With great pleasure we share another session with you. The outdoor wedding is something that many couples dream about. Because, can we imagine more romantic scenery than a ceremony in the open air and a sea of flowers? Marta and Michał dreamed that the most important day in their life will look exactly like that. The preparation took many long days. Beautiful flowers and decorations with rose and mint were a pleasure for one’s eyes. Until the last moments staff did the last tasks. What happens if in the middle of a hot summer we get surprised by a storm? Moreover, what to do if the storm appears 10 minutes prior to the ceremony? Shoot! :) We photographed every detail with a great passion in order to show exactly what was happening during that special time. And we tell you, a lot happened. In a company of meaningful words: ONE LIFE ONE LOVE everybody partied till dawn. We happily invite you to see this material.

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