rafał's marriages. One of the few, if not the only, traditional element was the moment when Dad led Monika to the wedding. It was moving, magical and very slow.

Reception venue - Oczyszczalnia Miejsce

The climate that prevails in the Purification Plant allows for the implementation of the idea of ​​slow wedding. The wedding in this place can take the form of fun in many aspects. Will it be a conversation with a glass of wine in a pleasant environment of nature, or dance and madness on the dance floor. On the large green area, guests can relax on the numerous deck chairs and chillout areas. Outdoor games and games, or swinging on swings will make the time not only for the youngest.

We would not be ourselves if we did not use the barn's beautiful surroundings for a short outdoor session on the day of the wedding. This is the best opportunity for a few intimate shots during the reportage.

And when the night fell, the party started full. The parquet is burning, and whoever wanted to catch his breath could regenerate the forces at the grill in the grove located at the back of the building.

It was a bomb of positive energy, this day, this place, and maybe above all - these people. Because it was SLOW - bomb slow! It's great to be part of such events <3

We hope that watching you smile more than once and inspire you!

Beautiful wedding in Cicha 23

Cicha 23 - a place for beautiful wedding photos

Beautiful wedding photos are no longer a dream today, they are the real expectations of young couples. We want a fairy tale. Nothing wrong with that, it is the only day where we want to feel special and spend it special. Is there a recipe for the perfect wedding and reception? Yes! Do everything your way.

But remember a few tips. Take your loved ones! For those who will play with you until you run out of breath, provide a dance floor, as well as a quiet space, accompanied by crickets and the noise of trees. Decorate all of this with a smile and loose - it's your day! Take care of delicious food and chilled drinks for refreshment. Leave the rest of the decorations to specialists or nature ?

It sounds trivial, and sometimes there is a long way to such a fairy tale. It is important to find yourself at the end of this road in a place that will provide you with ... a fairy tale.

Cicha 23 Place for outdoor wedding

Cicha 23 in Marki - it is a wedding venue and a place for a wedding that enchants from the very first moments. Surrounded by forest, away from the city noise and at the same time only 20 minutes from the very center of Warsaw.

Cicha 23 - is a guarantee of beautiful wedding photos. It is a perfect space for modern outdoor weddings (civil or humanistic and symbolic wedding ceremonies), the most fashionable wedding receptions in the barn or original photo sessions and wedding landscapes. It is located exactly in Marki, on the outskirts of the capital. There used to be a brickyard here, today, surrounded by nature, two stables overgrown with wild wine have been restored. The complex includes a vast green space, gardens, extraordinary Kimura Glamping tents and terraces. This area is very popular, the space is extremely photogenic, and most importantly, it is constantly beautified.

Cicha has an unusual, intimate atmosphere, the stables are originally arranged, lush vegetation is the basis of the interior design of the whole Cicha. The combination of greenery breaking into the stable (indeed! Trees grow straight from the floor here), raw brick and wood is impressive. In addition, the boho-style tents bring to mind the tropical climate of Bali. We have already had the opportunity to photograph the engagement session in Kimura Glamping tents. This is a place to celebrate love!

What else does Cicha offer? Wooden houses perfect for wedding preparations. Initially, there was only a house next to a large stable. And recently there is another one. Kasia's preparations took place in a wooden house next to a small stable. If you dream of celebrating the day of wedding preparations in peace, close to nature, in the spirit of words, and to have a photogenic space for beautiful wedding photos - this place is made for it. Surrounded by greenery, blissful silence, and this natural aesthetics inside! In such surroundings, the bride's makeup and hairstyle is a time to relax. Completely in opposition to the often-encountered pre-wedding hustle and bustle under stress. Kasia was getting ready at the house with her seven-month-old daughter, their moments of closeness are a strong point of the reportage. And these extras! Two wedding dresses, wonderful details and jewelry, wedding rings, flowers, decorations at the ceremony site and on the tables - everything fits perfectly into the space of Cicha.

Little Stable Cicha 23 - wedding reception in a barn

The wedding and wedding of Kasia and Damian was one of the most beautiful we photographed last season. The unusual corners of Cicha inspire to create original frames, regardless of the weather or the season of the year. However, the weather was good for us. This is important, especially for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Outdoor weddings have this unusual, romantic aura.

But there would be no magic and so many beautiful wedding photos without them. In love and happy. This day was an extraordinary experience for them, but also for us.

We obligatorily made a short session outdoors, and after returning to the room, hot meals were provided by Catering Kręgliccy. With their first dance in the open air, the newlyweds officially started the dance celebration. It was a wedding in a beautiful style. Young people and guests did not hide their joy. The dance floor was ablaze with hot rhythms. Here and there there was a buzz of conversation and loud laughter during the toasts. And in the open air, wedding guests could taste the delicious burgers from "Bydło i Powidło".

The night mini wedding session allowed for a moment to escape from the wedding fun to cuddle up to each other and look at each other in the eyes. Here we also used the night lighting of Cicha and a house next to a small stable. Romantic, in a slightly nostalgic atmosphere, a perfect space for photos with magic lights. We love this atmosphere and the possibility of experimenting with light. You often thank us for these short kidnappings at weddings. You can watch these fleeting moments of affection later in your wedding album. We feel great joy that we could look at them from behind the camera. Beautiful wedding photos are more than a report or a reportage showing the course of events. These are all the tender moments. Over time, they will become the most valuable of all wedding souvenirs.

A beautiful place for a wedding near Warsaw – Cicha 23 Marki

The present times have deprived us of boisterous weddings and pompous parties. For how long? Nobody knows for sure. We trust that the next season will be more gracious for our couples, that everything will slowly start to return to its former tracks. Restrictions related to the number of guests probably most often forced couples to change their wedding plans, postpone the wedding date, change the place of the event, or even completely abandon the wedding to wait for more favorable times. Weddings and receptions were more intimate, sometimes with a number of compromises.

Does this highly realistic sugar-free introduction mean that it was a worse season since we were photographing weddings? And here we will surprise you!

He was the best! Absolutely! It's hard for us to fully understand it, but this year's weddings were the most beautiful we had the pleasure to photograph so far. We worked in beautiful, fashionable venues for a wedding and a wedding reception. A Cicha 23 Event Place is undoubtedly one of the leading places in the immediate vicinity of Warsaw.

In addition to fairy-tale locations, we met fantastic people. We have established new relationships. Finally - we had the most diverse season in terms of reporting - from micro ceremonies, to maybe not fancy weddings for 200 people, but energetic, intimate parties. We are happy to remember the romantic humanist wedding in Stara Kruszarnia - many couples can dream of such a beautiful ceremony and an atmospheric party. And beautiful wedding photos are the most valuable that will remain next to your memories.

Undoubtedly, such projects give us energy, strength, motivation and make us want to give even more. Paradoxically, maybe all these limitations made weddings and weddings, although intimate, even more authentic, unique, organized with heart, commitment and even more beautifully framed? We have witnessed just such.

Venue: Cicha 23

Decor: Dekorujemy


Wedding in Portugal

Weddings abroad are becoming more and more popular every year. Especially in these warmer corners of the world. There are many couples who decide to take a handful of loved ones to take their marriage vows in a picturesque place in their presence. In the mountains, a small church hidden somewhere far away from civilization, or on a paradise beach – the choice is yours.

Such an idea for a wedding makes this day even more special, and memories take on a different color. Destination wedding is the perfect solution for all couples who are not attached to tradition, instead of a grand wedding with lots of guests, they dream of an intimate celebration in a fairytale scenery. Wedding abroad can also be an idea for your moment of sealing love. Today we will tell you about one unique wedding that happened in Portugal.

Destination Wedding – Porto

Luke i Rebecca – a couple of Americans with Korean roots decided to organize their wedding in a picturesque villa with a swimming pool on the outskirts of Porto. From the United States they came to Portugal (interestingly, it was their first trip to Portugal) just to get married. A photographer from Poland was supposed to capture this event in the lens. This work will probably never cease to surprise us! We felt a great distinction that it was us who chose us to be the only ones (though if you carefully follow the material, you will see that we had strong competition :)) create the memory of this special day through the prism of our sensitivity and look.

We feel great responsibility when photographing weddings. Each time we not only carefully observe everything that is happening around us, but we experience this day with you.

 Slow Wedding in Duoro Valley

First time we met Luke and Rebecca at the wedding venue, in the fabulously situated Villa Quinta do Gato. The scenery evoked a Tuscan, picturesque estate, hidden between vast fields and orchards of olive trees. In a word – hidden away from people. The holiday villa turned out to be an ideal place to organize such an intimate event as a wedding.

From the very morning the closest family and a handful of friends prepared the area of ​​the villa for this special holiday of lovers. Such unhurried preparations in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere are always an opportunity for unique, authentic shots. The idea of ​​slow weeding, which accompanies the wedding preparations since the beginning, means that we do not have to stick to rigidly marked program points. Instead, we focus on authentic emotions to show the multithreading of the day. It is important for us to always look for frames and tell stories from dozens of small but important moments. In our opinion, this is the key to an interesting, valuable wedding reportage.

Preparing the garden for the wedding ceremony, work with flowers and decorations, decorating the table for a gala dinner, while preparing the participants themselves in the villa. Girls doing makeup or combing each other, conversations and leisurely bustle of loved ones. Like preparation but without the hustle and bustle, but in such a light, wonderful atmosphere waiting for the culmination of the ceremony.

We were impressed and wanted the wedding preparations to have a strong position in this report.

And details. So many beautiful details, a bit traditional like Korean, festive kimonos of both mothers or jewelry, combined with modern accessories and wedding details.

Destination Wedding Photographer

When the preparations were over and the time came for the most important moment of the day, everyone took their seats to welcome the bride and groom. The heat was pouring down from the sky, and tears were flowing from the eyes. It was a very emotional ceremony and marriage vow. The young read their own vows, and the loved ones did not hide their tears of emotion. We were impressed by how carefully they experienced not only the moment of marriage, but the whole event all gathered around Luke and Rebbeca. Bond and attachment were clearly visible. And just after the oath, the newlyweds gave their traditional thanks to their parents.

We had to remain vigilant all the time, weddings without a wedding planner are quite spontaneous, and many elements were new to us, and we didn’t want anything to escape our eyes. And I think it worked;)

Session near Porto

When the ceremony and wishes came to an end, the celebration finally began! Everyone gathered at one long table, and at the time several musicians were playing in the garden. In the case of wedding photography, there could also be commemorative, family group photos.

We were able to kidnap nourished and relaxed newlyweds for a short session outdoors. The golden light of the setting sun painted the grain and made the scenery even more beautiful. They looked insane! The bride in a minimalistic, simple dress made of shiny silk. For this modest makeup and naturally strands of facial hair. Beauty and simplicity of effortless elegance. Luke also chose the classic of a perfectly tailored suit, and as an addition he chose an elegant fly. Sometimes too rich and rich details are too much.

During this short session on our wedding day, we couldn’t have wished for better light and steam! We used this time to the last ray.

There was no end to joy. And it may surprise some that without dances or weddings guests can have such a great time. It was a very intimate, warm welcome. Focused on the bride and groom. Everyone gathered here for them. We liked the idea and we felt joy that we could participate in it.

The highlight was a champagne toast and cake. It was also the right moment to gradually and almost imperceptibly retreat with the camera.

This is also a good time to change words into pictures and leave you with this beautiful story!

Porto! Them! Love!

Ślub BOHO w plenerze - Ziubiakowa Karczma

BOHO wedding

It is difficult to put names in a specific style, to put in a wedding two people who, with their energy and way of being, make you feel just like Iza and Paweł. And this is a completely authentic impression, despite the fact that there are plenty of elements characteristic for the boho style, it will not be a wedding with fashionable details. It will be about people, about the joy of experiencing special moments.

Of course, Iza and Paweł went a step further and in addition to themselves added many elements and took care of such a beautiful setting on this special day that in fact their outdoor wedding took on a typical boho atmosphere.

It would not be possible without fantastic ideas for arranging the place, about which we will tell you more in a moment.

In a word of introduction, we would like to emphasize that no matter what style of your wedding you decide, whether it will be boho like Iza or Paweł’s, or glamor, or a classic, traditional wedding, or maybe even a completely alternative slow wedding, or a typical rustic wedding in the barn, the most important thing is not to lose yourself in following fashion, keep and smuggle as many of you as possible into your wedding visions. Then the dream wedding is not a myth, it’s a real story – your story.

Wedding preparations in the spirit of slow wedding

How can real lovers and fans of music, concerts, festivals, good cinema prepare for their wedding …? For example, in your cozy apartment. In a place they arranged as they love.

It’s your day, you don’t have to organize yourself in hotels, in new and strange places for you to be fashionable and consistent with the concept of the wedding.

The preparations have revealed some of what they love in life. They showed a man, moments and gestures, and only later the decoration and all the wedding aesthetics. One room where Iza had wedding makeup, where she was wearing a wedding dress and a suit, where she just had a pizza just before leaving! No stress 🙂 There were no worries about stains on the dress or smudged lipstick, and instead cool frames, slack and joy (by the way – it’s better to experience special moments with a full belly;)).

Polish Wedding In Boho Style

Iza and Paweł chose Ziubiakowa Karczma as the wedding venue. This is a relatively new place, a folk cottage with quite a lot of green area to adapt, with a hearth, a place for a chillout zone. A large amount of wood, folk that can connect with boho elements so naturally, where lace, dream catchers, feathers and ribbons, and a lot of green elements gain an authentic background.

For all the beautiful arrangement of this place, wonderful decorations, especially the place of the ceremony and the chillout zone in boho, gypsy climates (and there were even Persian rugs and skins, old TV, skulls, and even ethno climates if you look carefully), is responsible Ziubiakowa. We recommend with all my heart, because they put their whole heart into their work, and at the same time they are very friendly! They created a space for us – a wall for photos and we did not have to persuade guests to take joint group shots. And how did Iza and Paweł look at the background of this arrangement?

Iza’s Justin Alexander dress, with distinct lace, fitted close to the body, with the backs originally marked, has already delighted us during the preparations. Here it has gained expression. For this huge green boho bouquet, gold brocade sandals and delicate jewelry with floral motifs.

The groom has put modern accents on boho. Instead of a traditional fly – one with a feather. Instead of a jacket, a vest and rolled-up sleeves of the shirt, and as a tasty detail – the accent on socks.

They both looked stylish, modern and above all felt fantastic.

Boho wedding near Warsaw

The wedding ceremony was very casual, in a warm atmosphere, without rush and gloomy faces like in many a church. Wedding is joy, joy of love – we want to capture it in the pictures. And if the tears are just happiness!

The atmosphere of the wedding, so important that the entire history of this event was truly a unique story, is not only in the hands of the bride and groom, and above all the wedding guests. That’s why we like to be literally everywhere to catch all the moments in between, not just those on the dance floor and close to the bride and groom.

Sometimes unique stories happen right next door. When, after all the official moments, guests can indulge in free celebration, conversations, toasts, sit comfortably on the carpets under the open sky, or if you prefer on sunbeds, just loose, or maybe like grandmothers, aunts and uncles squat on the bench and watch the fun . Everyone is a hero here and creates history.

Can’t do whitout You…

And finally, something else that you will certainly not see in the pictures, but you can only take our word for it;) Music that Iza and Paweł love so much was also stressed at their wedding, creating an important element. It was original, danceable and the way they like it. And when during the entrance to the ceremony “Can’t do without you” sounded, we didn’t know whether to stamp our feet or take pictures;)

Iza, Paweł – we will always associate this song with you!

Let the lyrics be a motto and ending – it’s over! Time for photos!