Wedding Session in the Tatra Mountains


Wedding session in the mountains

Today on our blog the power of nature, the beauty of Polish landscapes and a unique couple.

Initially, we planned the session with Martyna and Piotr in southern Europe, but for logistical reasons we had to operate in Poland. The choice fell on the Tatra Mountains. The session in the mountains has been waiting for a long time to be removed from our list of open-air locations as "must do".

Wedding session at Kasprowy Wierch

While last season we were not lucky due to weather conditions, this time fate was on our side, though not without obstacles. At 5 am Iwona's make-up, then a 6-hour trip to Zakopane to Kasprowy Wierch, a cable car ride and literally 2 hours of shooting in extremely favorable conditions for photos. However, let's not forget that October is not the hottest month, especially in the mountains. The sun was accompanied by a strong and cool wind (applause for Martyna and Piotrek for persistence). After all, return to the bottom of the last car and another 6 hours on the journey home. Interestingly, the next day the wind was so strong that the lift was closed! We were lucky, and see the results for yourself:


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