Miedzy Deskami - session by the lake


A beautiful place for a session in a rustic style - Miedzy Deskami

A year ago, at this time, the wedding season started in earnest and not only did we photograph another weddings, but we also had sessions abroad, and a wedding in France is on the horizon.

At this point, we are waiting longingly when it will finally be possible to hold the camera in a hand and go to sessions not only in the forest. And while the reality of all of us has severely limited us, and many couples have been forced to postpone their wedding to a favorable moment, our wedding season has started this year before covid.

From the perspective of the lens, we started the season in an amazing style. Because of the session we just love. If you are looking for a beautiful place for a rustic or boho session, you love nature in combination with minimalist architecture, this post will surely inspire you.

Between the Planks - is a wedding gem for all those who want a unique place for a wedding and a wedding reception. It was there that we set out to perform a loving engagement session for Ania and Darek.

Love session in Miedzy Deskami

Between Planks in Tomaszków near Olsztyn, made a considerable impression on us, not only because of the aesthetics of the body. The combination of boards with a hint of modernity fits perfectly into the landscape of Warmia. The complex is surrounded by a large green area and a lake. You can organize a beautiful outdoor wedding or a ceremony at the lake. We focused on using the charms of the place by photographing two lovers - Ania and Darek. Their engagement session exceeded our expectations. But that is not the most important thing. The words of thanks we read from them will remain in our memory for a long time. Their satisfaction with the effects of the session is the most beautiful culmination of this adventure.

Miedzy Deskami - a beautiful place by the lake

We wanted to do the photo session just before sunset. A kind of banal thing, but not so obvious and easily achievable in February. We were very lucky with the weather. Warm, golden rays filled the frames to the brim and accompanied us for a large part of the session. The lake pier, tall grasses, trees, all the natural facilities of "Między Planks" were not only a romantic background, but also created an intimate atmosphere. Ania and Darek felt at ease in front of the lens, which allowed them to capture a lot of spontaneous frames, full of tenderness and love gestures. That's what we like best!

It should also be mentioned that stylistically they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of Między Deskami. Darek's hat or long hair blowing in the wind added character to the photos.

Winter temperatures can make it very difficult to pose, but thanks to these two, February was exceptionally hot that afternoon. You will find out for yourself, watching the entire session in a moment, that it is worth freezing a bit and traveling a long way through Poland to keep the most beautiful memories of such tender and warm moments for years. Well - is it worth it?

Is it worth doing an engagement session?

Many ask themselves this question when choosing a photographer for a wedding or browsing the offers received.

Do we think engagement session is necessary? Of course not 🙂 But it's worth doing!

Because the result of such a session are, above all, beautiful photos, moments focused on you, which will stay with you for many years. It is also an excuse to stop for a moment in the pre-wedding race (and even if the wedding is not yet planned). A engagement session, or simply a session of a couple in love, is this wonderful opportunity to easily capture your feeling in the frames, just like 100%.

Forget about inflatable balloons, unnecessary accessories and other pinterest gadgets. If this is how you have associated the pre-wedding session so far, then with us you will experience something different. Without unnecessary additions, it will be more beautiful! Even the ring is irrelevant. You are the most important.

In simple words - the engagement session is an opportunity and a way to celebrate your relationship! The value of retained shared moments full of love will grow with each passing year. Someday you will find that they are simply priceless.

So what? Would you like some photos? If you still hesitate, let yourself be convinced by watching Ania and Darek!

Ps. And be sure to write to us if you dream of a unique session with your feelings in the lead role 🙂


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