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Glamour wedding in Dwor Afrodyta 

Every time we choose to photograph a wedding, we wonder if something will happen that will completely surprise us. After all, each wedding is based on certain, specific frames, but the styles or fashions that “dress” the event change. We have a young couple, we have an oath and finally a celebration.

And although we’ve probably seen dozens of church ceremonies, This was a real firecracker! Up to now, it has not crossed our minds that such a joy full of unblemished laughter from the diaphragm, on the lips of all gathered, can so clearly dominate during masses.

Yes Yes! It was the most beautiful church wedding we had the pleasure to photograph so far! But let’s start from the beginning.

Classic and Elegance in Romantic issue

The great Oni – Ola and Przemek, chose the elegant Dworek Aphrodyta in Radziejowice as their wedding reception venue. The classic, bright interiors were perfect for achieving the full glamor of the glamor climate, but without unnecessary glamor. Pastel powder shades of pink, beige and peach dominated. Flowers from Sunflower, beautifully decorated dress from Viola Piekut, delicate jewelry – everything went perfectly together and the style suited the interior. There, preparations for the wedding took place in quite a large group. Ola and Przemek were accompanied by friends, four bridesmaids and four groomsmen – we felt that it would be fun. Preparations themselves exceeded our expectations. The young took care of every detail not only of interior decoration. Druhenki had the same dresses and even dressing gowns, and the gentlemen chose the same ties.

There is another element of the arrangement, which we are extremely proud of 🙂 Photos from the wonderful session of fiancee Ola and Przemek, which we made in Paris in spring, enjoyed the eye woven in taste in the decorations on the tables, and a large picture exposed in the lobby welcomed guests. We are very happy when you so beautifully use the effects of our wedding sessions at your wedding.

Place for romantic wedding near Warsaw

If you like first look, this one will surprise you. Do you know more than one scene, where he is waiting in a secluded place with his eyes closed, and she walks quietly to his back? At Ola and Przemek, it was a pump and fun! Przemek did not wait for Ola. Together with groomsmen, holding balloons in their hands, they went to get their beautiful girls. It is worth noting that they did not use the help of a wedding planner or wedding consultant, watching over the events. Fantastic atmosphere, sincere joy built the course of events. And that’s what it’s all about!

We expected that during the wedding ceremony, energy and fanfare would give way to seriousness and reverie. Nothing more wrong! And all thanks to no one else and the priest who gave the wedding to Ola and Przemek. It turned out that he was exceptionally on that day. And he was a priest who, we can confidently say, kidnapped the whole church. He led the ceremony with energy, commitment, joy, did not spare jokes and even sang a young song. Almost all smile did not go from the face. It is an extraordinary feeling to realize how happy they will be to see themselves in pictures and to remember Ola and Przemek in a dozen or so dozens of years!

And also how much depends on the person conducting the ceremony. Not only church, but also civil or outdoor. We have witnessed many times when an official refusing only a wedding rule, he has refused more than one ceremony of emotion and magic. Remember that you can also influence who will marry you.

Wedding Party - Dwor Afrodyta

Ola and Przemek showed us how a beautiful and joyous event can be a traditional church wedding, when the most beautiful decoration is true emotions.

A wedding party was a crazy party and an even bigger dose of smiles. None of the guests hid emotions in front of the camera. It pleases us every time. Because when He sings for Her (such a surprise), everyone squeezes his throat. We did not miss the opportunity to perform a commemorative mini session with groomsmen and bridesmaids. A short session on the wedding day is our permanent point. There was fun, madness and power. And cold fires turned out to be a beautiful buckle that bridged the wedding and the wedding that young people dreamed of.


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