Wedding after-party - picnic in Warsaw

After-party - to organize or not? This is a topic that still raises many doubts. Because what do we associate wedding ceremonies with? We admit that so far we were of the opinion that this is an unnecessary event, organized a bit by force. Because when the wedding emotions subside, and the persistent buzz of the previous night remains in the minds, the prospect of another party may seem overwhelming for many.

But it doesn't have to.

And that's what this post will be about! You will see for yourself how much you can disenchant the myth of correction!

So far, we have reacted (privately and as photographers) about the aftermaths with undisguised reluctance. What's more, we didn't see any point in taking pictures of the correction! Until we saw with our own eyes how Marta and Arthur organized their wedding aftermath.

We guarantee, after watching this material, you will want to organize such an event for yourself!

What are after-parties and is it worth organizing?

Many couples who organize their wedding ask themselves the question: to organize a wedding or not? To do a wedding without correction or a two-day wedding? Worth paying for a double party? If so, how to organize a party?

Aftermaths are associated with a long tradition, which refers to the times when the wedding party lasted several days. It was supposed to testify to the hospitality and wealth of parents and young people. Sometimes they were organized according to the principle "get it and put it up!". They were another day where you ate, drank and danced to the pain. Fortunately, such a scenario is now rare.

Currently, after-parties are celebrated less lavishly and take a modern form. They usually start the day after the wedding, at lunchtime, and last until the evening.

There is no unambiguous and objective answer to the question of whether it is necessary and whether it is worth organizing correctional sessions. It all depends on your attitude and your idea of how you want to celebrate.

Many couples feel a little unsatisfied after an exciting wedding day - time flies so quickly! And one short night is not enough to enjoy the presence of loved ones who often come to us from afar.

Another huge plus for making corrections is that they are less official. There is no wedding schedule then, we also feel more at ease because of less formal attire. The dress may be less elegant, the suit is replaced with jeans, and instead of high heels, we put on sports shoes. In a word - who likes what and who is comfortable with what!

And the young? Husband and wife have less "responsibilities" and can finally talk to all guests and feel completely at ease. After all, the greatest emotions have already subsided and you can recall the past day together, exchange impressions.

s you can see the advantages are many, and what are the disadvantages? You have to reckon with an additional cost. If you decide to organize a party in the same venue as the wedding reception - the costs will be the highest.

It will be cheaper and, above all, more pleasant to move the party to the fresh air. After-parties in the garden, party barbecue or a picnic in the bosom of nature, total chill are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Modern, alternative, without regard to tradition, in the spirit of words - for us these are the perfect correction.

Modern wedding after-party - a picnic in the city

Garden party style after-ups are not only the cheapest solution, but in our opinion, they are the best idea for original and modern weddings.

Some will say: what about the weather? What if it falls apart?

We'll answer: Nothing!

The weather is a topic that keeps on appearing and keeps you awake at night when organizing weddings and outdoor weddings.

We have photographed many weddings also weddings in the rain, each time the atmosphere was better and people had a better time than at many weddings in the palace. Remember, it is you and your people who create the party. The color of the sky is of secondary importance. Your emotions, gestures and interactions paint your photos with a whole range of colors!

Of course, for all those who are afraid that they are made of sugar, a party tent can help, but nothing can replace the charm and atmosphere of an outdoor party. A picnic in a tent does not sound and does not look good;)

So how do you organize a picnic for after-parties?

Choose your favorite tree, order catering, painted tableware, field flowers in vases, soft cushions, blankets, place sunbeds among flowers and grass, and soft music oozing from the speakers, but not too loud, there are so many beautiful sounds around.

It sounds fabulous and looks fabulous!

An original idea for a party in Warsaw

Does your event have to fit into any framework and rules? Absolutely not, except for one - regardless of whether you are organizing a wedding, wedding reception or after-party - do it in harmony with yourself! Exactly how you want and how you dream.

Only then will you experience the most beautiful moments and remember them fondly.

Only then will the wedding reportage and photos from this event be authentic, beautiful and unique.

This is exactly how Marta and Arthur approached the subject of the wedding. Their wedding and reception was intimate, there was a great atmosphere of joy and love, it was intimate, very spontaneous and in the spirit of words. Instead of a boisterous wedding, they had a short party. They knew that they wanted to organize additional re-meetings, but they would not be in the traditional form. Nor will they be the day after the wedding.

Nn picnic in Pola Mokotowskie, with Warsaw in the background. In a summer, idyllic boho atmosphere, where everyone looked and felt at ease. The only thing that mattered was the presence of relatives and friends, including the four-legged ones. There was champagne, wine, delicious snacks, salads and desserts.

There was also a storm. And what it is!

And guess what? It was the best ending to this reportage. We couldn't have dreamed of better!