Epic light in the church in Warsaw, International wedding

Weddings and international or even multi-religious weddings are always exceptional celebrations, because they combine different traditions and customs. Two nationalities, two languages, two cultures, and sometimes a different approach to wedding celebration. It always creates a very interesting mix and definitely a lot of opportunities for beautiful and original wedding photos. I do not think we need to say how much intercultural celebrations we enjoy. We can not only photograph interesting moments, but also learn a lot of new habits. Today we will show you a Polish wedding with an Egyptian.

Polish -Egyptian wedding in the Dominican church in Sluzew

Aneta and Reda dreamed of getting married, which will be a combination of two traditions, Polish and Egyptian. Interlacing Egyptian elements into a Polish wedding was visible from the wedding preparations themselves. So from the beginning! The extraordinary idea of ​​the bride was to embroider Egyptian colors or decorations into a wedding classic. The wedding dress from Viola Piekut with an elegant and simple line was complemented by a large amount of gold jewelry. The wedding hairstyle surprised us. Golden ribbons densely wrapped in a smooth, long ponytail. Also, the makeup was inspired by the Egyptian style. Golden particles glittered on the eyelids, and the eye shaped a distinct line. The make-up and hairstyle of the bride were to be a surprise for the groom. That’s why the preparations took place separately. Aneta in the living room, and Redy in the hotel room. Such a solution really intensifies the feeling of waiting. Young people can not wait for themselves anymore. And when the moment comes to see just before, or during the ceremony, when Dad leads to the altar, he is certainly one of the most beautiful. Similar heartbeat is caused by an unusually arranged “first look”. Such reactions are not forgotten. It’s worth making sure that they also appear in your wedding album.

The wedding ceremony took place in one of the most beautiful churches in Warsaw. In the Dominican monastery (because it should be so clearly defined) in Służew. The unique atmosphere of this church is due to the combination of architecture and light. Whoever was in this temple knows perfectly well that the light inside is magical. For this lack of all the decorations, a bit austere interior and a high rib-like vault, they look upwards. No wonder that here, in Służew, many couples want to join the marriage. The wedding ceremony was very romantic. The atmosphere of the temple surely contributed to this, and in the eyes of the newlyweds and guests, one could see a genuine emotion.

Reception in Cuda Wianki Wilanow

After such a beautiful wedding, finally came the time for celebration. The young people chose the wedding restaurant Cuda Wianki at Wilanow, which is an ideal venue for intimate weddings. The interior of the restaurant is kept in a folk style. Pillows with red cocks, wooden benches and chairs with carved hunting motifs, wreaths and paper decorations hanging in the windows and at the ceiling, and lots of warm colors. All this makes the place very cozy and carries the atmosphere of celebration, fun and feasts. And so it was. The wedding party surprised us very positively. Wedding guests densely filled the parquet. Especially when one of the attractions was a show of traditional belly dancing. It was spectacular, there was power and the dance hall was not emptying, and we could shoot some really expressive frames. We hope that you will also stop from time to time for a longer time watching this wedding report!