Beautiful humanistic wedding - Stara Kruszarnia


Humanistic wedding in the forest - Stara Kruszarnia

This year's "strange" wedding season definitely rewards us with unique and beautiful realizations. Our wonderful couples who follow their hearts and their wedding dreams are behind them. They live this most important day according to what they feel. They organize beautiful, intimate ceremonies and original parties with a unique atmosphere.

Even in times like this, in a pandemic setting of do's and don'ts, you don't have to compromise. You can experience your special day in your own way. Don't give up on your dreams of a beautiful wedding! Because everything can go well, and with the right people around, it will be even more beautiful than you think.

As with Asia and Paweł. It is the story of this couple in love that we want to show you today. And this is a unique report, in the spirit of words, in a breathtaking place. You won't see a classic wedding scenario here. The scenario of this event was written by dreams, not by tradition.

An ideal place for an outdoor wedding

Stara Kruszarnia is an extraordinary place. With a soul, with a climate, located on a mountain slope in a fairy-tale forest scenery. It is here - to Złoty Stok in Lower Silesia that Asia and Paweł decided to come with family and friends to experience their Great Day. The place has a large accommodation base (it can accommodate up to 100 people), so you can take your families here without fear, if you are not from Lower Silesia.

The building of Stara Kruszarnia itself is a post-industrial facility. Formerly there was a so-called The Ore Breaker, belonging to the Gold Mine complex in Złoty Stok. Gold bearing rocks were crushed here. The building is fabulously situated, surrounded by wild nature, open-air weddings are held in the grove, the forest zone is lit with garlands of lights, there are also hammocks, swings, deckchairs and a fireplace.

Half of Poland is worth traveling to such a place. It is not surprising that Asia and Paweł chose Kruszarnia as the venue for their beautiful wedding and reception.

The magic is created by the place, its atmosphere and the surrounding climate. Therefore, the choice of location is crucial. This is where it all begins - the place puts you in the mood, makes this day a bit unreal, gives the event a dream-like atmosphere. A dream wedding in an amazing place? It sounds divine, and what's more, it is possible.

Beautiful slow wedding in Stara Kruszarnia

If you would like to organize your wedding in the "slow" spirit, this place is perfect. The atmosphere of the entire complex is enchanting, but the magic is not only the space of the place, it is primarily the people who fill this place.

Asia, Paweł and all the guests completed the atmosphere with an aura of warmth and peace. No stress, unnecessary hustle and bustle. Thanks to the excellent coordination of Wedding with Fantasy, we had time to photograph all the nooks and crannies of the place, amazing decorations, and most importantly, to be closest to the wedding moments full of joy and emotions. Emotions filled the space not only during the intimate humanistic wedding ceremony in a forest grove. They accompanied the event until the very end.

Stara Kruszarnia is a place created to celebrate joy and love. A humanistic wedding fits perfectly in such places. The forest chill zone definitely favors this. So if someone is looking for an industrial interior in the middle of a forest to celebrate in the spirit of slow wedding - he could not have found a better place.

Humanistic wedding in a forest scenery

A humanistic wedding is a symbolic, informal and, above all, personalized, personal form of a marriage vow. For whom? For people who want to swear love straight from the heart, and not repeat an oath. For people who want to experience the ceremony in a unique and absolutely personal way. Because in humanistic ceremonies, legal or religious issues are not important, but instead the dreams and feelings of the bride and groom. The individual nature of the wedding ceremony makes each ceremony completely unconventional and extremely touching, both for the couple and all guests.

Asia and Paweł wanted such a wedding. This solemn moment was beautifully led by the master of ceremonies, Joanna Humerczyk. The lovers made beautiful oaths written by themselves, confessing themselves and confirming their love. During the ceremony, the mother of the bride read an excerpt from the story.

Of course, these emotions took place in the grove, next to a wedding pergola prepared in this place. raw in form, school chairs added character, and the decorations both inside and outside the building were simply phenomenal. The place of the ceremony turned into a chillout zone under the cover of the night, where guests roasted sausages or danced under the starry sky.

But before nightfall, much more was happening. There was not enough time for a short mini session of the bride and groom, of course we used the place of the ceremony for the shots. By the way, it also looked beautiful from above. In such scenes, photos from the drone show a different perspective and complete the entire report.

A forest wedding in a post-industrial Kruszarnia - Złoty Stok

It was undoubtedly a beautiful wedding, if not one of the most beautiful we have had the opportunity to photograph. The wedding in the old Kruszarnia will be remembered for a long time. The room has a decidedly industrial character but still a rustic soul. Asia dreamed it would be green. The decorators took care of it to perfection. The arrangement of the room was fabulous. The tables were covered with green motifs, garlands of green also hung from the pillars. Flowers in tiny glass bottles and bottles covered almost the entire table of the bride and groom. Even the drinks were served in glass carafes and bottles. The flames of countless candles emphasized the texture of the glass accessories and the depth of the colors. A big round of applause for the girls who have achieved this effect.

The reliable Loud DJ made sure that the hall was not only beautiful but also lively in the dance and madness on the boards. The dance floor fading and the joy of celebrating continued uninterrupted. Unless someone preferred to lie on a hammock and sip drinks among the rustle of trees. Undoubtedly, everyone has found something for themselves. And we are also glad that we were there - in this place and among wonderful people. Thanks to this, we can show you this beautiful humanistic wedding and celebration of Asia and Paweł's love as they dreamed it.

Let the punch line and ending be a short excerpt from what they wrote to us after receiving the photos:

“The photos are great, we love it! They turned out beautifully! We are really happy that you were doing them - thank you so much!

We are really impressed, because they are wonderful, but they also reflect our feelings from that day and the atmosphere of the guests. Well, just WOW! "

We have no words to describe the gratitude, fulfillment, and joy of creating such stories!


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