Wedding Session in the Tatra Mountains

Wedding session in the mountains

Today on our blog the power of nature, the beauty of Polish landscapes and a unique couple.

Initially, we planned the session with Martyna and Piotr in southern Europe, but for logistical reasons we had to operate in Poland. The choice fell on the Tatra Mountains. The session in the mountains has been waiting for a long time to be removed from our list of open-air locations as "must do".

Wedding session at Kasprowy Wierch

While last season we were not lucky due to weather conditions, this time fate was on our side, though not without obstacles. At 5 am Iwona's make-up, then a 6-hour trip to Zakopane to Kasprowy Wierch, a cable car ride and literally 2 hours of shooting in extremely favorable conditions for photos. However, let's not forget that October is not the hottest month, especially in the mountains. The sun was accompanied by a strong and cool wind (applause for Martyna and Piotrek for persistence). After all, return to the bottom of the last car and another 6 hours on the journey home. Interestingly, the next day the wind was so strong that the lift was closed! We were lucky, and see the results for yourself:

Sesja ślubna w opuszczonym pałacu w Bożkowie

Abandoned Palace - wedding session

We have written many times about the importance of choosing the right place for your wedding session. Of course, an increasingly popular form is a short mini-session made during the reportage on your wedding day. We like such solutions very much, because it is easy to build a few intimate and highly authentic shots when you are filled with emotions related to the wedding and you experience them “here and now”.

However, an outdoor session on a day other than the wedding day allows you to build a completely new story. It allows you to focus as much as possible on you. It allows for longer observation and greater creativity. Finally - it allows you and your story to be placed in a unique place!

It is also no surprise that we like to reach for new, interesting locations, often forgotten and completely abandoned. It was no different with the now famous "greenhouse", about which we are still inundated with a lot of questions. We also remember the session in the palace in Krowiarki, which also once became a popular place for wedding sessions. And the implementation in an abandoned Steam Locomotive Shed, of which there is no trace of it today, extended our portfolio with works distinguished in international competitions.

Abandoned places simply have magic, a trace of history or a sign of the times. An atmosphere of mystery that can pierce a person through and out of chills. And of course the light that leaves unlimited creative possibilities.

Together with Ania and Michał, we managed to create a magical session in an amazing, abandoned palace 😉

Unique places for wedding sessions

This extraordinary historic palace dates back to the 16th century, now it is a baroque-classicist residence, largely destroyed by time and its complicated fate. Interestingly, the palace was only opened to the public in 2016. It was not an easy task to find out whether it was possible to organize a wedding session there at all. Here, great appreciation for our Ania, who was determined not to let go;) And although we were not sure until the very end whether we would find a person who would manage the object and let us inside, we traveled hundreds of kilometers for a new, extraordinary story!

Love session in old palace

We were lucky. After many hours of travel and clenching our thumbs, we were able to realize Ania and Michał's dream session. It was a place just for them. And it is not only about the mood of the scenery, but the whole atmosphere of a forgotten, elegant place - even though it is a ruin, aura of noir climate - perfectly suited both Ania's beautiful wedding dress and Michał's tuxedo. A dress in a retro atmosphere, but in a very modern edition, dazzled with texture and details. The intricately lined neckline on the back sparkled in the dim light, plus a long elegant train and veil. The whole thing was complemented by a make-up and hairstyle that were properly selected for the styling. A bride in a boho atmosphere would certainly not find herself in such a place.

We mention that you should remember that the background and location you choose for your outdoor activities must always be consistent with what style you prefer and where you feel best.

During the session we didn't have to rush, race with the light or worry about the weather. It was fantastic. Ania and Michał in front of the lens gave us a part of themselves. We have not had such a romantic, tender and deeply gestured session for a long time. Find out for yourself, let Ania and Michał lead you inside;)

And if you dream about an equally unique session in a beautiful place, be sure to write to us!

Wedding session in Italy - Lago di Braies

Wedding session on lake - Lago di Braies

A wedding session in a unique place is now an obvious desire of every young couple. For the most beautiful wedding photos, we go to the most desirable tourist corners of the world. The joy of traveling, your love in remarkable scenery - this is what you gain by deciding to have a wedding session abroad.

Breathtaking landscapes are surely the most beautiful background for your love. One of such unique places is the Lago di Braies lake overlooking the Dolomites, rightly called the Pearl of South Tyrol. Lime rocks reflecting in the turquoise surface of the lake, surrounded by beautiful forests, create a fairy-tale scenery.

Lago di Braies is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places for a wedding session in Italy.

Couple session in romantic Lake

Lake Braies lies directly in a nature reserve. Anyone who wants to organize their wedding session there must take into account the enormous popularity of this place. From the early hours of the morning you will find queues of photographers wanting to catch the first rays of sunrise on the most popular Instagram pier. Lake Braies is often called the Instagrama Lake for this reason. A long wooden pier and boats of a warm, reddish brown color, arranged in the shape of a path leading deep into the lake. It is the pier with boats against the backdrop of the mountains that are most often presented on Instagram postcards.

Italy with Love

Do not be deceived by the fairy-tale aura of the place. The views are a dream, but the prevailing conditions (especially difficult light) and the number of tourists (as well as other photographers and couples waiting for their turn - if only to have 5 minutes for themselves on the pier), can break the rhythm and quickly lead us away from the sphere of ideas straight to reality.

A lot of photographic experience is useful in such conditions. But the greatest ally turns out to be (at least for us) the ability to work spontaneously, to look creatively, think and react quickly. You can plan individual shots, but in such places you can never be sure whether our planned shots will be successful.

Therefore, we are glad that we have not learned to plan so far 🙂

Wedding Session in Dolomites

The wedding session with Justynka and Radek was demanding not only because they chose the beautiful Lago di Braies, during the shooting we were accompanied by a nearly two-year-old energetic star - their daughter Basia. Oh yes! Photographing a bride and groom with a child in such a place is a hyper challenge!

Fortunately, there has not been such a challenge so far that we would not be able to meet. That is why today we can show you the effects of this unique session with joy.

Love session - Lago di Braies

We wanted to present the place in the most diverse way possible, both on the pier, on the boat which they sailed to the very center of the lake, on the surrounding trails, rocks and on the very shore of the lake.

You can expect not only panoramic frames showing the magic of scenery, there will also be very close shots, portraits and spontaneous frames full of emotions.

Huge applause for our bride and groom, who withstood the low temperatures already at the end of October.

It was a fantastic adventure, great time spent with wonderful people and memories locked in such a picture!

A może wrócimy tam właśnie z Tobą? Jeśli marzysz o zdjęciach w tym niezwykłym miejscu daj nam znać 🙂 Tym bardziej, że Lago di Braies ma do zaoferowania dużo więcej niż piękno samego otoczenia jeziora. Nieopodal znajdują się fantastyczne ścieżki wysoko w górach, tam rozpościerają się równie mocno zapierające dech w piersiach widoki Dolomitów.

Na zakończenie pokażemy małą bohaterkę, która nie raz podczas trwania sesji, miała swoje 5 minut 🙂

Wedding session in Iceland - Kerlingarfjoll

Love session on Iceland

This entry has matured in our minds for several months. About Iceland has already been described so much in word and picture that it's easy to be banal, superficial or schematic. And this is a place so unusual, so beautiful in its majesty of nature, that we can talk about Iceland briefly or briefly, we simply can't (yes, it will be a long entry). There are several reasons, but they all converge on one point, which is - sentiment.

It was our first wedding ceremony in Iceland, but not the first one with it. A trip to the land of ice and fire is both our and our pair's sentimental journey. We met and loved the wonderful island almost 5 years ago, we spent 10 days in tents there, in the warmest period of the year, soaking in the enormity of beauty with a beating heart. Iceland was becoming more and more popular, and it didn't take long before the real boom for Icelandic wedding sessions began. Did it surprise us? After what we saw with our own eyes - absolutely not!

At a similar time, for the first time Iceland was seen and loved by Julka and Krzyś. They explored it more accurately, spending a month on the island. And during this trip, they made one of the most important life decisions. It was there that Krzyś proposed to Julia.

So when we talked about where they would like to carry out their wedding session, there were a few ideas. However, with the slogan Iceland - all four of us got warmer at heart.

It was not just one of many trips to a foreign session. It was a real journey straight to the heart of Iceland. Because there was no such Icelandic session;)

Session in highlands of Icealand - Kerlingarfjoll

You probably know dozens of photos from Iceland that are close to each other. And we are not talking about locations here, because this island is not especially big, and the most popular places are so beautiful that everyone wants to keep part of them in the heart and in photographs. We mean the way it is shown, the flood of muted and gloomy, nostalgic and gloomy images. And you know what? We have wondered many times, is this a fashion result? A kind of manner in which Iceland was imprisoned? Or maybe completely different than most we are extremely lucky with the weather?

We remembered her completely differently. With inconceivable intensity, contrast and purity of colors. With unprecedented transparency of the landscape. With lush greenery, even if there were fogs. Filleted areas covered with moss, not yet dry, and then softly collapsing under the pressure of bare feet.

Naturally, Iceland is weather-variable. And we remember all the material that we brought from the first trip, was somewhat an impulse to how we perceive colors and graphic processing of photos today. Intuition told us that too much interference would spoil all this overpowering beauty - the work of nature. Why are we writing about this? Because with us you will not see gray-gray and subdued Iceland. Even in her natural cycle: sun, rain, wind, clouds, sun, wind, fog and in a moment from scratch - we will not deprive her of colors.

This was also the dream of Julia and Krzyś. That this is not another, similar to many sessions in Iceland.

Can you imagine the most spectacular display of painting color variations from straw yellow to rusty almost red orange ?! It's Iceland and more. Her heart is the same - say the locals, Kerlingarfjoll and Landmannalaugar in Interie. These places were our main goal of wedding photos.

Wedding photography Iceland

Journey into the interior, to the heart, takes time. It also requires admission. And proper preparation. We could not have wished for a better pair for this plein air. Julia and Krzys were fantastically prepared, as they spent a month in Iceland, they knew the conditions perfectly. Properly adapted car, warm clothing, good footwear, food supply. The expedition into the depths is no longer passing the "Golden Circle", but a much more logistical undertaking. In addition, or maybe above all, a couple of people who love traveling, so the passion and commitment to this adventure was in them at 200%. Julia is great at photographing, we love the pictures she just brought from Nepal. With people like them on your way, you can fulfill all your photographic ambitions.

Black sand beach vik & Skogafoss session

Iceland's landscapes are overwhelmingly beautiful and monumental, man here gives way to nature. Glaciers, waterfalls, volcanic beaches, geysers - all this intertwines and impresses, making it possible to shoot endlessly. We divided the wedding session into two days of shooting. Our goal was Kerlingarfjoll and Landmannalaugar in the interior, and to get there you need at least 8 hours of driving inland of the island.

However, we could not miss the introduction, which was the more accessible region of Iceland. The first stop was one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island - the famous Skogafoss. In light rain we also walked to the viewpoint with the flowing down Solheimajokull glacier. It's probably the most easily accessible tongue of the glacier in Iceland. Just slightly off the road to stand face to face with the head of the glacier after a few minutes. It was the only capricious weather moment during the session.

We like to stop spontaneously while photographing, let the impulse decide the direction of the session. Sticking to a rigid plan has never matched the style of our work.

Another longer stop was the scenery of rocks and volcanic sand or Reynishverfi - the black beach in Vik. Perhaps the most impressive there is the basalt cliff stretching at its northern end. Gardar or rock wall resembles huge, natural organs. These powerful columns are very crowded with tourists. However, as it happens in most places - the young couple has priority. Being on the black beach you cannot miss the small basalt cave with a beautiful ceiling. This is another fairy-tale ingredient that adds charm to Reynisfjarze. Drone shots also helped us to show the amazing atmosphere of the black beach. During this session we started it definitely the most often.

Wedding session Kerlingarfjoll i Landmannalaugar - colors of Iceland

What Iceland has the most beautiful to show starts where the asphalt ends and the road number gets the letter "F" as "fabulous". The landscape was lunar in many places along the way. Gravel-sand surface, places brownish reddish as on Mars, dust rising with every gust of wind and an endless horizon. After many hours of road, a fairly monotonous stone desert, an unimaginable reward awaits.

Kerlingarfjoll - sounds like a spell, it is a beautiful mountain range. It is an explosion of colors and structures, unreal even in the bright sun. From among the picturesque peaks, water vapor escaped from the inside of the earth. It is smoking fumarole and sulfatars that make this landscape, apart from the breathtaking colors, dramatic and mysterious. The culmination is huge snow hats cuddled to the colorful mountains. This is definitely a place that will be seen with you forever.

However, don't be fooled by this fairy-tale color feria. Interior is known for difficult conditions, such as very strong winds. As a result, the perceived temperature is much lower. Already after we go down the stairs, straight to the main geothermal area, lying just between the colorful mountains of the massif - the wind calms down a bit.

The second wonderful place is the more famous Landmannalaugar - called the rainbow mountains. It consists of a rhyolite - a rock that creates a full spectrum of dazzling color on the mountainside. Shades of red, green, golden yellow and even pink change their tone as if imitating the movement of the sun's rays. It's hard to describe in words.

Interior is the experience of a huge space. It is a landscape so colorfully saturated and diverse, which does not resemble any place on earth. It is hard to imagine that mother nature can create something so absolutely beautiful and perfect.

Iceland adventure

What else can impress? It is worth mentioning even Hnasapollur - a volcanic lake that we will meet on the way to Landmannalaugar, or the Laki craters - Lakagigar. Travel to these and many other places will not be so monotonous if you have to overcome the untamed river Kossa, where there are no bridges;) Hey adventure!

It is understandable, therefore, that if someone dreams of a wedding session in Interie, an off-road car is the basis. Be sure, however, that such a journey is worth every photo!

We realize that perhaps only persistent have reached the end of this description. If so, a reward awaits you now! We are not sure if anyone else has reached Iceland into the wedding session. We are happy to show you Julka and Krzysia, love in the heart of Iceland. Here she is!

Jeśli dotrwaliście od końca i wciąż Wam mało pięknych widoków, to zerknijcie koniecznie co tworzy Julia po drugiej stronie aparatu:

Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie.

Post udostępniony przez J U L I A - Let’s go to... (@letsgoto_pl)

Lofoten Islands - Wedding Session

Lofoten Islands – wedding photography

A wedding session abroad is the most beautiful wedding souvenir you will probably have right after your wedding. It is a completely different dimension of wedding photos, different experiences, much greater involvement of both the photographer and the couple, and finally the Wow effect. During a standard wedding session in a city or nearby park, you spend no more than one afternoon, and after the session you return to everyday matters. A foreign wedding session is definitely a bigger undertaking.

Certainly, many young couples are wondering if it is worth going or going abroad to carry out their wedding session? At 99%, it is the only such journey in life. The only such photos and the only adventure. Is a wedding session abroad for everyone? Definitely not. It is an opportunity to make your dreams come true and experience an unforgettable adventure – not a necessity. If you love traveling, discovering extraordinary places, beautiful landscapes, adventure, company, experiencing new things, and finally – you appreciate the value of photos taken in unusual or well-known places, but admired only on instagram, which you have to spend time and effort to find there reach – this wedding session abroad is undoubtedly an option for you!

Wedding sessiom – Lofoten

You have probably wondered more than once where you can make a wedding session abroad, what place to choose to make the photos delight? Or how to organize it? How much does a wedding session abroad cost? Does it pay off at all? Is it all worthwhile?

Nowadays, it is not difficult to organize an exotic wedding session abroad. In fact, the most important thing is your attitude and the world is open. Of course, today or tomorrow we may have a problem to fly out wherever we want because of the ongoing covid theme. The pandemic has mixed up a lot and we have many limitations at the moment. Which does not mean that it is impossible to organize a foreign plein-air successfully. This session will prove that in times of a pandemic you can make a fabulous wedding session abroad. Remember that a pandemic is only a transitional stage that will pass. The borders will open, the restrictions are gone, and then the desire to travel will be even greater. Especially since there are so many possibilities for an amazing wedding session abroad. European cities that delight with their architecture and famous monuments, such as Venice, Rome, Paris or Lisbon – will be perfect for a wedding session in an urban, romantic style. Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Madeira and Tuscany will be perfect for those who love spectacular views or picturesque landscapes. It does not matter if your wedding session will take place in Italy or on the hot Santorini, or perhaps stunning Iceland or Lofoten, the most important thing is that it will make your dreams come true.

At the beginning, be sure to watch the report from this unique trip. You will see all of this. which delighted our eyes, and above all, you will see how we work during foreign sessions:

Honeymoon and photo session

The combination of a wedding session with a mini honeymoon trip is a very practical solution, thanks to which you not only get a souvenir in the form of an original photo session, you also visit and spend time for tourists, enjoying yourself and a short vacation.

A wedding session abroad is your time together in amazing photos. It is a unique adventure and amazing experience. Do you dream of a wedding session with a real “wow” effect ?! See how we organized and realized the wedding of Ola and Adrian in Norway, in the breathtaking Lofoten. We assure you that after watching the session, you will no longer wonder if it is worth it!

Wedding session in Norway

When going to Norway or Iceland, we almost guarantee spectacular and breathtaking views. It is a dream come true for lovers of wild, stunning nature and colors.

But Norway is not Spain, Greece or Croatia – the weather here is changeable and may surprise you. It is worth taking into account an additional, emergency day when booking flights. It just so happens that flights to Scandinavia are for a minimum of -2-4 days, thanks to which there is enough time to make great photo material. Of course, you can arrange a longer stay, even a week, rent a motorhome and travel across Norway, but it is associated with higher costs on the spot and higher remuneration for the photographer.

When thinking about a wedding session abroad, first of all try to plan it so that it is in line with your expectations and possibilities.

With our couple – Ola and Adrian, we flew to Norway in August (holidays are the best time when it comes to weather). Perhaps some of you will think that a wedding session abroad in the midst of a pandemic is a big risk. Initially, we also did not know what awaited us and what might happen during the trip. But for a moment we had no doubts that it was a good decision and that it would be amazing. Norway is a very vast country, the coastline is over 100,000 kilometers, there are few overpopulated places, and we finally chose the direction of Lofoten – for wild and unspoiled views.

Lofoten – the most beautiful places for sessions in North Europe

The trip to the site was not difficult logistically. First, a flight from Gdańsk to Bodo. From the airport, we went directly to the ferry that took us to Lofoten, and we had a car booked on site. There is also a good accommodation base in Lofoten, we chose a house in a place from which we were strategically closest to individual points, where we intended to photograph our couple. A wedding session in Lofoten requires a lot of time to move from place to place. Make sure you plan where you would like to take photos. The distances between the most spectacular places are quite long, and many of them are hidden between or behind rocks or mountains that can only be reached on foot. Comfortable trekking shoes are essential!

But what is so special about a wedding session in Lofoten, and why is it worth the trouble and hiking rocky trails?

Lofoten islands in the north of Norway, experts from National Geographic awarded them the third place among the most beautiful islands in the world for a reason! Lofoten consists of seven islands, five of which are connected by the E10 road, and the other two are accessible by ferry or plane. The fairy-tale landscapes of the Lofoten Islands seem so magical that they are almost unreal. The steep slopes of the mountains rise straight from the sea to a height of 1,200 meters, and their inaccessible walls isolate small fishing villages from civilization. Some of the villages are completely abandoned. The red and yellow stilt houses – the famous Rorbuer – are traditional fishermen’s huts, rented to tourists today. On a sunny day, these honey yellow and dark red wooden walls are an amazing contrast to the surrounding nature. The towns and villages are incredibly charming. Beautiful beaches with fine white sand, the depth of the colors of the coastline, the clarity of the air and the magical northern light – all of these together create real magic in the photos. it is difficult to express with words everything that appears to the eyes. The view from Reine on the Kirkefjord has been recognized as the most beautiful in Norway. By climbing 1600 rock stairs to heaven to get to this summit, we can confirm – it is the most beautiful! It is also the most famous trail of the Lofoten.

In addition to the planned photo points, we absorbed and stopped to photograph and admire the views from the route. Without sticking to strict frameworks, we work best and definitely the most effective. Our spontaneity and openness is also positively perceived by our young couples who we photograph during our trips. Additionally, we will take care of every detail to make the final effect of the session delightful. Iwona will do professional makeup and hairstyle for the session. You will look as beautiful as you did on your wedding day. We even had a wedding bouquet, which Ola made for the session herself – see her profile (Wiecheciowo) – she creates floral wonders and beautiful wedding decorations.

In such a creative set, we could go to absolutely any place in the world and bring beautiful wedding photos from there. That’s for sure.

Lofoten adventure

Every most beautiful postcard needs this light, spark and a carrier of feelings to gain a subjective and deeper dimension. This medium in our photography has always been a human, a relationship or an emotion.

No mountains are terrible, no demanding trails with such a positive atmosphere and a huge dose of positive energy. The feeling that we are going on a journey together to create something unique gives us wind in our wings.

What else made the wedding session in Lofoten unique? It will sound cliche, but it’s love! In the middle of a breathtaking view, we always see a man. We tend to watch their feelings, bonds and relationships with tenderness. We didn’t have to give too many tips on how to pose. Anyway, authenticity plays a very important role in our photography, not only in wedding reportage. We leave our couples a space that they simply fill with each other. After all, it is the human being who inspires the creation of the most beautiful stories.

If you were also delighted with this beautiful wedding session in Lofoten, and you dream that your wedding took place in an equally amazing place, then write to us! We have extensive experience and we have already completed many wedding sessions abroad. With us, you can be sure that everything will be organized to the last button, and the photos will be the most beautiful souvenir to which you will return many times. We will be happy to go with you not only to Lofoten, but to any other place you dream about.

Finally, check out the report from this unique trip. You will see all of this. which delighted our eyes, and above all, you will see how we work during foreign sessions.

So what ?! Who goes with us on another amazing journey for the most beautiful wedding photos?

Lisbon Wedding Session

Portugal wedding Session

Lisbon – one of the most artistic cities in Europe, small and has so much to offer. It is diversity and a specific street style that makes wedding photos in Lisbon can be original and unique.

Ewa and Michał were just perfect for a foreign wedding outdoor, in this case a wedding outdoor in Portugal. They are both lovers of traveling, they are not afraid of kilometers traveled on foot in the mazes of streets, in search of perfect frames. But in addition to being brave and engaged during the wedding session, it is above all a couple of fantastic people with whom we spent this time. And we can’t wait when the opportunity appears on the horizon, for another joint journey, not necessarily a photo one;)

But let’s leave the sphere of plans for a moment and go back to what happened. Wedding open-air in Portugal – it was a theme that had been in our minds for several seasons. We probably had a lot of luck, because this summer we managed to realize not only the wedding session in Lisbon, but also a beautiful destination wedding in a picturesque villa near Porto. Who else has not seen let him catch up quickly.

Wedding session in Lisbon. Pictures in the Alfama district

In a city like Lisbon, you can actually do several photo sessions at the same time and each will be different! It is enough to mention, briefly, that it is situated on 7 hills, wrapped in an ocean, enchanting with a multitude of colors, especially due to yellow trams, and it also smells of the famous Pasteis de Belem! (We checked the last one many times;))

But Lisbon did not get to know enough who identifies it only with yellow trams or artistic graffiti. By the way, do you know how difficult it is to find a yellow tram not covered with advertisements? Or an alley or an interesting wall that is not smudged? What struck us a bit is the level of vandalism and destruction of what attracts so many tourists to Lisbon. Who remembers the movie Imagine will probably associate what we are talking about.

After all, Lisbon is still impressive. And it’s definitely worth delving into this city. We probably captivated us the most with its energy, the explosion of colors, the labyrinth of narrow streets, where the laundry is carelessly dried and the sight is lost in the multitude of azulejos tiles composed together – the Alfama district. This is by far the most colorful, artistic district of the city. Yellow is intensely marked here, not only due to the characteristic tram 28 – one of the symbols of Lisbon.

In the Alfama district we spent the most time, colors and structures inspired us and we were happy to get lost among the streets.

After all, we started quite calmly and nostalgically. We spontaneously came to the conclusion that the key, some kind of framework for this session in such a diverse city as Lisbon, will be space and water. Taking advantage of the early morning hours, where the city of tourists was not flooded yet and the heat from the sky was unbearable, the pictures that started the session were taken at the central point of Lisbon, at Praca do Comercio.

The extensive view of the ocean and pastel colors gave a romantic atmosphere and slowly led the narrative into the city.

Wedding photography on Lisbon

In spite of everything, it’s easy to get lost in the diversity of the city. We stuck firmly so that during our photographic “tramp” recesses of Lisbon do not fall into the total misha you have. Lisbon offers a lot, there are many viewpoints here, the already mentioned Alfama district with artistic graffiti, the Baixa district and the scenery of yellow trams, Lx – Factory totally crazy and artistic, beaches and even a botanical garden. A lot of it right?

We focused on typical urban street scenery, searching for characteristic “flavors” of interesting locations and alleys. Fado, a mechanical bee, or a pink street – these are just some of the points to explore Lisbon.

Lisbon love session

As always, balance during each photo session is important for us, be it an outdoor wedding or engagement session. Regardless of the place where we take pictures, the most important thing is to keep the balance between showing the location, its climate and everything it impresses with, and showing the relationship and the couple.

Ewa and Michał radiated incredible energy from the first meeting with them! We knew that they would give us energy during the session. But that’s not all, when we finally put down the cameras, we still explored this wonderful city. There were dances and fun;) It is difficult to end the session more successfully – Ewa, Michał, we hug you for that!

And quickly we go back to the very beginning … to the first photo!

Watch fall in love with Lisbon!

Makijaż i fryzura do sesji: Iwona Sirow Make-up

Wedding Session in the old mill

Polish old mill session near Warsaw

A wedding session in an original place is one of the most important points on the list of wedding dreams. Some couples decide to have a wedding session abroad. It is often a way to still seal a new, common path in wedding emotions, but simply to combine a session with a short vacation. We love such solutions! And this year’s season spoiled us with numerous wedding sessions abroad. But we also had the opportunity to photograph young couples in beautiful, original locations in our home yard. Today we want to show you the wedding session of Magda and Michał in the Old Water Mill.

Wedding session BOHO style

Jeśli lubicie i nadal nie nudzi Was stylistyka boho i rustic w modzie ślubnej, to stary, drewniany młyn będzie idealnym miejscem na Wasz plener ślubny.

Magda i Michał wybrali stary Młyn Wodny, który mieści się w małej wsi Chojnata, w woj. łódzkim. Młyn zrobił na nas pozytywne wrażenie. To dwupiętrowy budynek, w całości wykonany z drewna. Wnętrze jest dość ciemne, ale zachowało swoją autentyczność. Mnóstwo tam starych “młyńskich” urządzeń, które podkreślają klimat miejsca. A jeśli dodamy do tego blask tysiąca malutkich lampek, to śmiało można powiedzieć, że robi się wtedy magicznie. Światło lampek nadaje romantyczny nastrój, ociepla miejsce, podkreśla fakturę drewna i pozwala uzyskać spektakularne efekty na zdjęciach.

Takie zdjęcia ślubne robią niesamowite wrażenie, ale jednocześnie sama sesja w takim klimacie to tez bardzo miłe przeżycie.

Wedding photos in the old mill near

If you like and are still not bored with boho style and rustic climates in wedding fashion, then the old wooden mill will be the perfect place for your outdoor wedding.

Magda and Michał chose the old Water Mill, which is located in the small village of Chojnata, in the province of Lodz. The mill made a positive impression on us. It is a two-story building, entirely made of wood. The interior is quite dark, but has retained its authenticity. There are a lot of old “mill” devices that emphasize the atmosphere of the place. And if we add the glow of a thousand tiny lights to it, it can be safely said that it gets magical then. The light of the lamps gives a romantic mood, warms the place, emphasizes the texture of the wood and allows you to get spectacular effects in the pictures.

Such wedding photos make an amazing impression, but at the same time the session in such an atmosphere is also a very nice experience.

Old mill – perfect place for session in poland

When we receive messages full of delight and joy from the effects of the photo session, we know that it will not only be a nice wedding souvenir. We are convinced that in addition to photos, our couple had a great time and will remember their session as a fun adventure and experience. Especially since posing in front of the lens is not, as it might seem, such a completely simple matter;) The atmosphere during the photos is a key issue right after the location.

We hope that our session will inspire many a few, and also for you old, abandoned buildings will be more than a ruin. They will become a creative place, full of creative possibilities.

Or maybe for you Stary Młyn will be the perfect place for photos? Let’s find out! We invite you to watch this

Wedding session on the Madeira Island

Unforgettable wedding sessions

I do not think anyone will be surprised how much we like to photograph wedding abroad. We already have several dozen of them. Among other things, Paris, or Italian pearls such as VeniceTuscanyMatera. The whole undertaking which is, foreign session, travel itself, often completely new places, unique light, different culture, other accompanying emotions, is always a guarantee that the level of our creativity reaches the indicator of red light 😉 Our heads are filled with one thought to make as much as possible photograph and not let go of the slightest opportunity for a unique photo. Of course, this is associated with considerable effort and commitment, both the photographer and the bride and groom, often after a long hours of sessions, we all lose strength. But the result is always one – the foreign session is a pure profit for our pair, which can count on a very diverse, refined and extensive material.

And for beautiful pictures and unforgettable moments it is worth even at the end of the world! Or to Madeira 🙂

Romantic session in Madeira

When we managed to organize, very spontaneously anyway, a trip with Kinga and Mateusz to the Portuguese Madeira, to realize their wedding session, we enjoyed ourselves like little children. It was one of our photographic dreams. In addition, it was the beginning of December, so we felt that the injection of warm sun in other geographical latitudes would effectively stimulate and revive our creativity 😉

Madeira is undoubtedly a unique place on the world map. She charmed us from the first moments. Her magical landscapes have something that makes it impossible to take your eyes off them. On the one hand, they are breathtaking, and on the other hand there is some peace and magic in them. And this diversity! In one place we have endless water, mountains and paradise forests. An island of eternal spring and amazing landscapes.

Love and paradise island

The first day we spent on sightseeing and research, spending time together with a couple favors building a relaxed atmosphere during the session. Kinga and Mateusz are wonderful people, from whom energy, passion and love are even beaten. Kinga is passionate about photography and Mateusz creates beautiful objects from wood, we felt under the skin that our acquaintance will not end soon after the session 😉 We visited together Funchal and the day before the session we went to the flower market, because the original bouquet of Kinga is also ours, or more precisely Iwona’s work, as well as makeup and hair of the bride would make her feel as beautiful on the day of the wedding. It’s a huge advantage that we have a make-up & hair artist on our team;)

We decided to start the pictures at dawn, when it is still empty, and the sun emerging from behind the horizon creates an amazing spectacle and background for photos. By the way, the sunrises in the winter are at nice times 🙂 Next, as usually happens with us, without special direction of the stage, spontaneous and intuitive looking for frames, with sensitivity to gestures and emotions of the couple. We also wanted to show the island as we saw it, not to dampen its juicy and picturesque aura. A lot of us helped Leica Q, which we took specially test for this trip. The image of this small and handy camera impresses with its color and microcontrast.

We are happy to present the effects of this unique session. We managed to fulfill another photographic dream. We hope that the photos will inspire you to reach for more, and to pursue your dreams!

Autumn Wedding session in Abandoned Greenhouse

Wedding session in a old Abandoned Glasshouse

Many couples look for inspiration and ideas to find a remarkable place for wedding session. It has also become fashionable to personalize your wedding through not only the character or style of the ceremony. The smallest details, such as flowers, decorations, decorations and other seemingly minor additions are of importance. And while the fashion for style changes, there is one thing – couples want to stand out, create something individual and unique, and then these unique moments to watch in the pictures. Choosing a location for a wedding session is not easy, of course you can go shortcuts and choose a nearby park or forest at sunrise or sunset. However, to create an unusual, unique but interesting atmosphere, something more is needed.

Since we have been professionally involved in photography, we have probably recoded all possible variants of wedding and engagement sessions. We photographed at any time of the year, we transformed mountains, forests, the sea, there were also lakes and swamps. Urban and industrial sessions, palaces – both beautiful and their ruins. Foreign sessions in historic towns, but also tourist pearls and classic places of love, such as Venice. We could exchange for a moment. We like this diversity and try not to photograph several times in the same place, to constantly stimulate creativity and continue to develop.

The romantic atmosphere of an abandoned greenery

However, there are places where we return with a beating heart. Speech of a famous, abandoned greenhouse 😉 This is a magical place with great potential. We realized how much you are interested in such remarkable spaces, when after the publication of our first “greenhouse session” there is no week for someone not to write to us asking us to reveal its location;)

Old, forgotten, overgrown with nature by greenhouses is an example of an amazing background for wedding sessions. Because they have a real fairy-tale atmosphere, regardless of the season, they are still interesting. The rusted construction of the greenhouse contrasts with pieces of glass overgrown with greenery and moss. The play of lights on the broken glass creates a kind of magic. And in the interior of the spreading tree, which has long since broken through the roof, has settled in for good. It was a little pity to see how damaged this greenhouse is today. Everyone who dreams of a similar session should remember that the seemingly abandoned area may formally belong to someone. Let us try not to leave traces of our presence and respect such places that they will last as long as possible.

We carried out the wedding session of Paulina and Bartosz in autumn. We wanted to capture the less obvious atmosphere of autumn. That day we worked in a very harsh light, which despite the fact that it was not easy, it really fueled the nature of the frames and gave them a bit of a claw. Our couple looked stylish and perfectly suited the place. Paulina had a light, ethereal and airy dress in a boho style from Justyna Kodym. Delicate lace combined with airy materials of white and powder pink beautifully combined with the autumn bouquet of heather. And the green wreath completed the stylization. Bartek’s suit is a nod to the timeless, elegant classics. The place provided intimacy, it allowed the couple to feel really at ease, and it can be seen in the pictures. There were also a few shots with smoke, one of them was very popular on industry portals 😉 Smoke flares added romantic, unusual light. Just at the end of the session!

And how the whole story from the deserted greenhouse presented itself, see below. We hope that after seeing You, you will also feel the magic of the place. Or maybe this realization will become an inspiration to look for similar and unusual ones?


Romantic session in Venice

Wedding session and unique Venice

It is said that Venice is a city of love. The romantic Italian climate is present here almost everywhere. Great light, countless channels and bridges, and gondolas that make the entire city sway on the water. True, that sounds wonderful ?! Then let’s add the Burano island, where the colorful facades of the buildings create fabulous winter holidays, or the neighboring Murano, which tempts the eyes with glass handicrafts. It all sounds like a dream about a dream, foreign wedding session.

And despite our many Italian journeys, we were never “on the way” to Venice, and lots of rumors did not encourage us to visit this very crowded city. Until we visited Venice for the first time on the occasion of a fashion order. This place charmed us almost immediately. We decided that if the time of our private wedding session comes, we will realize it here. We also knew that sooner or later we would return, this time to be on the other side of the camera photographing a couple in love. Sylwia and Mateusz like us love the Italian climate. If you have not had the opportunity to see their fiancee session in sunny Tuscany, be sure to take a look!

Anyone who has visited Venice at least once knows that photographing in one of the most touristy Italian towns is a challenge. Tourists are just everywhere. Of course, it is impossible to show Venice without people, ordinary residents spontaneously talking, a lady hanging laundry, or random voyeurs surreptitiously opening the shutters to greet a young couple with a smile. People give this place unique energy. Italians are wonderful! What we found out when one of the ladies, while looking at our actions, invited us to a wonderful gallery of glass handicrafts, and also to take some pictures there. This spontaneous gesture proved to be the perfect end to the session.

Emotions not only in the pictures - session in Italy

But let’s get back to the beginning. To get an intimate, truly romantic atmosphere after all, we had to start shooting at dawn. Place. St. The brand bathed in the rays of the rising sun, slightly deserted at this time, looked beautiful. As indeed our young couple. Sylwia in an individually designed dress boldly exposing the back, and Mateusz in a stylish suit. Elegance and class, perfect fit into the atmosphere of the place. We must add that they were one of the few couples who kept up with the photographer;)

And taking into account the fact that at the very beginning of the session one of our favorite lenses refused to obey us, we still think that it was absolutely fantastic time! Adversity should be turned into an advantage, creativity even more and squeeze the maximum of the beautiful frames. Two intense days, dozens of kilometers traveled, przemili people who greeted us with a smile, and that the tradition has been done – there were also cats, which with each of our Italian travel sneak into the frames like professional models.

We would like to thank Sylwia and Mateusz for their commitment, full confidence and this wonderful energy, which they emitted not only during the session, but all the time. Thanks to them, we can now share with you this beautiful love story and the place seen through our eyes and hearts. Maybe you’ll fall in love with Venice?

You’re welcome!