Outdoor wedding – boho and modern minimalism

Weddings, which cannot be defined in one style or character, are very interesting. Weddings that don’t blindly chase fashion, but reflect you and your style, bring a whole lot of sincere moments and opportunities to capture.

This was the case with Kasia and Kuba at Villa Foksal. On the one hand, an open-air ceremony, beautiful floral decorations, part of a garden party, where guests could talk to each other, enjoying themselves and celebrating the love of the newlyweds with drinks. Totally in the atmosphere of slow wedding, where the mood was additionally emphasized by light decorations around the garden. Probably everyone immediately brings to mind the natural, light and green boho style. On the other hand, there were also traditional reportage elements, starting with the preparations of the groom and the bride, i.e. dressing by witnesses, waiting at home (Kasia and Kuba’s cats were especially marked here;), finally the ceremony, wishes, toasts, first dance, cake, fun and attractions, and so on until the end. The beauty and tradition of Polish weddings, served and dressed in a very tasty form. Everything so pleasing to the eye, forms and colors matched us very nicely that day.

They were extremely beautiful! Kasia in the Le Blanc by Asia Kubiak dress looked phenomenal. Modern minimalism, which we believe will be a hot trend. Kuba also looked fantastic in a modernized version of a classic suit with a vest of a different color.

A wedding in the center of Warsaw – Villa Foksal

Both the ceremony and the reception took place at Villa Foksal in the very heart of Warsaw. A fabulously arranged garden with lots of flower decorations, lanterns and lights that warmed the garden at dusk. We couldn’t help but use this space for a short mini session. The first one was fresh after the wedding ceremony, and the next time it was completely dark. It is worth organizing a quick session on the wedding day. The effects can delight you, and you only need to leave the guests or the dance floor for a moment.

And since we are at the dance floor, we must mention one more unique decoration! Do you remember Kasia and Kuba’s engagement session in an urban, holiday style? If not, check it out!

A romantic wedding in the garden of Villa Foksal

We were totally surprised when the photos from this session, throughout the party, enlivened Willa’s dance floor in the form of a show that was displayed on the screen. You could say that Kasia and Kuba did not leave the dance floor;) It’s a great idea to transfer photos from your engagement sessions in an interesting way to your wedding. Not only as gifts for parents, but maybe as Kasia and Kuba did.

And finally, briefly about one more very important element, without which this material would not have this energy and unusual aura. They are people. It is you who build the shot after the shot, creating a beautiful story that you will remember with your loved ones after many years. People, their energy, joy, love and emotion are always and invariably the most important and most inspiring “decoration” of each event. And this is the story of Kasia and Kuba – welcome!