Subtle and intimate – namely a pregnancy and family session

What do we associate pregnancy session with? With femininity, delicacy, happiness, waiting for the unknown, a stage in life that only parents can understand :) When we think about such sessions, the most important thing that we focus on is showing the relationship, the cozy atmosphere, intimacy and love. It’s hard to find a more authentic and natural place for such photos than home. A space that we know well, where we feel free and natural. A place where a new, exceptional tenant will soon appear.

When Diana and Robert invited us to their home, we felt both joy, but also a great responsibility. A pregnancy session is a very intimate and personal kind of documentation of the most important events in our lives. It’s easy to cross the boundaries of good taste. Our main intention is to show the beauty of expectation and happiness of young parents.

We divided the entire session into two stages: the first in the atmosphere of keeping awake and waiting for the arrival, the second less than half a year later, after the birth of Wojtuś. From the beginning, our intention was to combine both sessions into one cohesive whole. We wanted to show this special kind of relationship when love becomes a miracle – a new life. Also to subtly emphasize who is the main character of this story;)

Mua & hair: Iwona Sirow