A wedding and a wedding is undoubtedly one of the more lofty and important moments to perpetuate. The value of the souvenir which is the reportage from that day, whether the session is probably invaluable. We want to remember and remember important, special events in our lives. And photography not only helps us, but also emphasizes this uniqueness. It stops the moment and brings out its beauty. Especially today, when the development of technology has made us do hundreds of pictures a day, the aesthetics and consistency of history that we present take on special significance.

Family photography, child baptism

One of such moments, which, in our opinion, should be shown more carefully and more carefully can be baptism. Probably some of you did not expect such an entry here. Marriage, earlier engagement session, then outdoor – everything revolves around a couple! But when a child appears in your life, it takes over the leading and the most important position. Those of you who have become parents will certainly come here with us;)

It is not surprising, therefore, that many couples have joined us this season to photograph the next stage in their lives. There were, therefore, pregnancy, family sessions or just baptismal ceremonies.

A report in which the child plays a major role is one of the most difficult challenges. A child is an element, it is an eternally charged battery, it’s a whole palette of emotions. We must gain their confidence to let us into their world. It is worth trying, because it is a world full of truth, authenticity and naturalness, where the honesty of children give us in the palm of your hand. Beautiful world.

Holy Baptism in Saska Kepa

Today we will show you a short history of baptism and a homely family party. Do not just set your mind on a sleeping baby in a boot. This sweet girl is already running and exploring the world. The reportage is usually started by the mass in the church, the passage ritual – the moment of pouring water – is the one awaited by the parents. A moment that is definitely worth immortalizing. And after a more schematic, orderly and official part, it’s nice to indulge in a loose observation of the family and invited guests at the party. We like the fact that you are organizing them more and more often in very nice and interesting places. Beautiful Saska Kępa, “At the Chefs”, the fullness of summer, joy, family, children’s carefree fun, all this contributed to a beautiful, loving family portrait. And in the heart of this story a little creature – Julia.