Ślub plenerowy i wesele w stylu rustykalnym

Summer favors the organization of outdoor weddings and weddings in a rustic or boho style. Because nature is of key elements to make the rustic atmosphere genuinely exist. Of course, the weather is very important here, but even the rain does not have to wash away your dreams of a wonderful wedding. It is important that this day is what you want.

Rustic, folk or boho style and the perfect place for a wedding in the barn

If you have dreamed of a truly rustic atmosphere of your celebration, we have a unique realization realized for you in a fantastic place. Wierzbowe Ranczo, because I will talk about it, is located in Michalow Budy, where they decided to organize their wedding Karina and Tomek. This picturesque estate is located in the heart of Poland, not far from Warsaw. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by animals and beautiful landscapes of the Bolimów Landscape Park, it impresses with the soothing atmosphere and the closeness of nature.

In our opinion, this is a perfect location for Warsaw young couples who are looking for something special in an idyllic atmosphere and are also planning an outdoor wedding.

The whole object is maintained in a rustic style, an old barn with exposed beautiful beams under the ceiling. Additionally, especially for outdoor weddings, a living willow gazebo is available, under which the unique one resounds: YES. The rural character of the place, rustic architecture and free space make you feel like after a journey in time.

We wanted to keep this atmosphere by photographing space and beautiful details. It is also an ideal introduction to the preparations, which were guided by joy and a peculiar idyllic aura.

Talking about the rustic style, and what is more important, about its consequences, one can not miss such an important element as a wedding dress. Karina chose phenomenal focus on the design of Karolina Twardowska. A beautiful set of skirt with a blouse that exposed the back. The whole airy, light and very subtlely decorated with lace elements, is a very original but at the same time an ideal model for an extraordinary bride. Karina looked phenomenal, and her smile only confirmed that she felt so.

Not wanting to write off too much about every detail of the preparations, we will only say that everything was truly coherent. Starting from the place the young have chosen, through what they looked like, to the selection of all wedding elements such as flowers, table and hall decorations, and even the smallest decorative details, the whole has merged into one distinct style. We were extremely impressed by the consequences and, above all, as in the final it all together beautifully played.

Wedding reportage full of emotions and energy

There was looseness, joy, love and warmth! And when the surroundings of the willow gazebo began to fill up with guests, smiling They appeared to make their promises and exchange wedding rings. Applause is also a clerk who unloaded the atmosphere with jokes and led the ceremony in a very warm way.

We were able to capture a lot of joy during this whole day. Spontaneous fun during the wedding, dancing on the dance floor and embrace. Everything here was in abundance. And despite the fact that during the day we did a short wedding session with Karina and Tomek, we could not refuse a second mini session when the night was wrapped in a romantic atmosphere.

When we are in such a place and with such people, it is difficult to say enough. That day we had quite a lot of joy – shooting love! Do you remember our implementation in Kashubia? It is the unique atmosphere and people invariably create our stories.