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BOHO wedding

It is difficult to put names in a specific style, to put in a wedding two people who, with their energy and way of being, make you feel just like Iza and Paweł. And this is a completely authentic impression, despite the fact that there are plenty of elements characteristic for the boho style, it will not be a wedding with fashionable details. It will be about people, about the joy of experiencing special moments.

Of course, Iza and Paweł went a step further and in addition to themselves added many elements and took care of such a beautiful setting on this special day that in fact their outdoor wedding took on a typical boho atmosphere.

It would not be possible without fantastic ideas for arranging the place, about which we will tell you more in a moment.

In a word of introduction, we would like to emphasize that no matter what style of your wedding you decide, whether it will be boho like Iza or Paweł’s, or glamor, or a classic, traditional wedding, or maybe even a completely alternative slow wedding, or a typical rustic wedding in the barn, the most important thing is not to lose yourself in following fashion, keep and smuggle as many of you as possible into your wedding visions. Then the dream wedding is not a myth, it’s a real story – your story.

Wedding preparations in the spirit of slow wedding

How can real lovers and fans of music, concerts, festivals, good cinema prepare for their wedding …? For example, in your cozy apartment. In a place they arranged as they love.

It’s your day, you don’t have to organize yourself in hotels, in new and strange places for you to be fashionable and consistent with the concept of the wedding.

The preparations have revealed some of what they love in life. They showed a man, moments and gestures, and only later the decoration and all the wedding aesthetics. One room where Iza had wedding makeup, where she was wearing a wedding dress and a suit, where she just had a pizza just before leaving! No stress 🙂 There were no worries about stains on the dress or smudged lipstick, and instead cool frames, slack and joy (by the way – it’s better to experience special moments with a full belly;)).

Polish Wedding In Boho Style

Iza and Paweł chose Ziubiakowa Karczma as the wedding venue. This is a relatively new place, a folk cottage with quite a lot of green area to adapt, with a hearth, a place for a chillout zone. A large amount of wood, folk that can connect with boho elements so naturally, where lace, dream catchers, feathers and ribbons, and a lot of green elements gain an authentic background.

For all the beautiful arrangement of this place, wonderful decorations, especially the place of the ceremony and the chillout zone in boho, gypsy climates (and there were even Persian rugs and skins, old TV, skulls, and even ethno climates if you look carefully), is responsible Ziubiakowa. We recommend with all my heart, because they put their whole heart into their work, and at the same time they are very friendly! They created a space for us – a wall for photos and we did not have to persuade guests to take joint group shots. And how did Iza and Paweł look at the background of this arrangement?

Iza’s Justin Alexander dress, with distinct lace, fitted close to the body, with the backs originally marked, has already delighted us during the preparations. Here it has gained expression. For this huge green boho bouquet, gold brocade sandals and delicate jewelry with floral motifs.

The groom has put modern accents on boho. Instead of a traditional fly – one with a feather. Instead of a jacket, a vest and rolled-up sleeves of the shirt, and as a tasty detail – the accent on socks.

They both looked stylish, modern and above all felt fantastic.

Boho wedding near Warsaw

The wedding ceremony was very casual, in a warm atmosphere, without rush and gloomy faces like in many a church. Wedding is joy, joy of love – we want to capture it in the pictures. And if the tears are just happiness!

The atmosphere of the wedding, so important that the entire history of this event was truly a unique story, is not only in the hands of the bride and groom, and above all the wedding guests. That’s why we like to be literally everywhere to catch all the moments in between, not just those on the dance floor and close to the bride and groom.

Sometimes unique stories happen right next door. When, after all the official moments, guests can indulge in free celebration, conversations, toasts, sit comfortably on the carpets under the open sky, or if you prefer on sunbeds, just loose, or maybe like grandmothers, aunts and uncles squat on the bench and watch the fun . Everyone is a hero here and creates history.

Can’t do whitout You…

And finally, something else that you will certainly not see in the pictures, but you can only take our word for it;) Music that Iza and Paweł love so much was also stressed at their wedding, creating an important element. It was original, danceable and the way they like it. And when during the entrance to the ceremony “Can’t do without you” sounded, we didn’t know whether to stamp our feet or take pictures;)

Iza, Paweł – we will always associate this song with you!

Let the lyrics be a motto and ending – it’s over! Time for photos!


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