Polish wedding with rustic motifs

The combination of tradition and natural, country style can give amazing results. This is why the rustic style is still very popular. Organizing a wedding away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in silence and with a beautiful landscape in the background, seems to be an ideal solution.

“Kraszowianka” – it is a very charming and idyllic place, where Karolina and Michał organized their wedding. You could remember them from one of our recent entries, their love wedding session in Matera (Italy).

Today we want to show you how beautiful their wedding was. We remember exactly how the radiant and smiling greeted us, and the whole atmosphere of preparation and behavior of the household members made us feel like ours. The groom and the bride looked insanely, and we fell in love with the whole setting of their wedding. There were beautiful flowers, rustic decorations, natural accessories and a lot of wood. There was also the cult “Warsaw” and a mini-session among the nearby fields.

A lot of the party took place outdoors, and there is a relaxation zone and a truly chill atmosphere! Meadow, sheaves of hay, picnic with delicacies and lemonade, and in the background a huge, luminous love sign and another opportunity for beautiful souvenir photos. We personally love all the ideas of moving the party to the fresh air, where in a pleasant environment guests can talk to each other, relax or if it prefers to play games more actively. It’s a great solution to relax somewhat from the food that bends from the food, and in addition to the opportunity for interesting shots.

The whole day brought hundreds of small details that invariably pleased the eyes. However, most importantly – this day was filled with great people, and the relaxed atmosphere and naturalness meant that we enjoyed together with them. Wonderful that we could accompany them :)