Beautiful outdoor wedding in Kashubia, a family atmosphere and idyllic atmosphere

If we were to show you pictures why we decided to photograph weddings, it is for such realizations that I! There are days to come back with a great fondness, there are people who we think about warmly. Because the joy that they have just entrusted us with creating a story of their wedding day is unspeakable.

Real emotions and the magic of light

Hot June. Our first wedding trip in the Kashubian region. We were waiting for this wedding, because we knew that our young couple – Marcelina and Grześ, invented their big day and organized it according to what they had in their hearts.

We often emphasize this, also at pre-wedding meetings, how important it is that your wedding vision is simply the fulfillment of your expectations and perhaps your dreams. Without pressure, trying to please everyone around you or blindly following the prevailing fashion. Instead of carefully observing the day, the wonderful emotions and tears of happiness, in excessive stress, we can treat ourselves to a handful of unnecessary frustration. Because something can always go wrong, you must have this awareness. Either the weather suddenly thwarts our plans, one of the guests is late, or the intricately made haircut will fall apart on the first dance. Remember, you decide how your wedding will look;)

Or maybe, like Marcelina and Grzegorz, will you try to smuggle your own interpretation of traditional and seemingly permanent wedding moments? Because why only dad should lead to the wedding, if you dreamed that they would be both parents. And if the traditional first dance, then maybe the dance of the bride and dad will continue? And after a while with my mother?

We have never had the pleasure of looking at how strong a bond and how beautiful relations with family and loved ones have had. It was a touching sight. But about the adoption in a moment.

International wedding in Poland

We started the reportage, of course, from the preparations. Everything in a relaxed, warm atmosphere. No unnecessary stress and bustle. We could even look forward to the moments, which is extremely valuable in building an interesting story. There were beautiful wedding details. In Marcelina’s bouquet, her favorite thistles appeared, and we were amazed by the modern yet light form of the wedding dress from Agata Wojtkiewicz.

Grzegorz prepared himself in the manor, also in the company of the closest family. The whole complex of Dworek on Błota is a fantastic place for an outdoor wedding and wedding reception in any style, not only boho or rustic. Dworek has a large green area with houses, a pond where you can go on a boat (as you will see when looking at photos), as well as a spa area. The silence and beauty of the surrounding nature is the perfect backdrop to cherish, romantically celebrate such an important event. If you would like to look at a similar wedding in the spirit of slow wedding and DIY, then our reportage, which we realized in Oslo, may inspire you.

The very moment of the wedding was very moving, because in addition to the formula repeated in the presence of an official, the young also swore their oaths, flowing straight from the heart. As you can see, it is possible that even the official character and short time of the civil wedding ceremony can be personalized to your own needs. After a beautiful ceremony, everyone went to the courtyard of the manor house. There, the young people accepted their wishes from the guests, and after the first toast, the traditional Polonaise under the sky was danced together. And then the time came to play, feast, talk, in a word, joy and celebration!

Great wedding venue in Kaszuby

And when the sun flooded us with warm rays just before sunset, it was the perfect moment for a short wedding session. Especially if we had a small greenhouse at the manor’s disposal. It was not as spectacular as the one in which we’ve done more than one session, but the light created a truly magical atmosphere. We never had a session on the day of the wedding where the young couple swims on the pond. It sounds a little crazy, but we did not have to persuade Marcelina and Grzesia for a boat idea for too long. In this beautiful scenery, they had a few moments only for themselves, and we have a unique opportunity for exceptional shots.

We could write about this wedding for a long time. About the unusual, cordial atmosphere, about people who created this unique aura. Until the last minute spent with them, we were extremely impressed by how wonderfully you can experience the joy of beautiful moments, support and rejoice. We present you the story and people who will stay in our hearts for a long time.


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