Session in Polignano a Mare

We have wondered for a long time whether to publish this material or not. On the one hand this session is, and will certainly remain for us, a unique realization. On the other hand, from the technical side, it is not perhaps an extensive material or a story elaborated in every detail. But, first things first.

We said hello to spring while being already in Italy. A bit of a vacation, a bit of business – typical for us 😉 We started off from the area of Bari, then we took a ride to see Alberobello and Matera, to eventually set off on the Amalfitan Coast to Positano, where we were scheduled for a one-of-a-kind wedding. We love new places, and every new one we discover with childlike delight, and for some time with a baby on board 🙂

We were in the beautiful Polignano a Mare and we were just about to leave to our next location when a few meters from our car park we saw a couple of young people kissing. They were sitting on the bench, ignoring the surroundings. You know – young and in love 🙂

Lovely Italian Couple

Our first association – How Beautiful! Additionally in such a scenery. A dream couple for photoshoots!
There was a timid idea in our heads: maybe go there and ask? But, what will they think of, how will they react or maybe it will scare them away?
Initially, there was a feeling of hesitation, a certain amount of shame and a little bit of fear (because it had never crossed our mind to be asking strangers on the street in a foreign country). But knowing that if we get to the car and leave, we will be probably living with the awareness “what if” till the end of the day – which gave us the final motivational kick.

And guess what ?! It was a fantastic feeling to observe their initial surprise changing into a smile and curiosity. Looking at how they are becoming accustomed with the situation and in a way feeling so natural, free and tender for each other. We acted very quickly and intuitively. And so we hope that these 17 minutes that we were given, would have been enough to capture these exceptional memories.
ession lasted a while. And whether it was enough to show a piece of their love, you will judge by yourself.
For us it was an important experience. Something more than a typical couple’s photoshoot in a picturesque corner. It made us realize that sometimes it is worth leaving your comfort zone. You could see the strength of the smile and positive attitude. This moment delivered a huge dose of endorphins and once again reminded us how much we love what we do! 🙂


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