Sesja ślubna w opuszczonym pałacu w Bożkowie


Abandoned Palace - wedding session

We have written many times about the importance of choosing the right place for your wedding session. Of course, an increasingly popular form is a short mini-session made during the reportage on your wedding day. We like such solutions very much, because it is easy to build a few intimate and highly authentic shots when you are filled with emotions related to the wedding and you experience them “here and now”.

However, an outdoor session on a day other than the wedding day allows you to build a completely new story. It allows you to focus as much as possible on you. It allows for longer observation and greater creativity. Finally - it allows you and your story to be placed in a unique place!

It is also no surprise that we like to reach for new, interesting locations, often forgotten and completely abandoned. It was no different with the now famous "greenhouse", about which we are still inundated with a lot of questions. We also remember the session in the palace in Krowiarki, which also once became a popular place for wedding sessions. And the implementation in an abandoned Steam Locomotive Shed, of which there is no trace of it today, extended our portfolio with works distinguished in international competitions.

Abandoned places simply have magic, a trace of history or a sign of the times. An atmosphere of mystery that can pierce a person through and out of chills. And of course the light that leaves unlimited creative possibilities.

Together with Ania and Michał, we managed to create a magical session in an amazing, abandoned palace 😉

Unique places for wedding sessions

This extraordinary historic palace dates back to the 16th century, now it is a baroque-classicist residence, largely destroyed by time and its complicated fate. Interestingly, the palace was only opened to the public in 2016. It was not an easy task to find out whether it was possible to organize a wedding session there at all. Here, great appreciation for our Ania, who was determined not to let go;) And although we were not sure until the very end whether we would find a person who would manage the object and let us inside, we traveled hundreds of kilometers for a new, extraordinary story!

Love session in old palace

We were lucky. After many hours of travel and clenching our thumbs, we were able to realize Ania and Michał's dream session. It was a place just for them. And it is not only about the mood of the scenery, but the whole atmosphere of a forgotten, elegant place - even though it is a ruin, aura of noir climate - perfectly suited both Ania's beautiful wedding dress and Michał's tuxedo. A dress in a retro atmosphere, but in a very modern edition, dazzled with texture and details. The intricately lined neckline on the back sparkled in the dim light, plus a long elegant train and veil. The whole thing was complemented by a make-up and hairstyle that were properly selected for the styling. A bride in a boho atmosphere would certainly not find herself in such a place.

We mention that you should remember that the background and location you choose for your outdoor activities must always be consistent with what style you prefer and where you feel best.

During the session we didn't have to rush, race with the light or worry about the weather. It was fantastic. Ania and Michał in front of the lens gave us a part of themselves. We have not had such a romantic, tender and deeply gestured session for a long time. Find out for yourself, let Ania and Michał lead you inside;)

And if you dream about an equally unique session in a beautiful place, be sure to write to us!


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