Mokoto Events - unusual place for a wedding in Warsaw


Is it possible to organize a wedding and a wedding reception in a beautiful place with a soul, with modern wedding receptions in mind, intimate and at the same time still urban, because almost in the center of Warsaw?

Yes, definitely YES!

If you think that the most beautiful wedding halls and wedding venues are either outside Warsaw, or somewhere in the middle of the forest, hidden away from the bustle of the city, then you must know that there is one such thing on the map of Warsaw a unique place that you can successfully rent for your dream wedding and reception.

Mokoto Events a place for a wedding and a wedding

Mokoto Events is a place for rent, located on Racławicka 99, in Fort Mokotów, near the road to the center of Warsaw. It is a fantastic space that combines greenery and a loft atmosphere. Industrial elements, pre-war brick, glazed roof and vivid greenery blend in perfectly with each other. Mokoto is not only the walls of the fort, 350 m 2 including a garden, two rooms and an orangery are for rent. Perfect for intimate wedding receptions and those with a modern twist. Almost any wedding style will be perfect here. Whether boho, rustic, vintage or a wedding in the style of a garden party.

This unusual place definitely differs from palace, hotel or traditional wedding halls. In Mokoto Events you will organize a beautiful symbolic wedding ceremony, humanistic wedding or just a civil marriage with an official. The place will emphasize the unique nature and atmosphere of the event.

However, Asia and Grześ's reportage did not start with the wedding ceremony. They started the day with intimate preparations, full of peace, without a stressful race, in rented hotel interiors

Romantic outdoor wedding and wedding reception in Mokotów

Romantic, intimate, intimate and soulful. This is how Asia and Grześ wanted to celebrate their day. They chose for this event perfect place . The green and charming oasis of peace in Fort Mokotów provides a unique atmosphere.

We were delighted with the place of the ceremony! The insane flowers and decorations are the merit of the girls from Wedding Bells. This confirmed our belief that not only in the open air, you can have a beautifully framed wedding ceremony. You can also do it indoors! Especially when there are brick (whitewashed) walls covered with ivy, a glass ceiling with greenery and many stylish elements of interior decoration.

Interestingly, the wedding ceremony was originally supposed to take place in Mokoto's garden. But torrential rain forced a change of plans at the last minute. Is there anything to regret? In our opinion, absolutely not!

Wedding session at Mokoto Events

In Fort Mokotów, you can easily organize a short wedding session. Both by sneaking out for a few moments during the wedding party, and for night shots full of atmosphere.

This is a must for us during the reportage. Regardless of the time, we always try to kidnap our couples even for a few minutes. These few shots are not only an opportunity for the young couple to be alone for a moment and to break away from the madness on the dance floor. Above all, it is a perfect addition to a wedding reportage.

Wedding in Warsaw - Mokoto Events - Forty Mokotów

We are glad that places like this are being created on the city map of wedding venues. Mokoto is undoubtedly an event space with a CLIMATE. And the atmosphere of the place builds the atmosphere.

The atmosphere of the place also creates photos - it is so obvious. And you want your wedding memories to be framed so badly in the most beautiful wedding frames .

Beautiful atmosphere, apart from the decoration of the AURA place, which people spread. It is energy, spontaneous joy, and a relaxed atmosphere that guests bring to a given place.

Nothing was missing that day. It was raining hard, but it didn't matter! Because the magic was created by THEY - these people and this place!

Wedding decoration and organization: Wedding Bells

Place: Mokoto Events


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