Megan i Lancelot. An Intimate wedding in Paris

It’s beautiful when we can photograph wedding reports that are so diverse. Once a pompous, large wedding with traditions, once an outdoor ceremony in a charming, atmospheric place, or a completely intimate wedding ceremony in a group of only a few or a dozen of the nearest people. You decide how you want to experience this special moment – your wedding. The closer to the heart of the solution you can put into practice, the more smile and joy you will then see in the pictures.

We would like to tell you about a very intimate and unusual and international wedding. She was American, he Frenchman decided to get married in Paris. Megan and Lancelot decided on a very modest, intimate ceremony at the wedding palace. They did not have a loud wedding, in principle they did not have it;) And during the wedding there was not even the moment of exchanging wedding rings, because as it turned out, they did not have time to buy them just before. And no one was particularly worried about this fact, and for those few minutes in the office, the joy shone on their faces! They celebrated their love very spontaneously and authentically, without all the mass of details, trifles and stressful preparations.

Why do we mention this? Because sometimes the whole pre-wedding fever of preparation for the big day generates a lot of stress and only makes the young couple remember the beautiful day after all.

A short wedding outdoor. Green Paris

But let’s come back for a moment to the story of Megan and Lancelot. It started with a short photo session in a nearby park. The weather was capricious, and the cloudy sky spared no rain. Megan effectively brightened the scenery with a smile. There is no typical urban Paris in this session as during the sessions of Ola and Przemek. There was no Eiffel tower, and there would not even be time to reach it, because we had an intended session less than an hour. This park could happen anywhere. We focused only on our pair. Beautiful, authentic, with a great sense of humor and a huge distance to yourself (as you will see when you last till the end of the entry).

We must also mention the insanely beautiful Megan dress. Her ragged edges and the texture of the silk-covered silk attracted more than one pair of eyes! And for this, original, for a wedding, patchy gray. He as a typical French put on nonchalant classics.

Immediately after the session, slightly wet, we went to the wedding palace, where the same beautiful smile on their faces greeted the waiting guests. And finally, the most important minute when they took oaths and marriages.

One would like to say: it’s so short and how thorough. One of our shortest weddings, and it arouses so warm feelings in us that we could not show you this realization!