Mansior House Mietowe Wzgorza - French-Polish Wedding


Mietowe Wzgorza – international wedding

Every time we have the opportunity to photograph international weddings, we are sure that the report from that day will be an amazing story with surprising moments. So it was this time. Magda and Glidas are a wonderful, smiling Polish-French couple full of energy. They celebrated their love authentically and at ease, and the result is this wedding reportage. It was one of the craziest weddings. And everything took place in the unique Miętowe Wzgórza residence.

Mansior House Mietowe Wzgorza – pool wedding

If you are an equally positive couple like Magda and Glidas, who do not chase the patterns and willingly follow the less well-worn wedding route, then you probably dream of a wedding in a place where this day will be truly special. Choosing the perfect wedding venue is not easy. But it's worth taking the time to choose exactly the place that will perfectly match the nature of your wedding and reception.

Magda and Glidas, although they do not live in Poland on a daily basis, decided to get married here. We can only imagine how difficult it must have been to organize an international wedding in times of a pandemic and constant wedding restrictions. Huge applause that they managed to organize it with great success. And even a pump (as you will see by following this post to the end).

The choice of the place where they celebrated their love fell on the Miętowe Wzgórza Residence in Zakroczym near Warsaw.

Mietowe Wzgorza Zakroczym – nice venue for wedding

A wedding ceremony and reception in Miętowe Wzgórza is the best proposition for all those who wish to make their wedding day special and unforgettable. An elegant residence in a slightly eclectic style is a combination of tasteful design and luxury. The biggest advantage of this place is the beautiful garden with an outdoor swimming pool, next to which open-air wedding ceremonies take place. Turquoise water, a sun-drenched villa and the atmosphere of the surrounding nature give this place a unique atmosphere. It is in vain to look for another such place in Warsaw. In addition, the fresh scent of mint, which grows in the nearby gardens in summer, makes this place a real refreshment on the wedding venues map for a wedding in Warsaw and its vicinity . The surrounding of nearby fields and forests, as well as garden gazebos, give you a break and make it peaceful and idyllic.

This truly soothing atmosphere favors young couples who often experience pre-wedding stress. No wonder that many couples choose Mint Hills to take their marriage vows by the pool and invite guests to their wedding here.

A wedding in Miętowe Wzgórzach is an interesting alternative for those who would like to transfer the style glamor or elegance from elegant palaces to places close to nature. The residence has an accommodation base and is located only 30 km from the center of the capital - it is definitely a good solution for couples from Warsaw, or in this case - for couples and guests from abroad.

Pool and crazy wedding party

Preparations of Magda and Glidas took place in the beautiful apartments of the residence. Meanwhile, magic was created in the wedding hall thanks to the extremely talented girls from Agu-Art. They made the wedding hall transform into a pastel pink, flowery garden. In addition, golden accessories and a large amount of artificial lights added warmth and romantic atmosphere. The decorators also took care of the external space, i.e. decorating the wedding place - the gazebo with the area by the pool.

The civil wedding by the swimming pool was extremely touching. Tears of joy ran down many cheeks and mingled with undisguised joy. It should be added here that despite many obstacles, the French part of the guests came in large numbers to the wedding ceremony. It additionally caused a smile - to be close, to be together in such difficult times is the best we can give. And the presence of loved ones on such an important day certainly made the young couple happy.

After emotions, wishes and all hugs, it's time for a wedding, toasts and fun.

And then it started!

Polish - French wedding - Mietowych Wzgorzach

Along with the first bars of the music, right after the spectacular first dance of the young couple, a real dance floor madness began. We haven't had so much energy, happiness and spontaneity for a long time.

Maybe it was the cultural mix, or maybe the uninhibited joy of celebrating the wedding of these two freed the dance floor, which for a moment did not remain empty. Well, unless there was a break for toasts or wedding speeches full of feelings. We must emphasize at this point how much we like all the emotional and tender moments that you share during the wedding and reception. These are the moments that are so precious and absolutely the most beautiful in a wedding album.

The joy and fun lasted for hours. We couldn't miss the opportunity to kidnap Magda and Glidas for a few one-on-one shots in the beautiful surroundings of the Mints. We know how much you like short plein-airs on your wedding day and you react positively to our ideas.

They also tasted sweet cake by the pool. It was delicious and spectacular. The greatest spectacle, however, was waiting for the end of this true festival of joy and love. Nobody expected it, and nobody planned it.

When we were at the end of our photographic work time - the swimming pool was filled with spontaneous jumps into the water of the wedding guests and the groom! Have we managed to reach for cameras again and capture those crazy and spontaneous moments?

Venue: Mansior House Mietowe Wzgorza

Decoration & florist:  Agu-Art


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Warszawa, Polska
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