Beautiful wedding in Cicha 23


Cicha 23 - a place for beautiful wedding photos

Beautiful wedding photos are no longer a dream today, they are the real expectations of young couples. We want a fairy tale. Nothing wrong with that, it is the only day where we want to feel special and spend it special. Is there a recipe for the perfect wedding and reception? Yes! Do everything your way.

But remember a few tips. Take your loved ones! For those who will play with you until you run out of breath, provide a dance floor, as well as a quiet space, accompanied by crickets and the noise of trees. Decorate all of this with a smile and loose - it's your day! Take care of delicious food and chilled drinks for refreshment. Leave the rest of the decorations to specialists or nature ?

It sounds trivial, and sometimes there is a long way to such a fairy tale. It is important to find yourself at the end of this road in a place that will provide you with ... a fairy tale.

Cicha 23 Place for outdoor wedding

Cicha 23 in Marki - it is a wedding venue and a place for a wedding that enchants from the very first moments. Surrounded by forest, away from the city noise and at the same time only 20 minutes from the very center of Warsaw.

Cicha 23 - is a guarantee of beautiful wedding photos. It is a perfect space for modern outdoor weddings (civil or humanistic and symbolic wedding ceremonies), the most fashionable wedding receptions in the barn or original photo sessions and wedding landscapes. It is located exactly in Marki, on the outskirts of the capital. There used to be a brickyard here, today, surrounded by nature, two stables overgrown with wild wine have been restored. The complex includes a vast green space, gardens, extraordinary Kimura Glamping tents and terraces. This area is very popular, the space is extremely photogenic, and most importantly, it is constantly beautified.

Cicha has an unusual, intimate atmosphere, the stables are originally arranged, lush vegetation is the basis of the interior design of the whole Cicha. The combination of greenery breaking into the stable (indeed! Trees grow straight from the floor here), raw brick and wood is impressive. In addition, the boho-style tents bring to mind the tropical climate of Bali. We have already had the opportunity to photograph the engagement session in Kimura Glamping tents. This is a place to celebrate love!

What else does Cicha offer? Wooden houses perfect for wedding preparations. Initially, there was only a house next to a large stable. And recently there is another one. Kasia's preparations took place in a wooden house next to a small stable. If you dream of celebrating the day of wedding preparations in peace, close to nature, in the spirit of words, and to have a photogenic space for beautiful wedding photos - this place is made for it. Surrounded by greenery, blissful silence, and this natural aesthetics inside! In such surroundings, the bride's makeup and hairstyle is a time to relax. Completely in opposition to the often-encountered pre-wedding hustle and bustle under stress. Kasia was getting ready at the house with her seven-month-old daughter, their moments of closeness are a strong point of the reportage. And these extras! Two wedding dresses, wonderful details and jewelry, wedding rings, flowers, decorations at the ceremony site and on the tables - everything fits perfectly into the space of Cicha.

Little Stable Cicha 23 - wedding reception in a barn

The wedding and wedding of Kasia and Damian was one of the most beautiful we photographed last season. The unusual corners of Cicha inspire to create original frames, regardless of the weather or the season of the year. However, the weather was good for us. This is important, especially for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Outdoor weddings have this unusual, romantic aura.

But there would be no magic and so many beautiful wedding photos without them. In love and happy. This day was an extraordinary experience for them, but also for us.

We obligatorily made a short session outdoors, and after returning to the room, hot meals were provided by Catering Kręgliccy. With their first dance in the open air, the newlyweds officially started the dance celebration. It was a wedding in a beautiful style. Young people and guests did not hide their joy. The dance floor was ablaze with hot rhythms. Here and there there was a buzz of conversation and loud laughter during the toasts. And in the open air, wedding guests could taste the delicious burgers from "Bydło i Powidło".

The night mini wedding session allowed for a moment to escape from the wedding fun to cuddle up to each other and look at each other in the eyes. Here we also used the night lighting of Cicha and a house next to a small stable. Romantic, in a slightly nostalgic atmosphere, a perfect space for photos with magic lights. We love this atmosphere and the possibility of experimenting with light. You often thank us for these short kidnappings at weddings. You can watch these fleeting moments of affection later in your wedding album. We feel great joy that we could look at them from behind the camera. Beautiful wedding photos are more than a report or a reportage showing the course of events. These are all the tender moments. Over time, they will become the most valuable of all wedding souvenirs.

A beautiful place for a wedding near Warsaw – Cicha 23 Marki

The present times have deprived us of boisterous weddings and pompous parties. For how long? Nobody knows for sure. We trust that the next season will be more gracious for our couples, that everything will slowly start to return to its former tracks. Restrictions related to the number of guests probably most often forced couples to change their wedding plans, postpone the wedding date, change the place of the event, or even completely abandon the wedding to wait for more favorable times. Weddings and receptions were more intimate, sometimes with a number of compromises.

Does this highly realistic sugar-free introduction mean that it was a worse season since we were photographing weddings? And here we will surprise you!

He was the best! Absolutely! It's hard for us to fully understand it, but this year's weddings were the most beautiful we had the pleasure to photograph so far. We worked in beautiful, fashionable venues for a wedding and a wedding reception. A Cicha 23 Event Place is undoubtedly one of the leading places in the immediate vicinity of Warsaw.

In addition to fairy-tale locations, we met fantastic people. We have established new relationships. Finally - we had the most diverse season in terms of reporting - from micro ceremonies, to maybe not fancy weddings for 200 people, but energetic, intimate parties. We are happy to remember the romantic humanist wedding in Stara Kruszarnia - many couples can dream of such a beautiful ceremony and an atmospheric party. And beautiful wedding photos are the most valuable that will remain next to your memories.

Undoubtedly, such projects give us energy, strength, motivation and make us want to give even more. Paradoxically, maybe all these limitations made weddings and weddings, although intimate, even more authentic, unique, organized with heart, commitment and even more beautifully framed? We have witnessed just such.

Venue: Cicha 23

Decor: Dekorujemy


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