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Lofoten Islands – wedding photography

A wedding session abroad is the most beautiful wedding souvenir you will probably have right after your wedding. It is a completely different dimension of wedding photos, different experiences, much greater involvement of both the photographer and the couple, and finally the Wow effect. During a standard wedding session in a city or nearby park, you spend no more than one afternoon, and after the session you return to everyday matters. A foreign wedding session is definitely a bigger undertaking.

Certainly, many young couples are wondering if it is worth going or going abroad to carry out their wedding session? At 99%, it is the only such journey in life. The only such photos and the only adventure. Is a wedding session abroad for everyone? Definitely not. It is an opportunity to make your dreams come true and experience an unforgettable adventure – not a necessity. If you love traveling, discovering extraordinary places, beautiful landscapes, adventure, company, experiencing new things, and finally – you appreciate the value of photos taken in unusual or well-known places, but admired only on instagram, which you have to spend time and effort to find there reach – this wedding session abroad is undoubtedly an option for you!

Wedding sessiom – Lofoten

You have probably wondered more than once where you can make a wedding session abroad, what place to choose to make the photos delight? Or how to organize it? How much does a wedding session abroad cost? Does it pay off at all? Is it all worthwhile?

Nowadays, it is not difficult to organize an exotic wedding session abroad. In fact, the most important thing is your attitude and the world is open. Of course, today or tomorrow we may have a problem to fly out wherever we want because of the ongoing covid theme. The pandemic has mixed up a lot and we have many limitations at the moment. Which does not mean that it is impossible to organize a foreign plein-air successfully. This session will prove that in times of a pandemic you can make a fabulous wedding session abroad. Remember that a pandemic is only a transitional stage that will pass. The borders will open, the restrictions are gone, and then the desire to travel will be even greater. Especially since there are so many possibilities for an amazing wedding session abroad. European cities that delight with their architecture and famous monuments, such as Venice, Rome, Paris or Lisbon – will be perfect for a wedding session in an urban, romantic style. Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Madeira and Tuscany will be perfect for those who love spectacular views or picturesque landscapes. It does not matter if your wedding session will take place in Italy or on the hot Santorini, or perhaps stunning Iceland or Lofoten, the most important thing is that it will make your dreams come true.

At the beginning, be sure to watch the report from this unique trip. You will see all of this. which delighted our eyes, and above all, you will see how we work during foreign sessions:

Honeymoon and photo session

The combination of a wedding session with a mini honeymoon trip is a very practical solution, thanks to which you not only get a souvenir in the form of an original photo session, you also visit and spend time for tourists, enjoying yourself and a short vacation.

A wedding session abroad is your time together in amazing photos. It is a unique adventure and amazing experience. Do you dream of a wedding session with a real “wow” effect ?! See how we organized and realized the wedding of Ola and Adrian in Norway, in the breathtaking Lofoten. We assure you that after watching the session, you will no longer wonder if it is worth it!

Wedding session in Norway

When going to Norway or Iceland, we almost guarantee spectacular and breathtaking views. It is a dream come true for lovers of wild, stunning nature and colors.

But Norway is not Spain, Greece or Croatia – the weather here is changeable and may surprise you. It is worth taking into account an additional, emergency day when booking flights. It just so happens that flights to Scandinavia are for a minimum of -2-4 days, thanks to which there is enough time to make great photo material. Of course, you can arrange a longer stay, even a week, rent a motorhome and travel across Norway, but it is associated with higher costs on the spot and higher remuneration for the photographer.

When thinking about a wedding session abroad, first of all try to plan it so that it is in line with your expectations and possibilities.

With our couple – Ola and Adrian, we flew to Norway in August (holidays are the best time when it comes to weather). Perhaps some of you will think that a wedding session abroad in the midst of a pandemic is a big risk. Initially, we also did not know what awaited us and what might happen during the trip. But for a moment we had no doubts that it was a good decision and that it would be amazing. Norway is a very vast country, the coastline is over 100,000 kilometers, there are few overpopulated places, and we finally chose the direction of Lofoten – for wild and unspoiled views.

Lofoten – the most beautiful places for sessions in North Europe

The trip to the site was not difficult logistically. First, a flight from Gdańsk to Bodo. From the airport, we went directly to the ferry that took us to Lofoten, and we had a car booked on site. There is also a good accommodation base in Lofoten, we chose a house in a place from which we were strategically closest to individual points, where we intended to photograph our couple. A wedding session in Lofoten requires a lot of time to move from place to place. Make sure you plan where you would like to take photos. The distances between the most spectacular places are quite long, and many of them are hidden between or behind rocks or mountains that can only be reached on foot. Comfortable trekking shoes are essential!

But what is so special about a wedding session in Lofoten, and why is it worth the trouble and hiking rocky trails?

Lofoten islands in the north of Norway, experts from National Geographic awarded them the third place among the most beautiful islands in the world for a reason! Lofoten consists of seven islands, five of which are connected by the E10 road, and the other two are accessible by ferry or plane. The fairy-tale landscapes of the Lofoten Islands seem so magical that they are almost unreal. The steep slopes of the mountains rise straight from the sea to a height of 1,200 meters, and their inaccessible walls isolate small fishing villages from civilization. Some of the villages are completely abandoned. The red and yellow stilt houses – the famous Rorbuer – are traditional fishermen’s huts, rented to tourists today. On a sunny day, these honey yellow and dark red wooden walls are an amazing contrast to the surrounding nature. The towns and villages are incredibly charming. Beautiful beaches with fine white sand, the depth of the colors of the coastline, the clarity of the air and the magical northern light – all of these together create real magic in the photos. it is difficult to express with words everything that appears to the eyes. The view from Reine on the Kirkefjord has been recognized as the most beautiful in Norway. By climbing 1600 rock stairs to heaven to get to this summit, we can confirm – it is the most beautiful! It is also the most famous trail of the Lofoten.

In addition to the planned photo points, we absorbed and stopped to photograph and admire the views from the route. Without sticking to strict frameworks, we work best and definitely the most effective. Our spontaneity and openness is also positively perceived by our young couples who we photograph during our trips. Additionally, we will take care of every detail to make the final effect of the session delightful. Iwona will do professional makeup and hairstyle for the session. You will look as beautiful as you did on your wedding day. We even had a wedding bouquet, which Ola made for the session herself – see her profile (Wiecheciowo) – she creates floral wonders and beautiful wedding decorations.

In such a creative set, we could go to absolutely any place in the world and bring beautiful wedding photos from there. That’s for sure.

Lofoten adventure

Every most beautiful postcard needs this light, spark and a carrier of feelings to gain a subjective and deeper dimension. This medium in our photography has always been a human, a relationship or an emotion.

No mountains are terrible, no demanding trails with such a positive atmosphere and a huge dose of positive energy. The feeling that we are going on a journey together to create something unique gives us wind in our wings.

What else made the wedding session in Lofoten unique? It will sound cliche, but it’s love! In the middle of a breathtaking view, we always see a man. We tend to watch their feelings, bonds and relationships with tenderness. We didn’t have to give too many tips on how to pose. Anyway, authenticity plays a very important role in our photography, not only in wedding reportage. We leave our couples a space that they simply fill with each other. After all, it is the human being who inspires the creation of the most beautiful stories.

If you were also delighted with this beautiful wedding session in Lofoten, and you dream that your wedding took place in an equally amazing place, then write to us! We have extensive experience and we have already completed many wedding sessions abroad. With us, you can be sure that everything will be organized to the last button, and the photos will be the most beautiful souvenir to which you will return many times. We will be happy to go with you not only to Lofoten, but to any other place you dream about.

Finally, check out the report from this unique trip. You will see all of this. which delighted our eyes, and above all, you will see how we work during foreign sessions.

So what ?! Who goes with us on another amazing journey for the most beautiful wedding photos?


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