Vintage Wedding in Palace


Vintage style wedding – Palace Malina

Vintage - it's an atmosphere reminiscent of bygone eras. These are inspirations drawn from old family photos, the smell of books, interiors full of old furniture and decorations. And if we combine all this with an event such as a wedding, we have a guarantee of a unique atmosphere. Regardless of the current fashion!

Malina Palace - a place for a wedding that inspires

Sometimes it happens that when you are not chasing a specific style when organizing your own wedding and reception, this style is found and defined by yourself. This or that climate appears unforced, naturally dressed by the place and the aura. Coming back to the day and the reportage from Kamil and Agnieszka's wedding, it was the vintage atmosphere that accompanied us all the time of shooting, at every stage of the report, in every place.

Malina Palace - because we want to tell you about this place today, it has been restored relatively recently, and it only looks like when the flood of vintage weddings begins. This facility is ideally suited for planning outdoor celebrations. The interiors of the palace and the entire area are kept in a nostalgic, retro atmosphere. While staying in the palace, you can feel completely hidden, away from the rushing world, surrounded by a quiet, somewhat wild nature.

The interiors of the palace and all rooms are not so much stylized to previous eras, but authentic furniture and objects that make this place so real. Restored with taste, because there is also a hint of modernity, but in the spirit of the past.

And coming back to the wedding theme, the best part is that when organizing a wedding here, you don't need a lot of decorations. This place is so unusual that any wedding styling seems unnecessary. But Agnieszka and Kamil achieved a perfect balance. Small rustic elements, only on the tables, or the arrangement of the ceremony venue at the back of the palace, harmonized well with the retro atmosphere of the mansion.

Outdoor wedding at the Malina Palace - Kutno

Preparations took place in one of the palace rooms. The interior was very atmospheric, kept in warm and powdery tones. Old furniture or original wallpapers created a beautiful background for wedding details. In addition, old, already tarnished mirrors, stylish lampshades, lamps - were a source of inspiration and differentiation of frames.

The bride and groom prepared together. No witnesses. No guests standing at the wall. Self-centered, self-centered, waiting for the festive moment. It made the atmosphere very intimate and romantic. Remember, it is up to you how you organize your wedding preparations. If you are stressed by the hustle and bustle of the household, you do not have to participate in it. It's your day - make sure that it evokes only the nicest emotions.

Wedding session in the old library

A session on a wedding day is usually associated with taking a short break just before sunset, somewhere in a nearby, green area. Often this solution also appears in our country. But when there is a beautiful library in the palace, preserved in an authentic atmosphere, with large windows and side light, it is impossible to give it up to run to the garden.

Lush green walls, hundreds of books stacked up to the ceiling, wooden bookshelves, desks and secretaries. The entire interior of the library is decorated with great attention to the smallest detail and the tiniest trinkets.

The library is a perfect idea for a mini session on the wedding day! This interior is undoubtedly an additional advantage of the entire facility. It's worth using it. It is also an idea to spend a few extra moments alone, in silence and cuddles during the time when the guests gather for the ceremony.

An outdoor wedding in the palace, among loved ones, surrounded by the greenery of a wild park, is a truly romantic but intimate setting. The perfect place and aura to swear to yourself.

Among other things, it was because of the aura - this report was extraordinary. There was no rush, no sudden events, no hustle and bustle under stress. Instead, the whole event was filled with an aura of peace, joyful melancholy, everything proceeded smoothly and slowly. We could wait for the moments, look for perfect frames. A portrait of my grandfather, sitting among the empty chairs, sipping champagne quietly in anticipation of his turn to make wishes - was awarded at one of the wedding competitions. But that's not the only reason why this photo is extraordinary. Such a portrait of a grandfather or another loved one at a wedding is a souvenir that will move sensitive strings for many years and generations.

The essence of wedding reportage is not only the center of the event and the two most important people of the day, i.e. the bride and groom. It is also a lot of seemingly side scenes that, when put together, create a generational story.

A rainy wedding in a vintage atmosphere

Beautiful weather on a wedding day is often one of the leading items on a wedding wish list. Rain doesn't have to be terrible! A wedding in pouring rain has already appeared on our blog, it is one of the most alternative and stylish weddings we have had the opportunity to photograph. It's time to disenchant this stereotype. Rain can be an ally, it can build an amazing atmosphere, especially in a place with such an atmosphere as the Malina Palace!

The nostalgic weather not only did not spoil the ceremony or wedding, but added a romantic, film atmosphere. We can't understand why so many people can't turn rainy weather into an asset. It's raining? That's great ! Let's take an umbrella and go to the pictures! 🙂 After all, this is what reportage is about to catch and retain everything that this special day dresses into a story. All planned and spontaneous moments.

The most important thing is to enjoy every minute, this day passes so quickly!

Photos become a switch to memories. They recall specific moments, people and gestures in our memory. We feel joy that we can create them for you. Here is another true story.

Vintage love - Kamil and Agnieszka


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