Engagement Session in Zakopane


Engagement session in mountains

It is often the case that choosing a place for an outdoor photo shoot depends on what is more difficult to reach. If someone lives by the sea, they dream of mountains, and vice versa. This was also the case this time. Klaudia and Staś dreamed of their engagement session in a mountain climate, while they themselves are from Pomerania. So it was an opportunity to combine the engagement session with a nice, short vacation in Zakopane.

Love in a highlander’s cottage

Reflecting on the direction of the session, we considered an outdoor photo shoot in the mountains, typically somewhere on the trail with the Tatra peaks in the background, or more intimately, in an atmospheric highlander’s cottage. Our couple decided on a second idea, which we liked very much. An outdoor space would be much more uniform, and by renting a photo house we could focus not only on the surroundings, but also on closer frames that show the relationship and emotions of our couple. In addition, we already have a wedding session at Kasprowy Wierch in our portfolio, so we gladly reach for new things!

Session in heart of Polish

Klaudia and Staś trusted us completely as to the direction and atmosphere of the session. They fully accepted our ideas and suggestions. Thanks to trust we were able to fully implement this session, give in to intuition and impulse – that is, as we usually work. Lack of plan during the session can and is risky, especially if you want to implement a high-level session. However, this solution works on our minds most efficiently. In addition, our spontaneity affects our couples very positively, because during the session there is no rigid atmosphere and the couple feels very at ease. There is a lot of laughter, a lot of conversation and a positive creative aura. Speaking of creativity, Klaudia is styled like a fashion session! This is definitely one of the photo sessions in which our couple changed the most times! We were reminded of the days when we photographed fashion with youthful passion 🙂

So we had one highlander’s house and several views of our couple. Thanks to this, the session was not monotonous, but even gained dynamics. We also used the nearby scenery with mountains in the background, with an aura of warm autumn. Because a session in the mountains does not have to be just an open air trail, difficult weather conditions and effort. It may well be hugging and cuddling up in a blanket and in yourself on a highlander’s terrace with a beautiful view, the smell of wood in the fireplace, nice time spent together, by the way beautifully captured in the pictures. There are so many views and possibilities!

It is difficult to say in which version we like Klaudia and Staś the most. Maybe you will say.


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