Wedding Reportages

We treat the photos of your wedding day not as a random collection of pretty pictures, but as a unique story, the story of this unique event. A story that has its own rhythm and narrative, a story that will be watched by others in one breath - with a smile on their lips and perhaps a tear of emotion in their eyes. A story for future generations.

During the wedding reportage, we close not only the most important moments, such as the oath or the first dance, but also many fleeting moments, spontaneous gestures and details, happening somewhere outside the main events. We observe your relatives and the environment. And all this to tell the story of your wedding in an interesting, consistent and at the same time varied way. We work discreetly, carefully observing, we look for interesting frames, multi-planes, interesting moments, emotions, spectacular light. When taking photos, we also do not forget about portraits or more formal photos with our loved ones. We try to be close enough to the events to capture all the most important moments and at the same time not to disturb the course of events with our presence. But if you need to help with tying a tie or to lighten the atmosphere, you can count on us :)

In our photos, we focus primarily on classics, aesthetics, naturalness and subtlety. We are also no stranger to playing with form and frame, creatively using dynamics, movement or light. Such less obvious photos are a great complement to the classic wedding reportage. Come on, we like to look at black and white photography, but the closest to our heart are natural subtle colors, resistant to fashion and being a guarantee of a timeless souvenir. One that over time will bring back memories full of joy and emotions.

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