A outdoor civil wedding  in the Zlotopolska  Dolina

Zlotopolska Dolina, picturesquely, off the beaten track, surrounded by fields and trees. And although we have been there many times, we always come back with certainty that a unique atmosphere awaits us.

We love wedding sessions and reportages, which, thanks to not only the place but above all, allow people to capture the unusual aura, thanks to which the photos are original and unique. I think each of us met more than once with the statement that unique photographs are those that have a “soul”. And neither the most expensive wedding dress, the most popular barn or the most beautiful weather will guarantee it! It’s people, gestures, cordiality and closeness that give a certain magic that you will see in your wedding pictures years later.

Monika and Krzysztof have convinced us from the very morning that it will be a special day and a unique performance. Without a rigid schedule, nervous planning and bustle, but surrounded by relatives and friends, they celebrated the day unhurriedly. We are immediately reminded of the beautiful slow wedding we photographed in Oslo. Similar energy and great atmosphere of the place. There was time for family breakfast, for conversation, for smiles. Are not the most beautiful faces mentioned after years?

Rock’n’Roll Wedding

Love and Rock & Roll! This is how you can describe this day, this couple and the people who accompany them. Rock details dominated and scrolled almost at every step. Each table is a different rock legend. Decorations from vinyl plates looked very stylish. For this a well-composed welcome plate. Guitars, adapters, beautiful greeting cards like works of art. The artistic atmosphere hovered in the air.

The civil wedding took place outdoors at the back of the hotel, in a beautiful gazebo adapted for wedding ceremonies. We were charmed by gathered guests. artistically, colorfully – this is how we remember this picture. A short but moving ceremony, then wishes, lots of emotions, joy and hugs. And although there were constant traditional moments like greeting with bread and salt, we did not have to stick to the usual schemes. the atmosphere itself ran the course of events. It was wonderful to watch how everyone gathered on this special day for Monika and Krzyś just enjoyed the meeting. They were with each other, they talked, they were unhurriedly celebrating.

It was also possible to make some intimate shots just before the sun went out and real smoke started on the dance floor! Because, since the rock wedding, it could not miss a specific blow. A surprise for the guests was a concert by Rock’n’roll band Big Bit. The response of guests on the dance floor exceeded our expectations. The parquet was burning in Beatels’ rhythms and the Polish classic of the big beat. He also burned a cake. which the bride and groom cut up under the open sky.

It is fantastic to be able to come back to this day and share it with you. What else did we remember? Golden advice for a successful relationship from the bride and groom’s parents who asked us for several posed pictures during the wedding. It’s a rarity, it’s a beautiful thing. Holding hands, like teenagers, they celebrated the love of their children.

It is these people and such realizations that when we are all over our faces, thank you that we have a dream job!