ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers)

Since 2012, we have been in the elite group of the best wedding photographers in the world at ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers). As part of the organization, we were the only ones from Poland to have been awarded twice on the list of 100 best wedding photographers in the world: (TOP 100 Wedding Photographers in the world by ISPWP)


Some of our awarded photos (with the category and place they took):


Pokadrowani Zdjęcia wyróżnione w konkursach
13th Place - Ceremony - Fall 2019 Contest
4th Place - Brides and Grooms - Fall 2017 Contest
Pokadrowani fotografia ślubna
3rd Place - All About Light - Spring 2018 Contest
13th Place - Bridal Party Portrait - Fall 2017 Contest
16th Place - Framing The Subject - Winter 2018 Contest
11th Place - Kids Will Be Kids - Summer 2018 Contest
fotograf Ślubny warszawa
1st Place - Engagement Portraits - Fall 2017 Contest
2nd Place - Bride and Groom Portraits - Winter 2016 Contest
9th Place - All About Light - Summer 2018 Contest
13th Place - Movement and Motion - Fall 2016 Contest
13th Place - Pure Art - Fall 2016 Contest
8th Place - Ceremony - Spring 2018 Contest
9th Place - Getting Ready - Springl 2018 Contest
13th Place - All About the Light - Fall 2015 Contest
10th Place - Framing the Subject - Spring 2012 Contest


MyWed Award 2016 finalist in Elements category:

Zdjęcie ślubne wyróżnione w konkursie Mywed