Would you like to know what is the one of the most important aspects of our work? Outdoor sessions abroad ;) Now, few words about one of them. Mateusz and Aga invited us for their outdoor session to the place they live – Norway. We couldn’t wait, especially that we have already been in this picturesque country, but in a different part. New places invigorate and inspire us. Frames appear in seconds and almost every place seems to be a good background for a photo. Although we landed in Oslo, it wasn’t the best spot for our newlyweds. They preferred something more natural and charming in Scandinavian style. The choice was made for “Verdens Ende” so called Norwegian world’s end.

We had an entire session plan in our minds: minimalistic cliff shore at golden our, picturesque frames in the light of the sunset, a colorful scene in the sky. Perfect conditions for post wedding session. As usual the reality has exceeded the dreams . We were welcomed by a cold wind and rainy clouds. We didn’t worry a bit. Moreover such weather highlighted a nostalgic charm of this place. The only inconvenience was time. If rain hadn’t come so fast, we would have stayed there till sunset using full potential of this place. Still, we are happy that in less than an hour we managed to do a few great frames. Aga I Mateusz were really brave. Cold and wet but still smiling and doing their best. In such conditions, couple’s involvement is the best thing you can count on.

We finished the session next day in more urban surrounding. This time a town Drøbak was the background. Characteristic wooden houses, beautiful landscapes, nostalgic aura, port alleys, cliffs, fog, rain. And somewhere between all that – their love.

During two days we photographed 4 hours in total as we wanted to take the most of it (it’s quite intense with so many locations). Was it worth, check it out yourselves.

We invite you to see the following material. We invite even more to sessions abroad