Lisbon Wedding Session


Portugal wedding Session

Lisbon – one of the most artistic cities in Europe, small and has so much to offer. It is diversity and a specific street style that makes wedding photos in Lisbon can be original and unique.

Ewa and Michał were just perfect for a foreign wedding outdoor, in this case a wedding outdoor in Portugal. They are both lovers of traveling, they are not afraid of kilometers traveled on foot in the mazes of streets, in search of perfect frames. But in addition to being brave and engaged during the wedding session, it is above all a couple of fantastic people with whom we spent this time. And we can’t wait when the opportunity appears on the horizon, for another joint journey, not necessarily a photo one;)

But let’s leave the sphere of plans for a moment and go back to what happened. Wedding open-air in Portugal – it was a theme that had been in our minds for several seasons. We probably had a lot of luck, because this summer we managed to realize not only the wedding session in Lisbon, but also a beautiful destination wedding in a picturesque villa near Porto. Who else has not seen let him catch up quickly.

Wedding session in Lisbon. Pictures in the Alfama district

In a city like Lisbon, you can actually do several photo sessions at the same time and each will be different! It is enough to mention, briefly, that it is situated on 7 hills, wrapped in an ocean, enchanting with a multitude of colors, especially due to yellow trams, and it also smells of the famous Pasteis de Belem! (We checked the last one many times;))

But Lisbon did not get to know enough who identifies it only with yellow trams or artistic graffiti. By the way, do you know how difficult it is to find a yellow tram not covered with advertisements? Or an alley or an interesting wall that is not smudged? What struck us a bit is the level of vandalism and destruction of what attracts so many tourists to Lisbon. Who remembers the movie Imagine will probably associate what we are talking about.

After all, Lisbon is still impressive. And it’s definitely worth delving into this city. We probably captivated us the most with its energy, the explosion of colors, the labyrinth of narrow streets, where the laundry is carelessly dried and the sight is lost in the multitude of azulejos tiles composed together – the Alfama district. This is by far the most colorful, artistic district of the city. Yellow is intensely marked here, not only due to the characteristic tram 28 – one of the symbols of Lisbon.

In the Alfama district we spent the most time, colors and structures inspired us and we were happy to get lost among the streets.

After all, we started quite calmly and nostalgically. We spontaneously came to the conclusion that the key, some kind of framework for this session in such a diverse city as Lisbon, will be space and water. Taking advantage of the early morning hours, where the city of tourists was not flooded yet and the heat from the sky was unbearable, the pictures that started the session were taken at the central point of Lisbon, at Praca do Comercio.

The extensive view of the ocean and pastel colors gave a romantic atmosphere and slowly led the narrative into the city.

Wedding photography on Lisbon

In spite of everything, it’s easy to get lost in the diversity of the city. We stuck firmly so that during our photographic “tramp” recesses of Lisbon do not fall into the total misha you have. Lisbon offers a lot, there are many viewpoints here, the already mentioned Alfama district with artistic graffiti, the Baixa district and the scenery of yellow trams, Lx – Factory totally crazy and artistic, beaches and even a botanical garden. A lot of it right?

We focused on typical urban street scenery, searching for characteristic “flavors” of interesting locations and alleys. Fado, a mechanical bee, or a pink street – these are just some of the points to explore Lisbon.

Lisbon love session

As always, balance during each photo session is important for us, be it an outdoor wedding or engagement session. Regardless of the place where we take pictures, the most important thing is to keep the balance between showing the location, its climate and everything it impresses with, and showing the relationship and the couple.

Ewa and Michał radiated incredible energy from the first meeting with them! We knew that they would give us energy during the session. But that’s not all, when we finally put down the cameras, we still explored this wonderful city. There were dances and fun;) It is difficult to end the session more successfully – Ewa, Michał, we hug you for that!

And quickly we go back to the very beginning … to the first photo!

Watch fall in love with Lisbon!

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