Walk around Paris. In one sentence, you can describe the story that we want to show you today. Fiancée sessions, because we will talk about them, are experiencing a kind of “boom” in our opinion. It is not just the wedding sessions that are carefully planned and arouse excitement, and the prenuptial sessions and even the moments of proposal are often made more and more popular. They have now become a very fashionable and desirable element of wedding stories. This is not only an interesting introduction to your wedding. First of all, they create an opportunity for you to get to know photographers better. This is a guarantee of good cooperation on the wedding day. And the most important thing – this is the only opportunity for a beautiful story of your love before the Great Day. More relaxed, without official moments, in your style and only about you.

Stylish love sessions

We do not need to mention that fiancée sessions are also a good idea to use the photos of the session in an interesting way on the day of your wedding, even as an element of decoration, gifts for loved ones, and many other solutions.

Each fianc engagement can have its own unique character. It all depends on what style you prefer, in which scenery you feel at ease. Is a more intimate atmosphere in the comfort of the hotel room, or a definitely crazy and dynamic session in the rhythm of the city? Or maybe you choose places that are the trace of the special moments of your love: the first date or the first kiss? Or maybe the motive of the session will be your mutual interests. It’s all up to you. Remember that choosing a place that is special for you will evoke emotions that accompanied important moments. Let’s stop them in the photos!

City of Love

Paris has long been a symbol of lovers, both in art and literature, often called the “city of love”. Romantic atmosphere, lively street, artistic atmosphere, give you inexhaustible possibilities to discover exceptional frames. It is also a symbol of good taste, class and style. Ola and Przemek looked wonderful in both the first freer urban style and in a more elegant edition. But the clothing was not the most important. There was lightness, joy and authenticity in them. What we like to photograph the most. We are happy that we could spend time with them and watch their happiness. Paris is the perfect city for love stories. Who ever dreamed of kissing against the Eiffel Tower? Sounds plain, yet. Romantic walk through the streets of Paris, common coffee in the artistic district of Montmartre, evening rain and wet street lights at the Moulin Rouge. And they will embrace them in each of these places. Love. Magic.

And what is your dream place for the session?


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