Wedding session on the Madeira Island


Unforgettable wedding sessions

I do not think anyone will be surprised how much we like to photograph wedding abroad. We already have several dozen of them. Among other things, Paris, or Italian pearls such as VeniceTuscanyMatera. The whole undertaking which is, foreign session, travel itself, often completely new places, unique light, different culture, other accompanying emotions, is always a guarantee that the level of our creativity reaches the indicator of red light 😉 Our heads are filled with one thought to make as much as possible photograph and not let go of the slightest opportunity for a unique photo. Of course, this is associated with considerable effort and commitment, both the photographer and the bride and groom, often after a long hours of sessions, we all lose strength. But the result is always one – the foreign session is a pure profit for our pair, which can count on a very diverse, refined and extensive material.

And for beautiful pictures and unforgettable moments it is worth even at the end of the world! Or to Madeira 🙂

Romantic session in Madeira

When we managed to organize, very spontaneously anyway, a trip with Kinga and Mateusz to the Portuguese Madeira, to realize their wedding session, we enjoyed ourselves like little children. It was one of our photographic dreams. In addition, it was the beginning of December, so we felt that the injection of warm sun in other geographical latitudes would effectively stimulate and revive our creativity 😉

Madeira is undoubtedly a unique place on the world map. She charmed us from the first moments. Her magical landscapes have something that makes it impossible to take your eyes off them. On the one hand, they are breathtaking, and on the other hand there is some peace and magic in them. And this diversity! In one place we have endless water, mountains and paradise forests. An island of eternal spring and amazing landscapes.

Love and paradise island

The first day we spent on sightseeing and research, spending time together with a couple favors building a relaxed atmosphere during the session. Kinga and Mateusz are wonderful people, from whom energy, passion and love are even beaten. Kinga is passionate about photography and Mateusz creates beautiful objects from wood, we felt under the skin that our acquaintance will not end soon after the session 😉 We visited together Funchal and the day before the session we went to the flower market, because the original bouquet of Kinga is also ours, or more precisely Iwona’s work, as well as makeup and hair of the bride would make her feel as beautiful on the day of the wedding. It’s a huge advantage that we have a make-up & hair artist on our team;)

We decided to start the pictures at dawn, when it is still empty, and the sun emerging from behind the horizon creates an amazing spectacle and background for photos. By the way, the sunrises in the winter are at nice times 🙂 Next, as usually happens with us, without special direction of the stage, spontaneous and intuitive looking for frames, with sensitivity to gestures and emotions of the couple. We also wanted to show the island as we saw it, not to dampen its juicy and picturesque aura. A lot of us helped Leica Q, which we took specially test for this trip. The image of this small and handy camera impresses with its color and microcontrast.

We are happy to present the effects of this unique session. We managed to fulfill another photographic dream. We hope that the photos will inspire you to reach for more, and to pursue your dreams!


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