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A wedding reportage is not an ordinary photo report, but a conscious story or story told with the help of photos from the most important day of the bride and groom - the wedding day. Hour after hour, skillfully documented the course of your special day, from the preparations, through the wedding ceremony, to the late wedding hours. A wedding reportage is a demanding form of recording events. But is every account of the course of wedding events already a good wedding report? Or maybe just a collection of random and ill-considered frames without a visible narrative? Find out what to pay attention to when choosing a photographer for a wedding, and how to distinguish a professional wedding reportage to invite a photographer to cooperate with you, who will keep the fleeting in timeless photos and create for you the most valuable wedding souvenir for years.


First of all, a good wedding report should be consistent. Both in terms of the content of the material and the color of the photos. The individual photos from the wedding report should take place not only in the entire history of that day, but also have value as a separate whole. A person viewing a photo report should penetrate the story, feel its rhythm and experience it with the senses.

We not only watch a good photo, but also feel it. Therefore, a professional wedding reportage includes all fleeting, natural and unposed moments. It is an emotional story full of your gestures, from tears of emotion for you and your loved ones to joy, enthusiasm and humor. A good wedding photographer should look at many levels. Only the ability to look and photograph the wedding as a multi-level story with a specific narrative, showing both the joy and emotion of people, as well as the character and style of the entire event by taking into account the details, atmosphere and location of the wedding - will give a picture of a coherent but multidimensional history of the wedding day.

A wedding reportage should have its own narrative, i.e. introduce to the story, tell about key events while maintaining a specific rhythm and have an ending. The photographer has to think comprehensively while working and skillfully combine the individual moments of the reportage.


Each of you would like to have the most beautifully captured authentic moments from your wedding day in your album. Fortunately, wedding photos, which are only a collection of individual moments without vision and context, or a chain of photos of guests smiling or posing while dancing, are a thing of the past.

More and more people appreciate the value of naturally captured moments without interfering with the course of events. A good wedding photographer can go unnoticed during a wedding. He works discreetly, does not embarrass the guests, he is a careful observer. It will present events in one unique way. It will show moments that no one would see without it! It is also important to be able to select photos subjectively in order to extract coherent and concise material from all the photos taken.

Natural photography is a very important feature of a good wedding reportage. A natural wedding report should reflect the events that accompany you on this beautiful day. That is why in our photos you will find everything that is most fleeting: tender glances, tears of emotion from your loved ones, laughter, madness and all those emotions that you failed to register. Each story about you is a multi-layered story and your experiences and emotions are the main axis of the wedding reportage. At the same time, we are sensitive to all secondary moments. Everything that may seem less important, and in the context of the whole, becomes meaningful.
Reportaż ślubny zdjęcie dziadka
We do not ignore the wedding details - they are the style of your wedding ceremony and reception. We remember how important it is to capture the place and its atmosphere. Regardless of whether the wedding is glamorous in a palace interior with crystal chandeliers or in a hay barn - each wedding has its own unique atmosphere, rhythm and energy.

Only by capturing all these elements together will you create a coherent, multi-plan and natural wedding reportage. It requires the ability to be very close to people, alert eyesight and an open head. The best equipment of the photographer, unfortunately, will not guarantee the most beautiful shots. Equipment is only a tool needed to express what is seen with the mind and heart.

By viewing the finished wedding photos, you will be able to relive the wedding and reception, recall emotions and feelings of unique moments.


Getting to know the entire portfolio of a wedding photographer is the most important step in choosing the right photographer for your wedding. Only viewing the full realizations will give you an insight into the style of work and aesthetics of the photographer, and will also allow you to assess whether the expected results of his work will be satisfactory. An experienced wedding photographer is also one who can predict, observe and wait for the moment or the behavior of the frame characters. He will show a given situation humorously or emphasize the solemnity of the moment. He consciously uses light and shadow. In a word - it will bring out the essence and magic of the moment. Even the unexpected one.

Many years of experience and skills allow us to create wedding reportages at a high level, both in terms of aesthetics - frames, colors, and artistic - content.

We make wedding photography in Warsaw and other Polish cities, as well as all over Europe. We have already been trusted by dozens of engaged couples. It is for them that we photograph not only in Warsaw but all over the world - wherever we can tell about love.

Our wedding photos have been awarded many times in wedding competitions. We are also pleased to host among the 100 best wedding photographers in the world according to the prestigious international wedding organization ISPWP.

We invite you to view our full wedding reportages. Each of them tells an authentic story, has a specific atmosphere and rhythm. Each of them is especially close to us.


Remember, the complete story of your wedding day is not only the most important and obvious moments that run from preparation and blessing, through the wedding ceremony, to the wedding, to the cap and cake. This is the whole spectrum of shots, including those less obvious and unexpected moments.

A comprehensive wedding reportage that tells the complete story will contain many different shots of preparation, details, the wedding ceremony, wedding party, portraits or group photos and all the interesting moments next to or equally with key events. Action and reaction. Building a story consciously is an invaluable advantage of a good reporter.

You don't have to prepare for a wedding reportage. However, it is important to talk to your photographer before the wedding. It is worth telling about your expectations, as well as all planned attractions at the wedding, so that nothing escapes his attention.

An experienced wedding photographer can work so that he will be close to you and you will not feel his presence. The most important thing is that you experience the moment and feel at ease. He will already know how to frame so that you look good in your photos.

The outdoor session on the day of the report is a pleasant and convenient way for your wedding report to be varied with a few photos when you can be alone for a while. Your tender embrace will give your reportage a romantic aura and breathe in a story filled with successive moments. Do not be afraid that you will leave your guests in the wedding hall for a long time. The outdoor session on the wedding day is a nice addition to the wedding reportage and the whole thing will take no more than 20 minutes.

A wedding reportage with beautiful and authentic photos is the most valuable souvenir, which, enclosed in a beautiful album, will bring back warm memories even after many long years!

It's time to create a unique story about your love. If you like our style and aesthetics of photos and you dream of a professional wedding reportage seen with both mind and heart - do not hesitate and write now! .

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