We are fascinated by weddings. The energy and emotions that this great day causes are on the weight of each frame. Often, these people are caught in the fever of events, and sometimes we just wait, with concentration and with an open mind. But there is also one very important factor, without which we could not capture many exceptional photographs. It’s trust. With the majority of couples we manage to work out already at the stage of the wedding meeting, when we can talk live, get to know your expectations and ideas, and you can get to know us better. It allows you to break the ice so that you can feel more comfortable during the reportage. A fiancée session is also a great method not only to familiarize yourself with the camera that follows you, but also the time when you can see how we work and what we are. We are talking about it because we are convinced that trust is the door to exceptional photos, really great shots that will build an original story, without being a collection of random photographs from the basic wedding moments. And about such a true story, without a schedule, a strictly drawn list, about the spontaneity that wove this story, will be today.


Marta i Karol – both smiling and clearly excited. After all, a wedding at the pool is not a common ceremony. Preparations in Miętowe Wzgórza have lasted since morning. We were charmed by this place, the eclectic decor and the very location of the residence. Definitely one of the most beautiful places for a wedding and wedding reception in the open air for Warsaw, and not only, parish It was wonderful to watch all the preparations of Marta and Karol that they gave us free hand and freedom in documenting events. We could look at them the way we like the most – multi-level. Focus on details, but also look more broadly. There will be beautiful items in this material, the aura of the place, tattoos that enjoyed the eye that day. There will also be multi-shots, the power of emotions, from emotions to craze on the dance floor.


We learned about the ceremony being on the pool itself. It was a bomb surprise. Unconventional and climatic. We are happy that you are increasingly putting on creative ideas, what’s playing in your soul, in a word – personalizing your event. And during this wedding, it was beautiful not only for the eye, because when the loudspeakers sounded “One heart …”, every now and then someone reached for a handkerchief. It was beautiful, lofty, solemnly. And yet, by the pool! And probably the photos will confirm that it is worth making an effort to move your wedding from the raw interior of the wedding room wherever you like. Today we have the right and the opportunity to invite an official to a chosen place. The light was good for us, it was clear that day, the sharp rays were getting into the tent and magically lighting the room. The team also took care of the lighting of the parquet. And more importantly, he kidnapped people to dance. It was one of those weddings where the dance floor was on fire. And the openness of people has allowed us to document lively fun. At night, the pool was not left alone. When one of us was photographing dancing and having fun, the other one could see how the rest of the guests relaxed under the black sky. This is the undoubted advantage of photographic duets, when we have the opportunity to see more at one time. Finally, as a brace clasping the whole – they are fantastic. They looked crazy. The bride in the original lace dress from Justyna Kodym, and the groom in a classic suit, broken with rock accessories with a skull motif. It was, without a doubt, their day, from beginning to end. Love rules! And that’s the story.