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A modern barn for a wedding and a wedding reception - Przepitki i Przekaski

Wedding trends for a wedding and a barn wedding are not weakening in strength. More and more young couples dream of having their wedding and reception in an idyllic, rustic or boho style. Away from the palace atmosphere and manor houses, close to nature, with a focus on freedom and crazy fun - these young couples attract the most. Therefore, the "slow" atmosphere perfectly illustrates a wedding in the countryside in a barn. A wedding barn offers the possibility of organizing a wedding in a barn house, rustic, boho, greenery, folk style, as well as more traditional or completely modern. A wedding and a wedding in a barn have countless advantages. And most importantly, you can organize your own dream wedding.

Cookies and Snacks is a modern barn for a wedding and a wedding reception. It will undoubtedly delight all fans of barn weddings. It is also an ideal place for an outdoor wedding. It is not without reason that the wedding hall Przepitki i Przekąski was on our subjective list of the best venues for a wedding and reception in and around Warsaw.

Przepitki i Przekąski recommended place for an outdoor wedding and a wedding in a barn

Przepitki i Przekąski is a charming place located in the middle of the forest (as the name suggests) in the village of Przepitki, near Warsaw. The location of the barn guarantees an intimate atmosphere and privacy. The place is situated in the forest itself, outside the residential area. An additional advantage is the large agritourism infrastructure of the village of Przepitki, created for large weddings. You can easily accommodate all invited guests here and provide them with unforgettable fun. This place was created for everyone who wants a comprehensive organization of a wedding ceremony and reception. In beautiful natural circumstances, you will organize an outdoor wedding ceremony here and organize a grand wedding in a modern barn. The wedding hall is amazing! Its interior is characterized by a predominance of natural wood and brick, white walls, glazing, and a large amount of natural accents. The space arrangement is kept in an atmospheric, forest style. It is a beautiful and modern barn. Garlands of lights hang from a wooden vault and add warmth.

If you are looking for a barn in the vicinity of Warsaw for your wedding, then Przepitki & Przekaski will be a great choice. We recommend this place with a clear conscience!

It is worth mentioning that the place has its own kitchen, which is undoubtedly a big advantage, because many similar places require external catering.

Wedding in the Barn - Przepitki i Przekąski

A barn for a wedding and a wedding, such as Passes and Snacks, is the perfect choice to celebrate and experience such a beautiful event as a wedding ceremony and wedding fun. The beautiful location of the place, and thus the possibility of relaxation, communing with nature, facilitates the free celebration of this day in the style of a garden party or slow wedding. The atmosphere of the place means that you can celebrate this day as soon as you dream, right from the wedding preparations themselves. A wedding and a wedding in a barn tailored to your dreams!

Arina and Przemek were getting ready on the spot in Przepitkach. Unforced, relaxed atmosphere accompanied all participants from the moment they arrived. Intimate weddings and weddings have this extraordinary, light aura that makes the wedding reportage full of authentic, tender and joyful moments.

Nobody was in a hurry or stressed. Time was running out. The young people could take part in the preparation of the interior of the room itself, they supervised the creation of a place for the planned outdoor wedding ceremony. They welcomed the next arriving guests.

The awaited moment of dressing the bride and groom has finally arrived. We dreamed for a long time to hit a wedding where bridesmaids would not wear pastels as usual, but in black dresses. And here they are! All bridesmaids in stylish black. Arina's dress was decorated with leafy embroidery, the whole with a huge wedding bouquet was quite impressive. And Przemek chose plaid and stylish accessories for the wedding.

The whole day was shrouded in an almost intimate atmosphere. The intimate nature of the event certainly contributed to this. Due to pandemic restrictions, the number of guests was small, and this only increased the intimate character and romantic atmosphere of the wedding.

A cat strolled slowly around the barn. The guests clearly enjoyed the opportunity to meet. Time wandered lazily between conversations, toasts and loud laughter. There was a lot of hugs and happy gestures.

And Arina's mother led her to the wedding! Yes, the ceremony was extremely touching, sincere, genuine and tender. Even the sky especially for them paused during the outdoor ceremony to pour rain only after the ceremony and the marriage vow. It is the perfect space for an outdoor wedding. A clearing, the smell of the surrounding forest, wooden benches and a place beautifully decorated with flowers where they directly promised each other love. It was hard not to be moved.

Wesele w stylu garden party, czy ślub i wesele w stylu slow pozwala stworzyć bardzo autentyczna i wielowymiarową historię z dnia ślubu. Jeśli spodobał Wam się nasz styl opowiadania i nasze zdjęcia, napiszcie do nas! Może już niedługo zatrzymamy w kadrze Wasz wymarzony ślub i wesele 🙂 Do zobaczenia !


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