An outdoor wedding session in Italy, the unique Matera


Intimate love session in oldtown - unique Matera

Bella, bella Italia! And when looking at the map of Italy, we could see many places that have witnessed our photographic adventures. Today we are taking you to one of these locations, checking on our long "must see" list another Italian and less obvious pearl 🙂 Together with Karolina and Michal we set off to the south of Italy - to Matera, where in autumn there is still a very pleasant aura. Perfect for sightseeing and for photoshoot. In addition, the peak of the season was behind us, so it was much easier for more intimate shots in the most popular tourist places.

Unusual wedding Session in Matera

Matera is undoubtedly one of the most enchanting places that we've had the opportunity to visit in Italy so far. That is why we want to briefly introduce you to this extraordinary story. Most people probably associate this place with Mel Gibson's Passion, where Matera depicted Jerusalem in the movie. And no wonder, the city carved out of white limestone rock, lying on the edge of ravine, surprises from the first moment. And, when you also add that it is considered one of the oldest cities in the world (the first traces of human presence date back to 7000 years BC) as well as the turbulent history of the city, it's hard not to admire this place! Irregular maze of stairs and houses carved in the rock. Streets and roofs, interweaving at different levels, squares that are at the same time roofs of houses, all this deray impresses and encourages to get lost in it with a camera in hand. Out of curiosity, the town avoided bombing during the war, because from a bird's view it looked like destroyed 🙂 And after the war it became part of the infamous history of Italy. It is hard to believe, but in the 1950s, less than 70 years ago, the city in the minds of most Italians did not exist. There was no electricity, running water or sewage. The habitat of disease and poverty, a symbol of backwardness of south, the mortality rate was 50% and almost 90% of citizens were illiterate! This really was happening in a civilized European country with a rich history! When thanks to Carl Levi's book "Christ stopped at Eboli" the whole situation was brought to daylight, the authorities decided to act. And the only way was mass depopulation of Sassi, thanks to which the historic district was deserted for over 30 years. The situation changed when in the 1980s the residents were allowed to return to the historic part of the city. In 1993 Matera was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which radically changed the fate of the town. Today, the city flourishes in tourism, but it is not as popular as the more well-known places in Italy such as Amalfi or Cinque Terre. Matera is to be the European Capital of Culture in 2019 and certainly waves of tourists will start flooding this region much more intensively. If you have not been there yet, this is the last chance!

Beauthiful Italian city with love

So much for history lesson, it's time to return to our session 🙂 When we visited Matera for the first time in spring, we were totally astonished by it. We knew we had to come back there for the wedding session, and we did not have to wait long for an eager couple. Speaking of which, Michał and Karolina is another gem of this story 😉 Often we face wonderful people at our work and often a lot longer acquaintance develops than just purely business relationship;)

They also perfectly fitted into the atmosphere of the place. Moreover, they looked different than on the day of their wedding and that delighted us. Karolina had a beautiful, romantic and airy dress with embroidered colorful flowers, and her really long hair was blowing in the warm wind. Michał exchanged his wedding suit for a more casual jacket. All this made them look insane on the background of the old city.

Their naturalness, mutual feeling, positive energy, and the unique atmosphere of the place made it one of our favorite foreign wedding sessions. In short - we invite you to browse throughout our photos;)


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