A unique place for a wedding in Poland. Weranda Home

Do you like fairy-tale locations for a wedding surrounded by nature? Or maybe modern design? Or maybe a little tradition? If so, we have a unique implementation for you. The wedding and reception of Julia and Krzysztof in a place that not only combines all this, it offers much more. We are convinced that it is difficult for a second such place in Poland!

Weranda Home – is a beautiful, renovated residence near Poznan, situated in a vast green area, with a large garden from which we have a direct descent to the lakes. It’s a dream look for the first look, as you’ll see when watching the material. Let me tell you a few more sentences because the aura that accompanies this place is truly magical. Julia and Krzysztof gave up this magic, who decided to organize their wedding here. The idea of ​​slow wedding will become very popular with Weranda. Watching how the young couple prepared for the wedding, it felt like time stood still, and the pre-wedding stress did not reach this address.

We as wedding photographers were charmed and hypnotized by the estate from the first second. It is there intimate, so “Scandinavian” cozy and beautifully bright! The style of Weranda itself is quite difficult to clearly determine. The classic interior design combines and harmonizes with modern design. And there are beautiful additions there, which in the case of full reportage add character and diversify the story. In addition, this place is definitely unique, delicious cuisine.

Wedding reportage – Your story, your day

We love such eclecticism and fresh, innovative approach to weddings. There will be a place here and outdoor weddings in the style of boho, or classic weddings and intimate wedding parties.

A beautiful place is not enough to create a unique story. People, their love, all gestures and fleeting moments of interaction are indispensable. We can not, therefore, not mention them – Julia and Krzyś. Fantastic energy, joy and ease from the very preparations. This specific aura, which appeared, is undoubtedly also due to the people who accompanied Julia and Krzys. The joy of the loved ones is given directly to the bride and groom. It shows in the pictures, it’s nice to watch years later. We are very lucky not only to have beautiful, but also beautiful, stories of history that we could keep in Kashubia or Oslo. A lot of inspiration awaits there.

Wedding and reception in a classic style

Certainly the whole frame was guided by the classic style, but there were also green motifs, both in the decoration of the room and tables, as well as in the wedding bouquet or in the church. Super natural make-up and Julia’s romantic hairstyle was completed by a beautiful dress with a deep, decorated neckline from Viola Piekut. Krzysztof put on a timeless classic with a silk fly. They both looked crazy!

That day there was emotion, there was joy (sometimes to tears). It was also warm – this is interpersonal especially because the weather has sunk us (in a light rain you can also do a nice outdoor session). There was power and fireworks, not just on the dance floor. Finally, it was delicious for the palate and tasty for the eye.

Saturated with memories, with great pleasure we leave here a trace and a part of this event! Julia and Krzyś – thank you for inviting us to your story.