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An urban engagement session in an industrial style

Engagement sessions are an increasingly popular form of photographing people in love. We now have a flood of instagram photographs that depict carefree shots of couples in beautiful places or moments of proposal. This trend is already so common that more and more young couples are more likely to choose fiancée instead of wedding. It is not surprising if the conditions are favorable on the day of the wedding and we have the opportunity to make a beautiful mini wedding plein-air.

Of course, the session on the wedding day can not be equal to a full wedding session done on a different day, somewhere in a beautiful picturesque corner, or even in your familiar, beloved place. As usual, we devote much more time to an outdoor session on a different day, and thus it is much more diverse.

Of course, as always, the choice is yours.

Sometimes it happens that we do a wedding session … after the wedding;) Monika and Krzyś chose this form. When all the emotions were gone, we could meet them for a photographic walk.

New industrial on post-industrial Prague Soho

As a session venue, we chose “Soho” in the Warsaw prague. This scenery perfectly suited the style and temperament of our couple. If you have not yet had the opportunity to see their wedding in a rock atmosphere, be sure to take a look – the wedding party was a real rock firecracker!

Returning to the place of the session, industrial style is certainly a breath of freshness among the ubiquitous fashion for boho sessions in nature. The walls, brick, slightly harsh climate can create a very interesting atmosphere.

Abandoned places not only have a curious aura in themselves, they are a kind of contrast to the emotions that are after all between the photographed couple. We have the impression that the more severe, “ugly” background, the more visible in the pictures are emotions, warmth and gestures. This contrast always inspires us and stimulates us to act.

It was not difficult to show these emotions with Monica and Krzyś. Smiling and focused on each other, they provided us with a large dose of warm shots every now and then. We also wanted this session not to be artificially “put up”. Instead, we and our couple depended on spontaneity, naturalness, and fleeting moments.

They looked very coherent. We must mark it. Black – characteristic, determined, but also neutral, dominated in their attire. A great complement was the grunge checked shirt of Monica. They fit in perfectly with Prague walls and old advertising banners.

An urban wedding session can be dynamic and interesting not only in the center of a busy street. If you’re looking for a bit of intimacy and melancholy in the heart of the city, old post-industrial districts will be the perfect place for you!


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