Romantic session in Venice


Wedding session and unique Venice

It is said that Venice is a city of love. The romantic Italian climate is present here almost everywhere. Great light, countless channels and bridges, and gondolas that make the entire city sway on the water. True, that sounds wonderful ?! Then let’s add the Burano island, where the colorful facades of the buildings create fabulous winter holidays, or the neighboring Murano, which tempts the eyes with glass handicrafts. It all sounds like a dream about a dream, foreign wedding session.

And despite our many Italian journeys, we were never “on the way” to Venice, and lots of rumors did not encourage us to visit this very crowded city. Until we visited Venice for the first time on the occasion of a fashion order. This place charmed us almost immediately. We decided that if the time of our private wedding session comes, we will realize it here. We also knew that sooner or later we would return, this time to be on the other side of the camera photographing a couple in love. Sylwia and Mateusz like us love the Italian climate. If you have not had the opportunity to see their fiancee session in sunny Tuscany, be sure to take a look!

Anyone who has visited Venice at least once knows that photographing in one of the most touristy Italian towns is a challenge. Tourists are just everywhere. Of course, it is impossible to show Venice without people, ordinary residents spontaneously talking, a lady hanging laundry, or random voyeurs surreptitiously opening the shutters to greet a young couple with a smile. People give this place unique energy. Italians are wonderful! What we found out when one of the ladies, while looking at our actions, invited us to a wonderful gallery of glass handicrafts, and also to take some pictures there. This spontaneous gesture proved to be the perfect end to the session.

Emotions not only in the pictures - session in Italy

But let’s get back to the beginning. To get an intimate, truly romantic atmosphere after all, we had to start shooting at dawn. Place. St. The brand bathed in the rays of the rising sun, slightly deserted at this time, looked beautiful. As indeed our young couple. Sylwia in an individually designed dress boldly exposing the back, and Mateusz in a stylish suit. Elegance and class, perfect fit into the atmosphere of the place. We must add that they were one of the few couples who kept up with the photographer;)

And taking into account the fact that at the very beginning of the session one of our favorite lenses refused to obey us, we still think that it was absolutely fantastic time! Adversity should be turned into an advantage, creativity even more and squeeze the maximum of the beautiful frames. Two intense days, dozens of kilometers traveled, przemili people who greeted us with a smile, and that the tradition has been done – there were also cats, which with each of our Italian travel sneak into the frames like professional models.

We would like to thank Sylwia and Mateusz for their commitment, full confidence and this wonderful energy, which they emitted not only during the session, but all the time. Thanks to them, we can now share with you this beautiful love story and the place seen through our eyes and hearts. Maybe you’ll fall in love with Venice?

You’re welcome!


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