Wedding at Instalacje Art Bistro – Alternative slow wedding

As we like climate places for your wedding or wedding. Especially those unusual, even “illegitimate” would like to say. They create an amazing atmosphere and create a unique background for this important event. Custom weddings, alternative weddings are always an opportunity for us to be more creative. We do not have to stick to the well-worn scheme, our attention may go towards seemingly less important topics. We have the impression that in such realizations there are more actions, unexpected “happening”, photographic tidbits.

The spirit of slow wedding

It was one of the more unusual weddings we’ve photographed so far. It was already a wedding in the Masurian forest, wedding in on the fjord in Oslo, or a wedding by the pool. And it may seem that this relationship will start quite classically. But the farther into the forest … whoever knows this saying can expect many surprises.

In addition to the ceremony at the office, everything here was unusual. Marta and Marek organized their wedding the way they wanted. This is the key to live this day in the spirit of “slow”. Celebrate unhurriedly, enjoy, enjoy every moment spent with loved ones. No pressure, according to what’s close to us.

Bride different than white? Why not! Marta looked an average in a blue, asymmetrical dress. In addition, the top of the dress decorated with colorful flowers evoked the atmosphere of the garden party and caught the eye.

Or maybe instead of a wedding limo, old antique public transport buses? After all, crossing with guests through Warsaw with such transport can be great fun. A beginning for even better fun.

 Ujazdowski Castle – place for an unusual wedding

We started the reportage in the Old Town near the Wedding Palace. Lack of preparation does not always mean that the material will be less diversified, that there will be no introduction to the story. After a brief and moving civil marriage ceremony and greetings, the young and the guests walked through the Old Town to the old buses mentioned. The place where the wedding was organized is the art Bistro restaurant at the Ujazdowski Castle. The interior is very atmospheric, bright, with cool details. Delicate flower arrangements on the tables. Snacks and sweets served on fired newspapers and parchments. We must mention that the cheesecake is poetry;) Very intimate and cozy.

And the dance floor? Exactly. The lack of parquet in the interiors does not mean that there is no place for crazy fun. Parquet arranged on the landing at the restaurant. A chillout zone across the street. A few tables, hammocks, chairs, each one as if collected from various restaurants. Artistic disorder. Total freedom, where everyone could find a place for themselves. Someone was sipping a drink, someone else was resting on a deck chair, children were rocking on hammocks, and others were standing and talking at the “bar”. Total non-binding clearance!

We could also not use the favorable light for a short outdoor session. Stop these few intimate moments and emotions freshly. 15 minutes, he and she for a moment alone, and a souvenir for years. We have noticed that for many of you this form of the wedding session is enough. Here, just a spontaneous, short wedding session fit perfectly with the idea of ​​”slow”.

Wedding party in the rain

There was another very spontaneous factor that made this wedding truly special. How many times have we heard: “oh, if only the weather would be good …” And we will say: How good, that it was raining !!! Thank you for this rain. Bah! Breaking the clouds;) What happened on the dance floor was indescribable. The reactions of children (and some adults) to dense streams of rain, a feria of colors playing on a wet stone street, a dream mine of frames.

Fantastic energy fun, great music thanks to Dj Ogniomistrz, play and euphoria of all gathered around the bride and groom. The parquet was on fire, although streams of water were pouring from the tent’s roof and illuminated colored puddles formed a spectacle. And only from time to time a tourist flashed past this scene, bent under an umbrella or in a coat.

It was a turbo party and turbo people. Marta, Marek – thank you!


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