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Session in an abandoned place

Some they reject and arouse mixed reactions. Others are inspired by them and see a great photographic potential in them. Some will only notice dust and dirt among collapsing walls or broken windows, as well as the irritating musty smell of a decaying building. Others, in this austere and degraded space, notice an amazing, mysterious atmosphere. Beautifully refracted light, or narrow beams of a stream squeezing through cracks in the walls or through irregularly broken glass panes.

Abandoned halls, buildings, large spaces abandoned for years and decaying. The abandoned places for photo shoots inspired us long before we started taking wedding photography. Raw concrete, cracked, scratched walls or rusty metal constructions can be an interesting background, giving the photos an atmosphere with their texture. And when, apart from the wall, we have the entire object left at our disposal, the effects of the session can be very interesting.

A session in an abandoned place - an idea for an engagement session

It would seem that dirty and visually scary buildings are not suitable for wedding photos or engagement sessions, that they are not suitable for photographing love. Nothing could be more wrong! More and more photographers and couples themselves choose abandoned places as scenery for their outdoor sessions. It is enough for us to give just one example - an abandoned greenhouse. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? ? Since we did the first wedding there, the popularity of this place has grown so much that today the greenhouse has queues of couples and photographers waiting for its session. We also got dozens or even more inquiries about its location. And not only this particular one attracts so much interest, there are pages and guides on how and where to find similar objects for the session.

This only proves how popular such photo locations have become, and thus how much potential abandoned scenery can hide. Forgotten, a bit wild, and thanks to photography come alive again.

In the case of heavily devastated places, they are undoubtedly attracted by their fragility and instability. We do not know how much a given building or greenhouse will exist in this form. Photos extend the life of such places a bit. We have several of them in our "photographic" drawer. The old steam locomotive shed, in which we made a few wedding sessions (and in fact, our adventure with old buildings probably started from this hall), has already been razed to the ground. We could look for more examples, but we will stop there.

Wedding outdoors in a deserted industrial atmosphere

Safety is paramount when visiting such places. Because, naturally, a building or object left behind for years and self-destructing, sometimes simply decaying, is simply dangerous. It is worth and should always ask for information and opinions about a given object before a session. You should make sure that we are allowed to enter the area, whether there are people in charge of this building and talk to them.

You do not have to worry about such issues if you want to photograph in former palaces, mansions (many of them in Silesia), usually it is enough to simply arrange a session, for a fee, most often. Old palaces and manors are incredibly atmospheric and also very popular as places for wedding sessions. We love the session with Ania and Michał, which we did in the palace in Bożków, or the outdoor session in the palace in Krowiarki. An additional advantage is also the surroundings of these places. In addition to fantastic interiors, the surroundings of the palace encourage you to take photos.

Urbex-style session

However, is the session in such places for everyone? Of course not ! And remember that the place for your wedding or engagement session, or any other session, simply has to suit you. If you are disturbed by dust and dirty space - it falls off. If you feel uncomfortable and distrustful within the old walls - it's out. Not everyone is a fan of industrial climates, and instead of the rubble they will choose mountains, the sea, or an idyllic panoramic view or even a forest.

It all depends on you. Your temperament. Your taste.

We are happy that we have so diverse couples, thanks to which we can share materials from very different places and corners of the world on our blog. We tell stories about you. Once it is a romantic walk around Paris. Another time, a session in beautiful Iceland. Either the city colors and the artistic hustle and bustle of Lisbon, or love in Venice. You are always the most important in the center of the session.

Today we want to show how beautiful a portrait of a couple in love can look like in the contrast of a raw and damaged, industrial space.

Engagement session in an abandoned hall

With Ola and Adrian, we felt very quickly that we were perceiving on similar waves, not only in terms of photos. They immediately liked the idea of ​​having the engagement session in some abandoned place. They were amazingly involved in both the location search and during the session. At first a bit nervous, they quickly felt at ease and we literally couldn't stop pressing the shutter button 🙂

The ideas for the frames fell into our heads one after the other. And not only because of the place (there is something unusual about these imperfect, dark and dense rooms with structures and layers that they make us think about where and how to take a given photo so that the light falls exactly as our imagination tells us). But the main impulse for the multitude of ideas were They. How they hugged, looked at each other, how they interacted with their surroundings.

And we really want to laugh now, when we remember how many uncertainties and fears Ola had, if they certainly didn't come out too tense during the session 🙂 Nothing of that, dear ones!

Ola is an artistic soul, she pays attention to every detail. We are glad that he notices all these nuances in the pictures. It gives you extra driving force and stimulates you to act. We are honestly looking forward to our wedding session with these two!

Abandoned industrial place for photo sessions

And you? Do you like abandoned photo spots? Do you like the aesthetics of outdoor sessions? We hope that Ola and Adrian's session will inspire you and you will see how much magic hides old halls, factories, mills, greenhouses and many other abandoned spaces.

If you are looking for a photographer who will capture you in photos without a pattern, showing your emotions and naturalness, and at the same time show your love in an extraordinary place, please let us know! Write if you dream of photos in an industrial atmosphere - together we will create something special 🙂


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