A moving wedding near the bay – Estera & Kristoffer

When we think about what a perfect wedding day should look like, we usually have a nice place in our heads, good weather and a bunch of loved ones who celebrate their love. We really want it to be as beautiful as possible, because wedding is that special event in the life of every couple!

And our dream wedding? What do we as photographers have on mind when imagining the perfect wedding? The answer to this question came with the message from Estera. She is Polish, he is Norwegian. Another mixed couple, we were lucky to come across. Love and art in the background, as one of them has an artistic soul.

Estera told us that, together with Kristoffer, they are planning a wedding ceremony and a garden reception party at the waterfront, on premises of a rented villa that is not a typical “wedding location”, yet they want to break the schemes by organizing a DIY wedding, doing everything themselves from scratch. And that they want to show what strength creativity has and that you can do it! by preparing a magical wedding for little money. And if you add that the bride is also a professional photographer, and the whole organization was taken care of 3 months ahead of schedule (and not by necessity or lack of time), we knew then that something amazing awaits us. Our intuition was right, and the reality exceeded our wildest expectations.

If you ask if it is really possible to get married where everyone, not only the young couple, just enjoys the day in a relaxed atmosphere… without unnecessary stress, stiff schedule, no artificial moments: “because you have to”, “because they say so” “because that’s tradition” – this wedding shows that you truly can! And although from the aesthetic side it was beautiful, consistent and everything was pleasant to the eye and… frame, yet the atmosphere and people where the most enchanting without which nothing would be achieved.

The very beginning of this day was special (carefree?). A rented, typical Scandinavian villa, with a beautiful garden on the shores of the Oslo bay in. A bunch of closest friends and a large family. Putting up tents, decorations, lighting, ceremony setting, everything done together in the company of running kids, play and coolness. Kristoffer’s preparation were at home, with a truly royal breakfast :) Estera, on the other hand, with her bridesmaids at the Villa. Another guests arrive on the spot. Finally, just before the ceremony, the time for a unique, intimate moment in which he and she see each other all dressed up for the first time. Emotions. Then there were even more. The chosen location of Estera on her “first look” was perfect – rocky fjord coast near the wedding venue. A great moment worth planning during your wedding day.

The ceremony and reception were already a whole collection of emotions. There were so many of them that it’s hard to list everything here. Numerous speeches and toasts (no alcohol!), Surprises prepared for the couple, the first dance under the open sky, celebration!

If we were to sum up this wedding briefly, it would be a combination of Polish hospitality with the Scandinavian aesthetics of minimalism, surrounded by beautiful nature. But this is not enough, because you can’t lock the atmosphere within a single word that great people created all the time :)

And probably we won’t find the right words to describe how this wedding is simply unique and close to our hearts. It was a special day during which we felt joy and fulfillment – the work of dreams, and the first wedding report from which we were leaving as last! Thanks to it, we can tell you this story from the beginning to the end. And we spent many hours choosing the right photos, this essence, which will perfectly reflect all the magic and beauty of those moments.