A Romantic engagement session in Tuscany


Love session in Tuscany

Engagement sessions are no less emotional than the wedding sessions. Especially if they are organized abroad. Today, traveling is extremely easy and despite all appearances, it is not expensive. Of course, the engagement can take place in a nearby park, domesticity, in urban atmosphere or in the historic old town. However, we think that away sessions give many more opportunities. So it's worth considering to go a little bit further for a perfect session. It's an opportunity to have not only a beautiful souvenir in the form of photos, but also a fantastic adventure and carefree moments. New places and locations give many more opportunities of taking unique frames of people in deep love with each other.

Tuscany is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unique regions, not just in Italy, but also across Europe. In photographic terms, it has a lot to offer, not only idyllic landscapes with cypresses in the background or historic towns. But above all, a beautiful light, which is futile to find here in Poland, the difference in geographical latitude is doing its job 🙂

Engagement Session in Italy

We like choosing Italy, because it also guarantees great weather, delicious coffee, as well as the climate and atmosphere, which you just feel all around, not to mention pizza 😉

Together with Sylwia and Mateusz we went to Tuscany, where we did not strictly plan the exact route for the session. We got ourselves carried away to an unknown intuitively stopping along the road in places that delighted us the much. We did not have to look for a sophisticated background, complicated frames, cause picturesque landscapes let us focus completely on the couple in love and emotions. A walk along the Tuscan fields, hands wrapped around time and again, tender gestures and glances, a warm breeze of summer and a wonderful golden hour. These are the moments that have been kept forever!

We must also add that Sylwia and Mateusz had this unique lightness, freedom and energy which made photographing them a pure pleasure and joy just by looking at their authentic love. Loose stylization, airy dress of Sylvia, having her hair down in a natural way - all this additionally emphasized the atmosphere of the photos.

We are very glad that we can show you the results of this unique session.


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